Thursday, October 05, 2006

Introducing Paige Tyler

A long time friend of MBS has opened a web site and it's my pleasure to present it here. We know her as Tigger (not to be confused with Tiggr). She is an accomplished author who has been a regular reader and enthusiastic participant since the early days of this blog.

Her new web site is Paige Tyler, Author of Romantic Spanking Stories. On the site, she offers samples of her superb writing and an opportunity to purchase the full length editions. As the subtitle promises, these novels tell of men and women who enrich their relationships through spankings.

Best wishes, Tigger, with your new web site. Check it out!


Anne Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the info., Bonnie !
Just went and checked it out and signed the guestbook ! I look forward to reading her stories !

Anne Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Bonnie!!! And thank you, too, for the compliment!!! I really appreciate it so much!!!

I absolutely love writing and am thrilled to be able to share my love of spanking in such a fun way!!! Though writing is my profession, I never think of it as work!!!

And also, thank you to everyone who visits my website!!! I hope you enjoy it!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie thanks for the intro, Paige's site is very nice, as I said in her guest book, "I'll be back".

Bonnie said...

Anne Elizabeth - I'm always pleased to be able to introduce friends.

Tigger - You're certainly welcome. I'm proud to count you among our regular participants here at MBS.

Paul - Me too!

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