Sunday, September 17, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 17

It appears that we do have some exhibitionist spankos in our midst. Here is a summary of your thoughts.

Brian: No, I have never spanked Diane in public, although she deserves it often. Too bad they don't have a spanking aisle at Sprawlmart. It would get a lot of use!

Jean Marie: I have grown to love the added thrill of being spanked in public. The first time was mortifying, but because my lover is firm on the rule that if I misbehave while out in public, I should be spanked right then and there, I've adjusted to the idea. Over time, he's pushed the envelope ever further, including making the spanking last longer, flipping up my skirt to expose the seat of my panties, and stopping the swats to lecture.

The choice of place is important. I've been spanked sexily on a lovely spring day at the St. Louis Zoo (it upset the monkeys). I've been spanked harshly while on vacation in Chicago in the shoe department of Nordstrom's (which gave our shoe salesman a boner and a stuttering fit). I've been spanked numerous times in parking lots, both in the back seat of the car with the door open, and even right over the fender with my underwear pulled up the crack of my ass (that drew a crowd). We once witnessed a sassy little girl get a spanking in the grocery store and mimicked the embarrassing experience in the same aisle not two yards away (the mother got very mad, both of us on the receiving end got tears in our eyes, but were giggling at the same time). It's an extra splash of Tabasco sauce on an already hot and spicy dish, and I've acquired the taste. The trouble with public spankings is they make me extra horny, and sometimes that itch can't be scratched in public.

Paul: I never had the nerve to spank Mel in public. However, I often did in the open air which is very hot. The risk of being seen makes it so much hotter.

My Mel loved to buy lingerie (what woman doesn't?). My fantasy was to spank her over the counter of each shop that she used. As soon as we got home from such a shopping expedition, she got a fine good girl spanking and, of course, what always followed.

Tiggr: I've been spanked on our back porch, within earshot and possible view of the neighbors, though not very publicly. I've been spanked several times in the car, in several different ways, such as with Dante driving down the road and me kneeling on the passenger seat, pants and panties down, getting soundly thrashed at 60 mph, on the Interstate and on smaller roads near our house. Then there was the time I was draped over his lap in the front seat at a popular park, right beside a rather busy road, in plain view of passersby and park visitors alike... and that was a HARD spanking!

He teased once to a neighbor about demonstrating his spanking technique (yes, the neighbors know, at least one set of them). That was rather erotically frightening and humiliating and scary and edgy. Had he actually done it, I'd have been horrified, I think.

I'd love to get it good in public sometime, but please don't tell him that I told you that! I'm not in a hurry for it to happen or anything, and I’m certainly not trying to provoke it.

Mary: I feel it would be mortifying to be spanked in public. Even as a child, I did not want anyone beyond the immediate witness to even know I have been bad. Hiking in the woods is one setting that we have indulged in an open air spanking. That made me feel embarrassed, and yet it was hot. I wouldn't mind repeating that scenario some time.

Our most recent event that skirted on a public spanking is one I received at home. It was deserved, but I wanted to postpone it. Oy! Minutes before we had a massage scheduled, he made sure my bottom was quite red, so there was no mistaking that I was indeed spanked. I felt so self-conscious and humiliated knowing that it was clear I had misbehaved, and the consequences in our relationship were that I was soundly spanked. However, the hour pleasurable side by side massage and my embarrassment was completed by a VERY sexy shower scene at the spa. I guess adding a public element accentuates both the embarrassment and the erotic elements.

Bonnie: I have never received more than a few playful swats in a truly public place. However, there have been a number of occasions when we were pretty certain that people overheard a spanking session. Needless to say, those events were Randy’s idea. As Tiggr said, this scenario is simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. There’s something of an exhibitionist high, but I’m ambivalent about whether I truly want it. I think I love the concept a lot more than the reality.

I’ve never been to a spanking party or spanking club. Again, I like the idea, but I doubt I would want to expose my plump bareness in front of friends. I might feel differently were I 22 years old and beautiful. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t.

Tigger Too: Though I've haven't gotten spanked in front of other people yet, my hubby and I have fantasized about it! In fact, we have friends that attend spanking parties all the time, and are even thinking of going to some ourselves!

As to what makes it exciting, I'm not really sure. I just know that it definitely is!

kk: Master has spanked me many times in our office parking lot, bent over the hood of my own car.

He also enjoys trying out new whips and paddles on my naked ass cheeks when we are shopping in the adult toy stores. He bought a paddle once and had me bend over right in front of the clerk so he could give me a few as I held up my skirt for him. What a rush that was for me!

Anne Elizabeth: I've never been spanked in front of people. I wouldn't like it at all. It is such a private, erotic thing, such an intimate knowledge bond between myself and my partner.

But I would get turned on by fantasizing about it. I imagine Mike spanking me while some of his fellow deputies watch and egg him on, getting all aroused themselves and jerking off while they see him use his hands on my behind.

Padme: I've been spanked in public a few different times. A few of them were written into blog posts like our first Phantom of the Opera night where he spanked me over a rock in Stanley Park. Once he had me draped over a car also down a country road.

There are many times I have been spanked in front of others. We are a poly couple and we play with others and many times there are one or more people watching me get a spanking. I love it. I am an exhibitionist and love the feel of someone watching me get a hard spanking. :)

Eva: It's an awesome fantasy, yes, but I thank God that He's put plenty of distance between reality and fantasy for me so that I know the difference and can tell which fantasies would land me in a heap of trouble and which ones make for a fun night with Adam.

The ONLY way I would mentally survive a public spanking if it was far from home with no danger of seeing anyone we know... or rather anyone we know seeing us!

It's best left in fantasyland.

Danielle: I have been spanked in "public." The first time was when a couple visited us. We met them through your blog a while ago. We are still mailing and now and then visiting.

The second time was at a spanking event.

The third time was the most public, but not much of a spanking. It was in the hospital. I was standing in front of the desk of the secretary, while Tom was parking the car. All at once, I got one swat on my behind. I was really surprised, but the secretary expected it she told me laughing. There were about 30 people around. Afterward, Tom told me everyone there was looking so serious, he wanted to cheer up the party. I felt very special, although a bit embarrassed too.

Diane: Brian may want a Sprawlmart spanking aisle, but not me. I have no desire to exhibit my personal life to the public in this manner. Home is where I prefer it.

Anon: While vacationing in Southern California, I got it into my head that I wanted a really memorable spanking. My hubby wouldn't indulge me, saying that the hotel room walls were too thin. I bratted up a storm in response, even wearing a forbidden thong to the beach. Hubby thinks that my butt is for his eyes only, and that tanning will be done by his hand alone, not by the sun. He made me change out of it into regular bikini bottoms, then accompanied me into the ocean for a dip. No sooner were we out than he told me to hand over my hairbrush from the beach bag. He knelt, draped me over his knee and paddled me mercilessly. I don't know if it was the brush, the public spectacle, the sand in my crack, the treatment on my moist rump, or what, but it hurt so bad. Hubby asked if I wanted the last ten on my bared butt, or twenty more on the seat of my swim suit. I asked that he get it over with, which he interpreted to mean the former. My bottoms came down and I got ten on my bare butt in front of God and assorted sunbathers. It was the most humiliating spanking I've ever gotten, but it also is so potent an aphrodisiac. I think back on it and am instantly horny. It was memorable, but once was enough for me out in public.

Elis: It is a life long fantasy that I am pretty sure I don't want to actually happen. Certainly not around anyone we know. But since I would be more willing than Nick would, I feel petty safe.

Veronica: The only spanking I've gotten in public was a couple of quick licks with his belt. We were walking through the parking lot up to a movie theater and I smarted off about something and I was laughing. He took his belt off faster than I had ever seen him do it before. Then he grabbed my arm, spun me around, bent me over, and gave me two good swats. There was a small group of teenagers who saw this and got a great kick out of it. I wonder if any of them will experiment with spanking because of it. :-)

I'd like to take a switching in a state park that has a heavily wooded area. The thought that people might walk by or at least hear it is a big turn on. But that'll have to remain a fantasy for now.

Patricia: Never in public. As a couple we made the choice that all spankings are between us and no one else. However, he has taken me to the "family bathroom" in Wal-Mart a number of times when he felt I was acting up.

Caryagal: I think this is probably a fantasy for most people. I know for me it adds to the excitement thinking that someone might hear. My husband has spanked me with the windows open before. I guess that would be semi public. It sure felt that way! I think a fantasy of mine might be to be spanked in front of some of our friends, but it is definitely only a fantasy! I would be mortified if it really happened!

Thank you for sharing your many varied perspectives on this complex issue. I think we must conclude that there are multiple shades of "public." The rules for each depend upon our values, interests, and comfort level.

Please be sure to stop by next Sunday for a special edition of our spanko brunch!

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Anonymous said...

Great reading, Bonnie!!!


jujubees1 said...

Very nice! Thanks for putting that altogether! Very hot reading for me because public spanking is such a turn on.

Bonnie said...

Tigger Too - Thanks for being such a loyal reader!

Jujubees - Hi! I think a lot of us feel the same way. A public spanking, whether fantasy or reality, unleashes some really wild thoughts and emotions.

Anonymous said...

Tigger said “I'd love to get it good in public sometime, but please don't tell [Dante] that I told you that! I'm not in a hurry for it to happen or anything, and I’m certainly not trying to provoke it.”

Don’t worry. I’d be the last one to share your secret.


sixofthebest said...

I would love to spank Sarah Palin, and Condoleezza Rice in public. I would take both these naughty ladies to Times Square, here in New York, on New Years Day, tie them both to a whipping post, raise their dress waist high, pull down their panties, and upon their bare bottoms, either birch or cane their bare bottoms most painfully.

Anonymous said...

My wife Anna and I had 3 couples over for an informal dinner one night and toward the end of dinner I asked my guests if they would like to see Anna get spanked. Between saying yes or nodding all agreed with a smile that they would like to see this. The look on Anna's face was worth a million bucks. This caught her by surprise and she really had no choice but to go along with this. So after a dessert of cake and coffee, I had Anna get across my knee as I sat on the couch. Anna has a very pretty bottom and I saw no reason not to have her expose it to my guests who would enjoy our litlle show very much.
It began with a spanking over the panties, but in short time the panties were down by the ankles. Anna was at first shy but I could tell she was enjoying the attention as all eyes were upon her. After the guests left she thnked me for forcing her to do something she would pronbably never have had to courage to do on her own. Several of my male guests asked me when I would be having another dinner party, and I told them that the next time they would have to have to convince their wives to get across their knees and get their bare butts spanked.

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