Thursday, October 26, 2006

Chimp Change

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about classifying spankers using animals. I thought it was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. After Randy read the post, he asked me which spanker animal I thought he was.

“Why, the chimp, of course,” I said. I was kidding. Like most effective spankers, he can be many of those animals depending upon the situation. However, I especially appreciate Randy’s silly side. He makes me laugh and we laugh often.

“The chimp?” he said incredulously. “Is that what you think of me?”

“Yeah, you’re more fun than a barrel of monkeys.” I smiled nervously.

He scowled. “Well, we’ll see about that.” He turned and walked down the steps into the basement.

I wasn’t sure how to read his response. He could be genuinely upset that I called him a chimp. He could be mildly annoyed. He could be secretly delighted by the prospect. I was certain that I would find out, but I had no idea how or when.

On Friday evening, I received my answers, and a whole lot more. As usual, I returned from work before my husband. I had been in the door for only a few minutes when the telephone rang. Somehow, I intuitively knew it was him. Before he even said a word, I guessed he was about to tell me that spanking night had arrived. My spanko instincts were absolutely correct. Randy informed me that he would be home in a little over one hour. He gave me explicit instructions:

  • When he arrives, I should be in the bedroom

  • I should be freshly showered and totally nude

  • I should pile all of our pillows in the center of our bed

  • I should arrange myself face down over the pillows

  • I should be prepared to accept a long, hard spanking
This sounded serious indeed. I set about preparing for what now seemed inevitable.

I was ready and in position when the door opened. “Hi, Honey,” my lover called up the stairs. His voice sounded cheerful. I responded in kind as I rearranged myself for his visual pleasure. I could hear Randy rummaging about downstairs. It was probably not more than five minutes before he came up, but it seemed like thirty.

“Well, now there’s an inviting sight. You’re a good girl. You followed my instructions perfectly.” I momentarily considered informing him that the directions were neither difficult nor complicated, but decided not to ruin the moment.

His expert fingertips glided across the flesh of my upper thighs. I cooed as my man gently massaged my skin. His fingers ran lightly along the surface of my two buttocks as his thumbs spread them apart. Round and round his butterfly motions flew, from cheek to hip to thigh. More than a tickle, yet less than a rub, this tactile dance lit the flames of my passion.

By the time he began lightly slapping my bottom with both hands, I was panting with desire. The man knows the path to my deepest longings. I was now fully prepared for anything he wanted to do.

Or so I believed.

“So you think I spank like a chimp, huh?” I had frankly hoped not to revisit that particular line, especially not at this moment. His tone had a faux gruffness that led me to believe he was playing. “Tonight, you’re going to learn a little more about this chimpanzee.”

I just wanted my spanking and lovemaking and all of the touching and all the other good things that can happen between loving partners on a Friday evening.

“Get ready,” he warned me. I couldn’t imagine what he had up his sleeve at this point. Besides, I was face down atop a huge pile of pillows in the center of the bed. How much more ready could I possibly be?

“There! Take that!” he bellowed. I felt nothing. “And again!” Now I was confused.

“Feel the wrath of the dreaded dental floss flogger!”

I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. It was just so ridiculous. Randy was laughing too, even as he struggled to stick to his script.

“Laughing? I’ll teach you to laugh! It’s the pillow paddle for you, young lady!”

I was positively giggling at this point. The pillow was every bit as ineffective as his goofy flogger.

“All right. That does it. You’ve left me no choice.” With that pronouncement, he walked away. Sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, he started making what sounded like a twanging sound. “What is he doing?” I wondered to myself.

When I saw a rubber band fly over my head, I knew. I got up and faced him just in time for an airborne rubber band to bounce off my left breast.

“Hey! You really are a chimp!”

“Oook! Oook!” Randy was now bouncing up and down with his hands scratching his armpits.

We both fell on the bed doubled up with laughter.

- - - - - - - - -

Eventually, we decided that it would be a shame to waste that carefully constructed mountain of pillows, not to mention my nakedness. I returned to my exposed position and awaited all that came next. I hoped he might again entice me so skillfully with his fingers, but he had other fingers in mind.

Thwap! I immediately recognized the impact of our soft leather flogger. Unlike the idiotic chimp-style dental floss flogger, this one captured my attention right away. It is an implement that is ideally suited for erotic play. When applied repeatedly, it raises a deliciously warm sting.

After several minutes of this splendid chastisement, I was hot in every way. My bottom was hurting, but in such a sweet fashion. It was as if every nerve ending was active and firing in unison. My breath was short and fast. In double time rhythm, my heart thumped within my chest. I felt flushed at both ends.

He sensed my readiness and forcefully flipped me over. Now with legs splayed and my back against the mountain, I was well situated for Randy's next phase. In an instant, he was upon me and our coital joining had begun. He held my thighs as he pumped in and out. Aroused as I was, I quickly drifted into an orgasmic haze. In time, I felt my dear husband release his love deep within me. I reached out and hugged him for all I was worth. Moments like these bind us as nothing else can.

A little while later, we decided to clear off the bed and snuggle beneath the covers. I love that kind of physical closeness after a session. It reinforces my feelings of comfort, commitment, and submission.

As I rolled over though, I sensed the presence of something that would dramatically change the mood. The discomfort in my side, upon closer examination, was caused by a wayward rubber band! The wild chimp strikes again! I started laughing all over again as I attempted to flip Randy with it. Snapping led to wrestling, and wrestling led to another spanking for me. This time, he employed a small wooden paddle. Ow!

I must now state definitively that I was wrong. Chimp spankings do hurt. I take it back.

But the laughs are worth it!

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Eva said...

Dental floss flogger? Rubber bands? Elis already made me spew coffee on my screen this morning.. and now you? It's going to be a good day! Thanks for the laughs!


Anonymous said...

Great story, Bonnie!!!


SpankedMinx said...

Lovely re-cap. I alway enjoy your version of events as I can totally identify ( 5 mins like 30, wanting to say things like the instructions weren't hard!) Fab as ever Bon


Doc said...

This makes having to be up "early" totally worth it.

Paul said...

Great post Bonnie, I love it when a good girl spanking hits the spot. There's no rule that says a good girl shouldn't sting a lot.
Thanks Bonnie that was terrific.
Warm hugs,

kasey said...

Your husband is a very silly person. Sounds like you have a perfect blend of funny and romantic (and willing to show it with a paddle!).


kitten said...

very cute! you and Randy were made for each other! ;)

good girl said...

LOL, I can honestly say I never expected to read the words "dental floss flogger" all together like that. :-) Very funny story, Bonnie.

Anne Elizabeth said...

what an utterly lovely evening you and your imaginative, playful, passionate chimp had !!!!

Anne Elizabeth

Bonnie said...

Eva - Yep, things get mighty foolish around here sometimes.

Tigger - Thanks!

Minxy - Thank you. I'm pleased you enjoyed my tale.

Doc - Wow, now there's a compliment. Thank you.

Paul - I believe Randy would say that any spanking that doesn't sting doesn't qualify as a spanking at all.

Kasey - You are right on all counts!

Kitten - Yes, we certainly are.

GG - LOL! Imagine how I felt.

Anne Elizabeth - Thanks. It was a fun night in the primate house!

Tiggr said...

So Randy did indeed do a bit more than just monkey around huh, Bonnie? He does have a certain ape-peal...

Great story... glad you got it good and he gave it even better. Dental floss flogger is definitely a classic!


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