Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quiz: What Kind of Spankee Am I?

We haven't had a new quiz here for a while. I thought today might be an ideal occasion.

You scored as Sensual Spanko. Spankings make you hot in all the right ways. Your erotic spankings are the centerpiece of your lovemaking experience. Without the great sex, they would be little more than another pain in the posterior.

This quiz is brought to you by My Bottom Smarts.

Sensual spanko
Submissive Spanko
Pain-toy Spanko
Mental Health Spanko
Discipline Spanko
Brat Spanko

What Kind of Spankee Am I?
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Anonymous said...

Cute quiz!!!

I'm a sensual spanko, too!!!


padme said...

Hi bonnie,
I got discipline spanko. I tried to put the results on my blog but it wouldn't take it for some reason. I tried a few times. Great quiz!

rose said...

fun quiz! i'm a mental health spanko....didn't surprise me much. j and i are learning some great things from your blog. thanks! ;P

Caia said...

Another mental health spanko here!! Fun Bonnie!


Bonnie said...

Tigger - That sounds about right.

Padme - I'm sorry the code didn't work for you, but the results sound pretty close.

Rose - Thanks, and stay healthy!

Caia - I'm glad you enjoyed my little quiz. It's a fun change of pace.

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