Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Whacky Smacky Christmas

You must know by now that I'm not one to leave well enough alone.

Have a whacky, smacky Christmas
Time to barbeque your rear
We all know that it will glow
Until we toast New Year

Have a whacky, smacky Christmas
When you sit upon your seat
Say uh, oh, that stings you know
and makes a lot of heat

Oh, ho, you're bare below
hung where all can see
A paddle waits for you
stick it out for me

Have a whacky, smacky Christmas
Go ahead and rub my dear
Oh by golly, have a whacky
smacky Christmas this year


Frankly said...

Good one, Bonnie, and very sexy, like the other ones are too; but I have a question: as I am Dutch, and not very familiar with the American repertoire of Christmas songs, what song is this a parody of? It is a lot more fun reading your version, knowing the original, as I did until Whacky Smacky Christmas came along (I'm actually quite proud of that, since I wasn't born into Anglo-American culture).

Lisa said...

Well frankly it is a parody of Holly Jolly Christmas. Oh bonnie I am waiting for Rudolph.LOL

Anonymous said...

"You must know by now that I'm not one to leave well enough alone."

Which of course is why you end up over the knee over and over again... much to all of our and (from what you write...) your delight.

Have a wacky, smacky Christmas, Bonnie.


ZED & ginger said...

that was great! I have an area on my website ( that has spanko Christmas stories and rhymes...if you would give me permission to use it? It's only 3 more days to Christmas, but that's enough time for people to see it --- AND it will come back next year as well!

Lemme know, Bonnie! e mail me at


Storm Rider said...

You know that Burl Ives is rolling around in his grave after this one!

Janeen said...

I just realized you are giving us the twelve days of Christmas. (Ok, so maybe it’s closer to ten! LOL)

On the first day of Christmas our gracious host gave to us..Sting her Well
On the second day of Christmas she gave us backsides roasting like an open fire
On the third day of Christmas our gracious host gave to us…A Pink Christmas
On the fourth day of Christmas she gave us good spankings to us and our kin
On the fifth day of Christmas our gracious host let to us…..Follow her to Kinky Pleasure!

Good spankings to us and our kin,
A Pink Christmas
Backsides roasting like an open fire,
Sting her well,
And a very creative, gracious host!

(Yeah, I know my rhythm doesn’t quite flow with the song, it works best if you don't try to sing it! LOL)

Storm Rider said...

LMAO, Janeen my love, I think its a song called "Have a Jolly, Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives, and if it is'nt then you can laugh your ass of at me, cause thats the only thing I come up with!LOL

Bonnie said...

Frankly - As Lisa already shared, that song is Holly, Jolly Christmas. I remember a portly, bearded singer named Burl Ives singing it.

Lisa - Thanks. Rudolf is a difficult song to parody. It has very well known words and a memorable cadence that I really wouldn't want to abandon.

Marcus - It's all true. Thanks!

Ginger - I just sent you a response. Go for it!

Storm - Who knows? Maybe old Burl was a spanko...

Janeen - How did you know I was working on the Twelve Days? I like your version. Thanks.

Frankly said...

Thanks for the name of the song, Lisa.

Bonnie, imagine the very own portly singer's big hand noisily impacting on the round bottom of a naughty female (and they're all naughty) draped over his broad lap, roasting her rear, after opening the presents under the Christmas tree and singing your parody to her, holding in his hand her gift to him... a custom made paddle... might happen... you never know... lets hope so.

Frankly said...

...first his big hand, as a warm-up, and then the paddle... because he's a considerare man.

Frankly said...

I meant considerate.

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, I love all your 'spanking carols, they are excellent, You have a brilliant give for writing. I've been singing some of them as I browse your wonderful blog. "Six of the best", to you from a life long spanking enthuiast.

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