Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Poll: Wood or Leather Implements?

Spanking Implements - Wood or Leather?



Eva said...

All of the above? None of the above? Plastic? How about this... I've never told ANYONE this but we bought a paddle a few years ago that is made out of what appears to be seat belt type belting from a car. Not too bad of a sting and very very quiet.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, can't decide, so I'll have to say, both!!! It really depends on what I'm in the mood for, sometimes it's wood, and sometimes it's leather. I love them both!!!


Mija said...

As someone once opined,

"Wood is good,
Leather is better,
but rubber....
....now that's just sick.


I chose wood only because the sorts of things that work best for me headwise are domestic objects like hairbrushes. They surely do hurt though!

dwcmike said...

Lynn has a great preference for anything wooden, especially one of the two bath brushes. I don't really have a choice in the matter, but wooden implements are always readily available.
lol Mike

New Beginnings said...

I have so little experience. Wood is fine but I really think that I would like leather a lot!! I look forward to trying more things in the future.


Mary said...

I love leather! I like his belt. Well I like his wood too. (hehe - I am being naughty and digress) Leather feels good - more sting - more encompassing on impact but less shock and stun of physical impact. Especially for erotic side of things leather is better to me. We just got a real wood paddle - that thing is vicious! Nice bruises for those that like marks though.

Paul said...

Bonnie, Mel loved leather and it's great for erotic spankings, but to make your sub sit up and take notice, the heavy hairbrush or the senior boys cane, Mel purely hated that cane.

Tigger said...

Hey Bonnie,

I must agree with Paul on this one... my absolute favorite is leather (though it can be the most evil, except for rubber, I even adore it for punishment spankings with his belt). I've never met a leather implement that I didn't like!

But yes, wood, is by far more "punishing" by its very nature.

Good question... so simple, yet so telling!!!


Fireman Chris said...

I'd have to go with both as well. Almost half our toys are wood (paddles, hairbrushes, bathbrushes), and the other half leather (more paddles, straps, the flyswatter we bought in Indiana).

Then there's the other ones. Lexan paddle, horsehair flogger, the English slipper that Mija gave us, and probably a few others I'm not remembering.

Anonymous said...

Both sting, but wood tends to leave bruises, whilst leather if of any leangth can flick round and give a nasty nip to the side of one's cheeks, so take your pick !

wind walker said...

i'm more of a wood gal....my paddle & wooden spoons are my favorite...

i love my crop, but i love the thud of wood & the bruising...

jeanmarie said...

My preferences are conditioned by first experiences.
Mom paddled us with a wooden spoon when errant. My first punishment spanking as an adult was with the hairbrush and left me purple.
My first time with a leather strap, my lover used it moderately, so it stung, but warmed incandescently. I rubbed my thighs together while getting it and orgasmed repeatedly. Now, even when getting it HARD with leather implements, I'll grow aroused.
So I vote for leather.

Spanks59 said...

I really like wood. My favorite weapon, I mean impliment, is the sorority paddle. Seeing Sorority pledges getting their young, firm, butts, blistered with the sorority paddle gets me.... "well you know". :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sister...I have to say both. Hubby and I both love role-play, that's just our thing. So whatever the role-play...or sometimes we call them reenactments...require, that's what we play with. Sometimes it's great playing a spoiled princess (a perfect role for me...cause I am!)...and having to go fetch the "royal hiney paddle" (our little name for it) or going back to my roots playing an old fashioned southernbelle and having to pick a switch...but there is still nothing will get your attention like the swish of a belt leaving the loops...Lol...That's so classic to me.

jennifer; sugarpie

Bonnie said...

Everyone - This has been like election night. The forces of wood took a substantial early lead (56-44), but were later overtaken by the leatherites. Now, it's a dead heat with over 220 votes. I knew this question would be fun. I just didn't realize we were so closely divided.

My opinion is that each has its place. Either material can be sensual or severe, depending upon the type of implement and how it's applied.

In my view, the best theraputic spanking is one that combines both types of implements - Leather for sting followed by wood for ache.

Eva - That's interesting. I often read about spankos in search of a really quiet, but effective implement (that isn't a cane).

Tigger Too - I agree.

Mija - I agree that there's something special about hairbrushes and the like. They seem to connect me to a different, disciplinary, sort of place.

As for rubber, it's not my cup of tea. Then again, I generally don't choose the implements around here.

Mike - Wood unquestionably makes an impression every time.

Elis - It's fun to experiment with all of the different sensations. Chances are that some you'll like and others you won't, but there's only one way to discover which is which.

Mary - I love leather toys as well, as long as they don't bit my hips. We have a soft leather paddle that is simply dreamy.

Paul - I can totally understand both reactions.

Tigger - Thanks. This poll question turned out to be even more fun than I anticipated. It could almost have been a brunch topic.

Chris - I would guess we have more wooden toys than leather, but I haven't counted. However, we have a few leather toys that get used again and again.

Anon - Yep!

Wind - I figured that might be your answer. There's just nothing else like a good paddle.

Jean Marie - That makes sense to me.

Spanks59 - Yes, there's something appealling about outfitting young women with their own personalized spanking implements.

Jennifer - That's a very good point. When roleplaying, certain implements simply fit better.

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