Friday, February 24, 2006

The 21st Position

A couple of months ago, I published a list of twenty spanking positions. This remains one of the most popular articles on the entire blog.

Last night, Randy reminded me, in rather demonstrative fashion, of a twenty first position. I can now see why I might have subconsciously chosen to forget it.

I stayed at the gym a little later than usual. I was feeling strong, listening to my iPod, and having a splendid workout. When I finally checked the time, it was an hour later than I realized. Knowing that Randy would be home soon, I collected my belongings, tossed on my jacket, and quickly departed.

When I arrived home, Randy was already there. He met me with a kiss at the top of the stairs as I came up from the garage. He was smiling and seemed to be in very good mood. As soon as I removed my jacket, the game began. Randy loves the way my curves look in tight spandex. Yesterday, I wore a pair of medium blue Capri pants with a big white sweatshirt over the top. I didn’t think this get-up was particularly alluring, especially after a workout. But at that moment, but my opinion didn’t count for much.

Randy’s large hands were instantly all over my body. While one set of fingers cupped my breast, the other was squeezing my bottom. His second kiss was very unlike the cordial greeting I had received moments before. It was long, deep, and very sexy. He followed it with a hug designed to bring our pelvic zones into close contact. His hands wandered back to my posterior as he ground his clearly evident probe against my crotch. Wild thoughts ran through my head as we stood so close in the center of the kitchen.

Clearly wanting to wait no longer, Randy led me into the living room. He guided me to the couch, where I lay on my back as instructed. At this point, I wasn’t quite sure what he had in mind.

Without removing my clothes, Randy grabbed both of my ankles. He pulled my legs up into the air and then pushed them further toward my head. When he finished, I was bent almost double. Only my upper back, shoulders, neck and head were still in contact with the seat of the couch. My bottom was pointed at the ceiling, stretched tight, and fully exposed.

As he grasped my ankles with his left hand, my dear husband began to whack my seat with his right. From the very first blow, I was acutely aware that this spanking really hurt! Even though I was wearing pants, I still felt very vulnerable in this position. Each full force swat increased the intensity of the rising sting.

Randy struck my bottom hard and fast. The sound reverberated through the house. The sum of this deluge of smacks was a thorough spanking and the outcome was an exquisitely sore, crimson rump. If I ever harbored any doubts concerning the effectiveness of his hand as a spanking implement, I’m sitting upon convincing evidence to the contrary.

After he decided that I’d had enough, Randy suggested that we move upstairs for some amorous adventures. In truth, I told him, I was more ready for a warm shower. He took that idea and ran with it as he often does. Before long we were sharing a shower and each other. He washed my hair as I ‘rinsed’ his maleness. This was truly some good, clean fun.

All in all, we had a fine evening. I guess you could say that I stand corrected (in more ways than one!). At least for now, let’s change the official count to twenty one spanking positions.

Have a great weekend!

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Marcus said...

Nothing like stretching during a spanking to make sure the skin gets GOOD contact. I'm glad you had a nice amorous night. :)

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

Just love that!! The unexpected, improvised nice time!!!
Nice week end to you!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like the postions in Pilates!!! Hmmm...wonder if we could combine two of my favorite things!!!


rose said...

great story!!!! and love the position. it would hurt, but that wonderful feeling of vulnerability! passing it on to j....thanks!

enjoy your weekend!


Bonnie said...

Marcus - My skin got GOOD contact all right. Very good, in fact.

Sea - Me too!

Tigger - Now there's a winning business concept! I can see it now...

Welcome to The Crimson Fitness Center - where we'll improve your tone from top to bottom.

Rose - The entire event was completely unexpected. I can tell you that I have never felt so exposed while still fully clothed.

I love suprises.

Paul said...

Isn't it nice to be surprised like that, it was nice of Randy to leave your pants up, it would have been much more ouchie bare.
Have a great week-end.

Edward said...

Sounds like the diaper position and yes it is ouchy.This is the one I use when I want Lisa's full attention,bare bottom too!!

Bonnie said...

Paul - That lycra material is so thin that I don't think it offered much protection. I suspect the reason Randy kept my pants in place is that he likes the look and feel of them. They are smooth, tight, and form-fitting.

More than once during the past couple of weeks, I've heard him say something about wanting to spank a female luger. Perhaps this was the next best thing.

Edward - Hi! I haven't heard from you for while. I hope you and Lisa are doing well.

Position 21 starts out like the diaper position, but rather than holding my legs in the air, he pushed them all the way over. In the process, he rolled me up onto my shoulders and upper back.

I can tell you, Randy had my full attention in very short order.

paul said...

I use the diaper postion on my wife using the wood clothes brush only when really bad can be very effective!!

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