Monday, September 18, 2006

The Adventures of Safety Avenger and Tester Girl

On Friday night, I learned that I was married to a superhero. If that sounds remarkable, just imagine how surprised I was! Just when you think you really know someone...

When Randy arrived home from work, his passionate reunion kiss informed me immediately that playtime was just ahead. He swatted me twice on the bottom with his palm before asking me to go upstairs, lose my clothes, and lie on the bed. He took a quick shower, leaving me to contemplate my fate.

My man emerged from the master bathroom clean, rejuvenated, naked, and ready for action. He gently turned me onto my stomach. Next, he bound my wrists behind my back using a sturdy scarf. I cooperated. This was going to be fun! I knew I was in for the full treatment when he dragged out his homemade spreader bar from under our bed. Two old pairs of pantyhose effectively secured my ankles. Suddenly, I was fully exposed and incapable of escaping.

I mentally prepared myself for spanking, teasing, flogging, stimulating, lovemaking, and whatever else Randy had in mind. However, I wasn’t ready for nothing. He left. He was gone. All I could think was, “Now what?”

When my tormentor returned a few minutes later, he was wearing nothing a rust-colored sheet over his shoulders like a superhero cape. I didn’t know what to think or say.

“Hello, beautiful lady,” he said using his best Adam West impression. “I’m Safety Avenger. Wherever there are hazards, I’ll be there to protect innocent and guilty alike.”

I couldn’t help it. I giggled.

Ignoring my complete lack of reverence, Safety Avenger continued, “Were you aware that there are thousands of avoidable household injuries every year as a result of defective or worn paddles?”


“Yes, it’s true,” he said in an authoritative, but overly serious baritone. “In order to save you from this terrible fate, we must test each of your wooden paddles to ensure they meet our exacting safety standards.”

Now his game was clear, as was my role in it.

“Let’s start with this small model,” Safety Avenger said, picking up a thin spanking paddle. “I believe ten should suffice.”

So ten swats I received. They were fairly hard and made my bottom sting, but I found myself on the verge of cracking up again. The entire scenario was so silly. He still had a colored twin sheet around him. At least, I thought, he didn’t pick the fitted lower sheet. This mental picture put me over the edge and I began to laugh in earnest.

“You must understand, Ma’am, that this procedure is for your own safety.” Yeah, right.

“That paddle seems to be fully intact and functioning properly. Let’s choose one that is more substantial.” I couldn’t see what he had in his hand, but I surely felt it. He whacked my bottom ten more times with something thuddy. I struggled against my bonds, but I wasn’t about to go anywhere. I was really hurting now.

“Nothing unsafe here,” he said tossing the big paddle aside. “Let’s continue.”

He proceeded to go through his entire collection of wooden paddles, one by one, testing each with great care. It was definitely a fun spanking, but a very thorough one as well. By the end, I was burying my face in the pillow and gritting my teeth.

When he was finished with the last group of ten, Safety Avenger proclaimed, “You can feel safe, Ma’am, there’s no danger of injury here.” With this absurd pronouncement, I again began giggling uncontrollably.

“No injury, huh? What do you call this?” I inquired as my bound hands strained to point at my glowing slopes. By now, Randy was laughing along with me. The cape was gone when he bent down to kiss me. “Let me do something about that,” he said in a hushed, soothing tone.

He retrieved a bottle of lotion and spread the cool, smooth cream over the flesh he had just finished paddling. I moaned with pleasure and desire. His strong fingers massaged and manipulated my crimson skin. It hurt in a wonderful, deep, sensual way. As much as I adore being spanked, I often cherish the intense feelings immediately afterward even more.

Randy untied me and we made delicious love. With our spanking hunger nicely sated, our focus shifted toward erotic fulfillment. We explored each others’ bodies as only experienced partners can. By the time we finished, I was exquisitely relaxed and fantastically fatigued.

What a fine way to start a weekend!

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bella said...

Randy has a great sense of humor. How fun!


Anonymous said...

I almost choked to death on my coffee this morning reading your post. Too funny! Isn't it wonderful that this lifestyle allows us all kinds of moods and experiences? I never would have envisioned a super hero with a spanking, but takes all kinds. Thanks so much for sharing this. Think I had better go and drop my man an e-mail telling him we had better double check all of our toys for safety and all that. Yeah, it's his job to look out for me. *Grins*

Anonymous said...

Very creative, Bonnie!!! Not to mention fun!!!


Paul said...

Yes Bonnie, that's one of the nicest good girl spankings I've heard in a long time.

Ariella said...

I love it!

Grace said...

Does Safety Avenger do house calls or is he only interested in YOUR safety?

Oh, one other question, will cartoon sheets work, or do they have to be just a single color?

Just checking!


Anonymous said...

Great superhero story, Bonnie ! The visuals make me laugh ! Or is that squirm ? or is that moan ???
Anne Elizabeth of MakeMyCopCome

New Beginnings said...

Yes its a great way start a weekend, or a week or a month or year! I'd be willing to end them that way too. I'm sure glad that you and Randy found each other!


Anonymous said...

Holy spankings, Batman! It appears that Safety Avenger takes his super hero status to the level of seriousness needed for thorough inspections. Yummm.... er I mean ouch. You lucky lady.


Tiggr said...

Yeah, Bonnie got a GG!!! Hugs and pillows to you!! Hey, I did happen to notice that your unmasked man has a prediliction for sets of tens and paddles of increasing size... is this a birthday theme I am recalling, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Woohoo, Bonnie. Don'tcha just love a man with a sense of fun and adventure? Remind me to tell you about my session of Spanking Jeopardy.

SuZQ ♣

Bonnie said...

Bella - Yes, he sure does. In his world, there's nother quite as humorous as watching me hop up and down and rub my freshly spanked bottom.

Shy - I think this lifestyle allows many sorts of experiences and emotions. In fact, that's kind of a theme of this blog. Erotic spanking is great fun, but if you can add a touch of creativity, it becomes better still.

Here's hoping you are well looked after...

Tigger Too - Thank you!

Paul - Thanks. It was very nice indeed.

Ariella - Thank you.

Grace - He makes house calls all right, but he charges by the mile. You can just imagine his preferred method of payment.

I would guess any sheet will work. Just make sure it isn't too long. It would look bad if the Safety Avenger tripped over his cape and had to go to the emergency room!

Anne - It's all three for me!

Elis - You know, you're right! It's good fun just about any time.

Eva - You ought to see his utility belt!

Tiggr - Thank you! As for birthdays, mine is next week. Stay tuned for more details.

SuZQ - I do indeed.

Spanking Jeopardy? I'm envisioning swats delivered to the tune of the Final Jeopardy Theme. Do tell!

Mary said...

What a lucky woman you are to have such a hero looking after your safety. Sounds like it is serious buisness, I am glad you rewarded your hero so properly afterward!

Mistress Sky said...

Gosh you two are inventive - I spilled my tea this morning just reading about it!! Brings back some nice memories.... ;)

Suze said...

Hi Bonnie, just letting you know that I sent an email to you on 17/9/06 and it could have been spammed out.

If you didn't receive it just let me know and I'll resend it.

Suze X

Denny said...

Fantastic scenario :) but um, shouldn't Safety Avenger have thought twice before using those pantyhose to secure you?

"Stretchy or elasticised material, such as stockings or tights, should never be used [for bondage] as the knots may tighten, causing restriction of the blood circulation."

I thought that one was fairly common knowledge on the scene these days... even women's magazines like Vogue have been known to advise against it.


Bonnie said...

Mary - Let me tell you... It was so serious I could barely sit afterward!

Sky - I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

Suze - I wrote you on Sunday and resent the message this morning. My answer is yes.

Denny - Thank you for keeping me honest. You're correct of course.

In this case, though, I was in no danger. The pantyhose were not tied around my ankles. He pulled them through holes in the bar to create loops and tied each on the opposite side. Also, I was lying flat on the bed so there was no weight supported. For any scene where my weight must be supported, Randy uses my cuffs.

Thanks again, Denny, for setting the record straight! I should have been more clear in my description.

little one said...

Well Bonnie, I'm wearing my coffee now... lol. I giggled and giggled at this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Were you also spanked with MOAP?

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