Monday, July 31, 2006

Story: The Jungle

This is pure fantasy. Not only has this never happened, I doubt I’d even want it in real life. So fantasy it must remain.

A bead of perspiration traced down my temple as we trudged up the narrow path. Plants on either side brushed against my hips and legs. The air was heavy with moisture. The exposed dirt of the winding trail was firm, but not rough. I felt tired and thirsty, yet I had no desire to stop.

We had been walking for a long time. You seemed to know our destination and how best to reach it. I trusted you. I had little choice. Each time my confidence flagged and my pace slowed, you reassured and reinvigorated me with a quick strike from the short whip that hung from your belt. Somehow, the pain made this excursion all right.

Many sounds surrounded us as we walked on. I heard a thousand birds overhead and all around us. Their calls blended to create a continuous chatter. I heard small animals scurrying in the underbrush beside me. I heard my feet fall one after the other upon the bare dirt. The buzzing of insects was so ubiquitous as to become part of the backdrop for this aural landscape.

I knew what would happen. Not how nor where, but what and why. I knew and I accepted my fate. I openly acknowledged, if only to myself, that I deserved all I would soon receive. Without a word spoken, on we walked.

My hands being unavailable, I directed a concentrated breath of air downward in hopes of removing an insect from my left breast. You encouraged me to continue moving forward by flicking the whip briskly across my bottom.

Finally, we came to a clearing. It was an area that was roughly thirty feet square. There were no trees and the ground was almost entirely bare. Immediately upon entering the clearing, I felt the intense heat of the direct tropical sun. It was then I spotted four sturdy stakes driven into the earth.

Taking hold of my bound wrists, you led me to the center of the clearing. Once there, you freed me from the white cotton rope and instructed me to lie on the ground, face down. The dirt was quite hot and it felt like lying on a griddle. Still I complied. You placed four red kerchiefs around my wrists and ankles. Next, you tied stiff, scratchy hemp ropes to each my limbs and secured them to the four stakes. I was now completely at your mercy as never before.

Rather than cruelty, though, you showed me kindness. You knelt to permit me a drink from your canteen. You stroked my hair and spoke to me. You told me that you loved me deeply, more than anything in the world in fact. You explained that all the events that would follow were a demonstration of that love and adoration. With that, you stood again.

Bound as I was, I could no longer see you behind me. What I felt, though, was your unmistakable calling card. The whip snapped hard against the bare flesh of my bottom. It burned with a searing heat far warmer than the ground beneath me. Again, the pain and the heat struck nearby. By the third hit, I was pulling against the ropes in a futile attempt to escape. But there would be no escape for me. You ensured that.

Struggle as I might, my fate was sealed. As the lashes accumulated, I gradually resigned myself to this irrefutable fact. I would be spanked until you were finished with me. While I might not always love the pain, I truly appreciate your ability to carry each session to its ultimate conclusion.

I wept, not from pain or a feeling of utter helplessness, but because of the strength of the bond between us and the intensity of my gratitude for it. When you decided you had completed what must be done, you released my wrists and ankles. I was pleased to be freed from the discomfort of the ropes. You helped me to my feet and then took me lovingly into your arms. I melted within your embrace. This moment made everything else worthwhile. I was wholly yours.

And yours I shall stay…

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New Beginnings said...

That was so hot!!! Alone with your lover, completely at his mercy, completely under his control, knowing what is going to happen and completly loving it. Great story!


Anonymous said...

Fun to read, but like you, I wouldn't want to really do anything like that, especially since I'm not really the outdoor type!!! There's way to much nature in that fantasy for me!!! LOL!!!


bella said...

Bravo, Bonnie!

I was concerned about the bugs before I got to that part.

(who hates bugs)

Tigger said...

Ok Bonnie,

You drew me in hook, line and sinker and have left me deeply needy... it's been far too long for me, either spanking or lovemaking and much has happened to leave me extra desiring these days, yet unable to make good on any of it just yet. I'm still healing, and not dong a good job of it at all, actually.

My Dante took me into his arms last night and tangled his fists in my hair and kissed me with a ferocity that I haven't felt in ages, telling me how much he loved me and wanted to make love to me... leaving me breathless. And your story is perfect for me... the outdoors, the punishment, the release, the surrender and letting go... the harmony.

Perfection, dear Bonnie!


Eva said...

Am I the only one here thinking "change the whip to something a tad less ouchy and I'd want this for real in a heartbeat?"

Mary said...

Hot, intenses fantasy there Bonnie! Thanks for sharing.
I am with B about the bugs.
Have a great weekend

Grace said...

Wow, is it hot in here, or is it just me? Someone turn on the fan already!

This was way too hot for me to be reading at 9 in the morning! Goodness girl, I just got out of bed, I'm sleepy, I've not had my juice yet...

Now I'm just all hot and bothered!

Great story!

wind walker said...

amazing!! i so love your writing.

Doc said...

I thought it was very well done, but I've alsways had trouble with sencond person. An interesting choice, what inspired it? The imagery was lovely and the picture to match really set the mood.

Paul said...

Great story Bonnie, really enjoyed it.
Al fresco spanking was really hot for us, the risk added to the thrill, never used a whip though,
Thanks Bonnie.

Bonnie said...

Elis - Thanks. Every so often, I begin to feel as though my stories feel too formulaic. This tale was an attempt to tell a different story in a different way.

Tigger Too - That's the purpose of fantasy, at least for me. It's an opportunity to imagine, and to ask ourselves, "What if?"

B_____ - Yes, but they're part of the scene. They help to illustrate the sacrifice the narrator makes to satisfy her captor.

Tigger - Thank you, but I'm sorry to leave you in such a state with little opportunity for relief on the horizon. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

Eva - I was purposely ambiguous in describing the whip. It could be a deadly single tail or a soft, sensual leather flogger. That choice belongs to you, the reader.

Mary - Thanks!

Grace - Let there be no doubt... It's steamy in the jungle!

Wind - Thank you.

Doc - I was making a conscious effort to break from my usual conventions. I'm not entirely satisfied with the second person style either, but it gave me a vehicle to focus the narrator's attention upon her captor.

Paul - Thank you. As I mentioned to Eva, that whip could be anything from a crop to a flogger to a bullwhip, depending upon the reader's imagination. As a result, the scene can be as severe or as mild as you choose.

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