Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sting Her Well

...And now, back by popular demand, we have tonight, right here on our stage, the Spanko City Singers. Without further ado, let's bring them out. Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for our own Spanko City Singers!

Dashing to and fro
On a whole house spanking day
O’er the knee she’ll go
Dancing all the way
Whacks on bare tails sting
Making colors bright
What fun it is to swat and sing
A spanking song tonight

Oh, sting her well, sting her well
Sting her all the day
Oh, what fun, now that she’s tied
On a whole house spanking day


ann regel said...

Bonnie, this is just too cute. I will be singing it in my head all day. It might just be stuck there all week!

Bonnie said...

Smart - Thank you. I liked the idea of a "whole house spanking day." I have a similar real life spanking adventure to share as soon as I get the opportunity to finish writing it.

padme said...

very cute bonnie. :)

Frankly My Dear said...

What can I say... this would be the ideal Christmas gift: a spankee-parodies DVD, with spanking clips... just be careful that the right person gets it...

"Oops, how to explain this... it wasn't me... the girl just looks and sounds exactly like me..."

"Then we'll check what exactly you sound like, Bonnie, you're going OTK!"

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! "Yes, it was you!"

The Chair said...

No doubt I have a new favorite group. The Spanko City Singers. Can't wait for the video, much less to catch them live when they go on the road.

Bonnie said...

Shyanne - Thank you!

Frankly - At this point, my spanko proclivies are well known to the point where I wouldn't even attempt such a fib.

The DVD is a good idea. Hmmm...

Mister Chairman - :) You can believe we do all our singing standing up!

tboneslagirl said...

Thanks for the giggle this morning Bonnie..

Your humor never ceases to amaze me

Lisa said...

Love your take on jingle bells, one of my person favorite for the season!

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