Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Happy Birthday

I've been promising to share last week's birthday spanking and I finally got around to finishing the account. Here's what happened, as a stream of consciousness narrative.

Whack!Ow! That first swat is harder than I expected.
Whack!My lover’s stiff palm again makes contact with my taut flesh.
Whack!This isn’t quite the birthday spanking I had imagined.
Whack!The readers voted for a hand spanking.
Whack!I figured I would be draped across Randy’s lap.
Whack!I pictured something a bit more intimate. In fact, I envisioned something downright sensual.
Whack!But here I am, standing, bent over in the middle of the bedroom.
Whack!Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!
Whack!Yes, I know spankings are supposed to hurt, but yeow!
Whack!His hand feels just like a paddle as he spanks me.
Whack!He must be applying his full force into each swat.
Whack!I don’t think he expected to be using his hand when he proposed that reader poll.
Whack!He usually chooses either a big wooden paddle or a nasty brush for birthday celebrations.
Whack!He’s really targeting my sit-spots.
Whack!The spanks are getting harder, if that’s possible.
Whack!Ooooo. He’s really laying into me now.
Whack!But, you know, I rather like that burning, tingling sensation.
Whack!It’s been way too long since he really spanked me good and hard.
Whack!He told me that he originally wanted to try this spanking outside.
Whack!Rain, unfortunately, had changed his plans.
Whack!He has placed his hand on the small of my back, both to steady me and to ensure I can’t back away from the coming blow.
Whack!He always has to try to surprise me, and he usually does.
Whack!This year, neither the implement nor the locale were a surprise.
Whack!But the position and the way he has conducted the spanking surely was.
Whack!He definitely knows how to make it burn.
Whack!His pace is steady and deliberate.
Whack!He’s a sexy man and I’m glad he’s mine.
Whack!I think I’m about ready to be done with this part and get on with the lovemaking.
Whack!I wonder how many more years we’ll be able to continue this ritual.
Whack!I don’t ever want to quit. There’s something deliciously formal about it.
Whack!The rules are always the same – one swat per year.
Whack!No matter whose birthday it is, he gives and I receive.
Whack!I’ll bet his hand hurts too.
Whack!He always claims, as he reaches for a paddle, that my bottom is a lot harder than his hand.
Whack!But there’s no paddle tonight, or at least, not so far.
Whack!Birthday spankings sure take a lot longer than they used to!
Whack!I can’t believe I have to go to work tomorrow.
Whack!I’ll probably want to stand all day.
Whack!This really hurts!
Whack!We have to be nearly finished.
Whack!How come I’m not wearing a stitch of clothing and he’s fully dressed?
Whack!All of a sudden, I feel cold. OK, parts of me feel cold.
Whack!Spankings make me feel very submissive.
Whack!It’s hard to hold the position this long.
Whack!I have to imagine that my poor rear is bright red by now.
Whack!One thing about Randy’s hand is that my skin doesn’t go numb the way it can sometimes with a heavy paddle.
Whack!Are we done yet?

…And then there was one to grow on. Randy retrieved from our closet the dreaded Mother of All Paddles. I figured that accursed plank would have to make an appearance. Though banned as inhumane for everyday spanking activities, Randy still drags it out once each year. That day, it seems, is at hand.

Rather than just getting on with it, Randy felt the need to tease. He rubbed the sanded hardwood against my already toasted cheeks. He tapped a few times before resuming his rubbing.

“All right already!” I moaned. I didn’t really want a gigantic swat, but I was sick of waiting.

BOOM! The sound reverberated off of the walls and the force of the impact nearly pushed me over. I raised myself to a standing position, all the while vigorously rubbing my bare, punished bottom with both hands. That swat hurt even more than I remembered. OK, I was now thoroughly and completely spanked. If last colossal whack was one to grow on, I should soon be an Amazon.

Randy hugged me and again wished me a happy birthday. When we separated, we moved to the bed where he made ensured my birthday happiness. He quickly gained my full attention with his darting tongue. As I was situated on my back, he lapped and flicked my pleasure nub. Already aroused by his slow, ritualistic spanking, I soon found myself writhing with unbounded pleasure.

Just as I began to settle back to Earth, Randy climbed atop me and we joined. I wrapped my arms around his strong torso as he drove home his message of love. It felt wonderful to be one flesh again, grinding in unison toward our common joy. He left me breathless and profoundly satisfied.

This was a fine birthday. I might say it was unconventional, were that not true of most such celebrations at our house. We have a lot of fun with birthdays. They mark another good year for which we can be grateful. A very good year...

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Eva said...

Uh, Bonnie~ We're not getting any younger. Won't be long until your birthday spankings will take up your alloted blogger space. What then? And I'm thinking, if I counted correctly that next year will be the big one? I think we should have a party... at your house, of course. What do you think?


Cassie said...

Leave it to Eva to count! Outside would have been nice but it sounds wonderful anyway! I hope your birthday isn't too close to Randy's!


Cassie said...

That's twice I have signed Elis name to a comment!! I hope she doesn't mind. Must be the order in which I read my blogs! I try to stay one step ahead!!


Kayley said...

I remember you being happy about your birthday spanking, but now I also know why! ;)


Anonymous said...

What a perfect way to celebrate a birthday. Who needs candles when a beautiful tush is all a-glow.

jujubees said...

Bonnie I loved how you had a thought for each whack! That was great! Then the "mother of all paddles" yikes, and the hot love making, very nice. I hope you enjoy many many more birthday spankings, just like that!

Anonymous said...

I agree!!! I loved that you wrote what you were thinking with each smack!!!

Glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!


padme said...

Sounds like quite the birthday spanking for you. :) I've got my birthday spanking coming up next Saturday...

Theresa said...

That was a great birthday spanking.....Eva and I have a common twisted wire....I counted too. I always thought Cassie and I had alot in common, but I never signed someone else's name!


New Beginnings said...

I was going to leave a comment but saw that I already had! I wish Cassie would quit forging my name and get to work on the rest of her story!!

I loved your birthday spanking. After we get to a certain point a spanking may be the only reason to look forward to birthdays!

Elis or Cassie or Eva or Grace or Theresa, oh hell somebody!

Anne Elizabeth said...

That was QUITE the spanking, Bonnie !

Glad you enjoyed your birthday in that very special way !

Anne Elizabeth

Paul said...

This comment was accidentally posted in the previous days entry.

Great description Bonnie, birthday spankings are great fun.
Mel always took both our spanks, she didn't fancy the idea of giving me birthday spanks, we did one to grow one and one for luck, the last one always had extra emphasise, she never complained.
Odd, isn't it, how we both culminated this ritual in a very similar manner. *G*
It's my birthday Sunday week, I have no one to share it with, I'll be 71 that's a lot of spanks, any volunteers. WEG
Warm birthday hugs Bonnie,

kasey said...

Happy birthday! Those rules apply in my house too -- doesn't matter whose birthday it is I get spanked. I always think this is so unfair -- but then, I'm always happy about it.


Tiggr said...

Happy birthday Bonnie,

Here's wishing for many, many more to come in years ahead... I can picture Randy balancing on a cane a dn swinging with the other hand while you bend over your walker...

After all, spanking keeps us young!!

Big hugs,

Bonnie said...

Eva - I'll start worrying when my birthday spankings take so long that we can't finish them before the next birthday!

Counting? Who's counting?

Cassie/Elis - Thanks to both of you!

Cassie/Cassie - I have to say, you're way ahead of me!

Kayley - That sure put a smile on my face.

Anon - Quite true! It's a warm glow indeed.

Jujubees - I've written a lot of spanking accounts over the years. I wanted to tell this story in a little different manner, but still share all of the thoughts and feelings that accompany a good, hard spanking. The stream of consciousness approach allowed me to do so. It's fun sometimes to experiment a little, both in terms of writing and in our love lives.

Thank you!

Tigger Too - Thanks!

Padme - Have fun on Saturday. I know Anakin will make it a special night for both of you!

Theresa - If you're channeling Eva, we're all in for some interesting times. LOL

Elis/Whoever - Is it live or is it Memorex? Or is it Cassie?

I definitely look forward to my birthday spankings, even if they do get longer every year.

Anne Elizabeth - Thanks!

Paul - I missed out on the one for luck. I wonder if it's too late to go back and collect it now?

With or without spankings, I hope you enjoy a splendid birthday!

Kasey - Hi, and welcome to MBS. I'm delighted you stopped by.

Yeah, it's unfair that we have to take all the spankings. But it always seems to work out well in the end!

Tiggr - Thanks. If Randy is holding a cane, it's as likely as not that he'll be swinging that! Maybe we'll keep the neighbors awake in the retirement center.

Crystal said...

If I counted right, it was 49....Can you see when you are 100 and he spanks you 100 times plus MOAP? Instead of spanking you he could cane you....he did once before in "A Slighty Mexican Christmas". Ooh, ooh try this: Lay stretched on your tummy on your bed. Put your head on your pillow and lay spread eagle. Have Randy tie your wrists to the headboard and your ankles to the foot. Include spreader bar. Have him put a blindfold on you. Now he can do whatever he wants. This is great because you can't move or see what's coming!

*Note-also works well with you on your back for, uh, other activities.

Spanks for the stories and LOTS of hugs!

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