Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Double Take

While driving yesterday, I found myself following a car with a most unusual bumper sticker. It wasn't exactly like the one above, but it was similar. At the bottom, it read, "Asylum Street Spankers." (If you're imagining me nearly causing an accident trying to make out the text on this bumper sticker, you understand perfectly).

I eventually passed the car, dying to learn who might be so enthralled with the idea of a spanking. The driver was a young blonde. She looked to be in her early twenties and was well dressed (at least from the elbow up). Another member of the Ow-ow sisterhood! I was delighted as I completed my homeward trek.

Naturally, I had to research this phenomenon. I learned that the Asylum Street Spankers are a band. As far as I can determine, they're not especially spanko (but, then, how many bands truly are?). However, they have some cool bumper stickers.

I wonder whether my motorist friend is a music fan, a spanko, or perhaps a little of both?

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Kayley said...

Oh my God, Bonnie! I would have hit the car trying to read what it says! lol You have some self control, woman! hehe

You should have checked with the girl though. And smiled at her funnily. Maybe maybe... ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a female barber who has a small sticker posted on the mirror behind the chair: "Spank Me, I've Been Bad." I once asked her, "so you need a spanking?" She just said, "oh, sometimes." Haven't figured a way to follow up on this, but it certainly intrigues me.

tulsa said...

I honestly don't know anyone under 25 who doesn't have some kind of spanking in their sex life. That said, I'm going to say that it was probably just the band, although it's nice to think about it otherwise :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen that sticker, too, Bonnie!!! Too cute!!!


CeeCi said...

I saw a decal the other day on a pick-up truck window of a cartoon guy spanking a cartoon monkey. Spanking of all sorts seems to be everywhere or am I just more tuned in to it?

**Big Hugs**
♥ CeeCi

jade said...

I'm always kind of disappointed whenever I hear that band--because they don't talk or sing about spanking at all--but they are quite good. They give amusing interviews, too.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Someone in that band MUST be into it ! Too funny ! I would have gotten into a fender-bender trying to read it !
Anne Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Bonnie~ Will you be displaying one of those stickers anytime soon? I don't think I could do it. In fact, I know I couldn't.


Paul said...

Great description Bonnie, birthday spankings are great fun.
Mel always took both our spanks, she didn't fancy the idea of giving me birthday spanks, we did one to grow one and one for luck, the last one always had extra emphasise, she never complained.
Odd, isn't it, how we both culminated this ritual in a very similar manner. *G*
It's my birthday Sunday week, I have no-one to share it with, I'll be 71 that's a lot of spanks, any volunteers. WEG
Warm birthday hugs Bonnie,

Bonnie said...

Kayley - I was trying to check her out without appearing too weird. But then, how exactly does a spanko look?

Anon - She sounds like a spanko to me.

Tulsa - I suppose you're right, but it's still a fun thought!

Tigger - It sure got my attention!

CeeCi - We're definitely tuned to that station!

Jade - I'd never heard of them. When I researched a little bit, I too came to the conclusion that it was just a name. Oh well.

Anne Elizabeth - I have to tell you that was a real concern. I was so distracted that I very well could have wrecked!

Eva - No, I'm not ready to out myself just yet. Maybe when I'm a great grandmother!
Paul - Thanks, and happy birthday to you too!

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