Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Poll: Spanking Sensations

Which spanking sensations do you find most arousing?

Visual - What you see
Auditory - What you hear
Touch - What you feel


Master Fitz said...

From a Spanker's viewpoint:

All three!

MaggieDear said...

I had to go with visual, that's all I have experienced. Maybe soon with the touch. Maybe soon. lol

padme said...

I also say all three!!

Tiggr said...

Yeah, all three but honestly, when I had to actually pick one, I closed my eyes and tried to recall any number of spankings I've received... as the spankee, it is actually the auditory... not the whacks as much as his words, the sounds of his voice, his breath on my ear, the brush of air as he walks past me as I bend over the pillows... yeah, it's the sound of it all that gives me the biggest shivers and quivers.

As spanker, it's the touch, definitely the feel of that ass, the stroke of my hands first soft, then not so soft...

Thanks Bonnie, I wondered how I could answer this but managed to find out something new about myself that I didn't know...

Paul said...

Bonnie, for me touch is the touchstone, the sound and the view add flavour, but I could rhapsodise about touch, but not here and not now. *G*
Warm hugs,

Marcus said...

Paul said it just right.

Kayley said...

Very hard to say. I'm not sure I can separate them, but I had to pick one, eh? hehe

Scarlett said...

I really is all 3, but auditory is probably the most significant. Not the sound of the whack (although that can be rather nice too!) but more what is said to me and how it is said.
It depends on the moment and it could be words of encouragement, justification, or simply a bit of kinky dirty talk.

Bonnie said...

Everyone - My choice was touch. From my position, I typically can't see much. I like the sounds, but the feel is what does it for me.

Master Fitz - That's what Randy said too.

Maggie - Here's hoping you soon get to enjoy all three.

Padme - I really wanted everyone to pick. Had I offered an "all of the above" choice, it would probably have won overwhelmingly.

Tiggr - That's really interesting. You make a grrrrreat argument for the auditory aspect.

Paul - Though coming from a different perspective, I agree. Thanks for adding your insight!

Marcus - Thanks!

Kay - That was the design, but do as you like.

Scarlett - That's a good point too. Between you and Tiggr, you make a compelling case.

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