Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pain in Full with Interest

It seems that my story archive was not quite as bare as I thought. I found this little nugget way in the back. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Sunday was spanking day for me. Here's how it happened. I was at the computer writing an e-mail message. Suddenly, my husband Randy appeared behind me. He was holding our dogleg hairbrush (truly the Stradivarius of spanking implements). As my fingers blabbered away about this and that as I am inclined to do, I sensed he was becoming impatient with me. My first clue was a not so subtle tapping of the brush on the back of my chair. Finally, he told me that I needed to get off the computer because I was about to be spanked (don't those words make butterflies take flight?). I offered my correspondent a brief farewell, logged off, and tried to prepare myself for what was to come.

After I logged off, Randy got right to work. He lowered my jeans and panties and then positioned me face down across the seat of the computer chair. He asked me if I was ready. Not knowing precisely what he had in mind, I said that I guessed so. Then he delivered about ten quick swats with the brush. They were pretty hard. As soon as he finished, he rubbed my stinging bottom for a few minutes.

As he was rubbing, we had an interesting conversation. It went something like this:

R: So who were you e-mailing?
B: My friend Debbie.
R: Is she the one you convinced she needed a hard spanking?
B: Not really. She said she wanted one. I just offered her my thoughts on the subject.
R: Nevertheless, what you said in part resulted in your friend getting spanked.
B: I suppose so, but...
R: So you admit your complicity! It seems you're pretty brave when it concerns someone else's bottom. Now it's your turn!

All of a sudden the rubbing stopped. Randy began to spank me slowly but methodically with that brush. The swats were very hard and went on seemingly without end. The intense sting grew as the spanking proceeded. Randy punctuated the spanking with questions like "Is this what your friend got because of you?" (I had no intention of telling him at this stage that Debbie's husband used a paddle). Ouch! He really laid the wood to me this time! I suppose I could used my safeword to escape, but my mind was elsewhere.

When he finished, I realized that I was completely turned-on. He wanted to complete the festivities right there by the computer, but I convinced him to move to our bedroom. Once there, we made love with vigor and zest. It was great.

The bottom line is that I was as sore as I've been in quite a while. A day and a half later, I can definitely still feel the aftereffects. But, you know, I can't complain. I have to believe that most wives would be delighted to have a husband who spends as much time and effort on them as Randy does with me. For that and far more, I am truly grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Great story, Bonnie!!! And that brush sounds yummy!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, great story, being lectured adds something to a spanking, doesn't it, so Mel always said.
Warn hugs,

padme said...

Loved your blog post, bonnie. Sounds like quite the spanking. ;)

Anonymous said...

I want that!!!! Wow. Nice. Very nice.


Anne Elizabeth said...

Great story about you and Randy and that dreaded brush !
Ah, the things we do -- and get done to us in return -- for our friends !!!

Happy Thursday !

Anne Elizabeth

Cassie said...

Oh yes, Bonnie, I know that it is the attention I love! I know that I am in his thought much of the time and he is always in mine. Wonderful story!


Scarlett said...

Lovely story Bonnie!

... and i do hope you thanked Debbie for her part in it!

Scarlett x

Doc said...

That sounds like an ideal situation. And you are right, you are very lucky to have a man spend so much time with you, but he's lucky too because you love every minute of it!

New Beginnings said...

You are so lucky to have a husband who has spanking on his mind as much as Randy does!


bella said...

Very nice Bonnie! This seems to be a day of coincidences for me.

Coincidentally, I found this very brush packed in a box in the basement a few days ago. It made its way to the toy bag and I had my first taste of it last night. I am sitting lightly today. Very much so.

You and Randy are both lucky!


Kayley said...

Oh, that kind of pre-spanking talk is so hot! I just love hearing the Tops being so... smart! lol


Anonymous said...

Great story, Bonnie. I especially loved the part where Randy took down your jeans and panties for you. The spanker undressing the spankee is one of my favorite parts of a spanking.

Bonnie said...

Tigger - Thanks. That brush leaves quite an impression. It's one of Randy's favorite implements.

Paul - Yes, it certainly does.

Padme - Thank you!

Eva - That shouldn't be too difficult to arrange. In fact, if Adam reads this blog, you may already have done so.

Anne Elizabeth - It's a trade-off I'll take every time.

Cassie - Isn't love grand?

Scarlett - Oh yes. We talked about it. She thought it was pretty funny.

Doc - We're both aware that we're very fortunate.

Elis - Yes, that's absolutely true!

Bella - Thanks.

We got ours at Crabtree and Evelyn about ten years ago. Unfortunately, they don't sell spanking brushes any longer. However, I've seen them other places since then.

What makes that brush such an impressive spanking implement is the solid hardwood back. As you well know, it really stings!

Kay - I like that too!

Anon - Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

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