Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Spanking Limericks

OK, maybe we've done enough memes for now. I present for you instead these new spanking limericks!

There once was a girl from Seattle
with a spouse who she liked to battle
When he'd had enough
and things became rough
Her lessons were taught with a paddle

There once were some twins from Tangiers
Who laughed at the greatest of fears
These ladies did prod
A spanker named Rod
And ended up rubbing their rears

There once was a woman named Kit
Whose love of a spank didn't quit
One night during fun
Before it was done
she said I might nevermore sit

There once was a red bottomed gal
Laid over the lap of her Hal
He warmed her just right
Then held her all night
Who could ask for more from a pal?



little one said...

Those are so cute Bonnie :)

padme said...

SO cute bonnie! lol.

wind walker said...

those are too cute!!

Storm Rider said...

There once was a lass named Bonnie
Who blogged about her and her hubby
He paddled her ass until well into the night,
I love coming to her sight because its so fresh and forthright
I dont have the faintest clue why Im even TRYING ot be a poet!
Hi Bonnie! Just stopping by to say "hey"

tboneslagirl said...

LOL.... Thanks Bonnie, these are great. You're a poet and didn't know it

wind walker said...

storm makes me smile!!!

thank you bonnie for bringing out the "poet" in him!!

Bonnie said...

Thanks, everybody. I figured it was time for a change of pace. What could be sillier than spanking limericks?

Storm - Why, you're writing me poetry! I couldn't even get Randy to do that. Wind, you lucky gal.

There just aren't too many good words that rhyme with Bonnie...

spankergood said...

<<>> Hello, Bonnie. Great Limericks!!!. Storm : I can try a Bonnie rhyme..may be a "half-rhyme" though...here goes : <<>> There Once was a Fair Lass, named Bonnie...Who's Hubby enjoyed Spanking her HEINEE..The Stories, which grew, were Bold & "Blue"...And, her Bottom was Crimson & Shiney!!!<<>> How's that, Bonnie? ...Love your Blog!

Bonnie said...

Spanker - Thanks. Here's yet another gentleman writing poetry for me. Had I known I'd get this reaction, I would have posted limericks long ago!

The only real rhymes I ever found are my poetic relatives - Connie, Donny, Johnny, Lonnie, and Ronny. If I want to depict my own adventures in verse, I'll have to either bury my name in a line or adopt a nom de plume.

Janeen said...

These were cute Bonnie, and I really enjoyed Storm's and Spankhergood's also.

Muffin said...

Can't pass up a good challenge. Hope it's not too late . . .

There once was a spanker named Randy,
Who loved his sweet Bonnie like candy.
They never did fight,
Though he spanked her all night,
Which his Bonnie thought was just dandy!

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