Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Our Very First Spanking

I recall the first time Randy spanked me. It wasn't very intense and it lacked the inventiveness of some of our later escapades, but it's a fond memory.

The time was the late seventies. Our peanut farmer president (the one with lust in his heart) grappled with how to manage soaring inflation and rampant unemployment at the same time. Gasoline was expensive. Marijuana was cheap. Television featured such milestone productions as the A-Team and Three's Company. Popular music bounced between soulless disco and mindless punk. No one had ever heard of AIDS and most people thought the pill was safe. It was a different world.

The place was a cheap apartment located near a large urban university. Blaring rock music and the odor of stale beer from nearby campus bars filtered in through open windows each summer night. An eager entomologist could have written a doctoral dissertation on the variety of insect life present in those dwellings. The residents' housekeeping standards were positively medieval. This particular apartment was located on the second floor, which made it especially warm in the summer. There was no air conditioning. Bad as conditions were, this place was good enough. This was where my Randy lived.

We had been dating for about two months. Although I had been interested in spanking since childhood, we had never discussed the subject, even briefly. I really loved this guy (or at least I really thought I did). He was fun to be with. He was handsome. He treated me with respect. He had this cute mustache. He was the best lover I had ever known (and still is!). I didn't want my weird desires to mess up this wonderful romantic alliance. In my mind, I believed once I was established in a stable relationship, those fantasies would be subsumed by more normal sexual interests.

We enjoyed just lying in bed for hours. We talked. We played. We laughed. We made love. It was great. It didn't seem like a carefree time back then, but in comparison to the years that followed, it certainly was. On one summer Saturday, late in the afternoon, we were engaged in this delightful activity. It was hot, but we had a good breeze.

We were enjoying some light foreplay when Randy sat on the edge of the bed. He asked me to "Come 'ere." He had me lie face down across his lap in what is now a very familiar position. At this point, I was game for just about anything. Noting my position, I asked, "What are you going to do, spank me?" I had absolutely no reason to believe he would or even could do such a thing. Randy quickly replied "No, I was just going to apply some lubrication." He grabbed the tube and, true to his word, massaged the perpetually cold goo into all sorts of fun locales.

The dialogue which followed is one which makes me smile even today. It went something like this:

R: Why? Do you want me to spank you?

B: Oh, I don't know. Maybe if you want to.

R: I might want to if you would enjoy it.

B: I don't know if I'd enjoy it, but you can if you'd enjoy it.

R: I couldn't enjoy it unless you did too.

B: Maybe I could. Could you?

R: I'd be willing to as long as you're OK with it.

B: Shut up and spank me already!

He did and the rest is history. It wasn't much of a spanking, but the lovemaking that followed was our best ever. As it turned out, we were, at least in this regard, ideal partners. He was turned-on by giving a spanking. I was turned-on by getting one. I don't doubt that people in and around that crummy apartment building during the following months were treated to an interesting soundtrack. To this day, Randy's former roommate refers to me (though not to my face) as "Spanky."

So who initiated that first spanking? I think I did and Randy thinks he did. I don't know that there is any real need to resolve this friendly dispute. I invite you, dear reader, to make up your own mind. What's important to me is that it happened. It set the stage for our exciting life together.

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Janeen said...

LOL Bonnie, that was so cute! Very nice for your first time! You have an excellent memory by the way, I can't remember all the details of our first spanking session just the most embarrasing moments it entailed. LOL

Bonnie said...


I have to admit the dialog was reconstructed from our memories of the event. The actual words were probably different, but this account accurately captures the tone, cadence, and outcome of that conversation.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Quite naturally, it has a special chapter in my personal history book.

padme said...

Thanks for sharing your story bonnie and that I inspired you to post it! :) *big smile*
I really enjoyed reading it!

wind walker said...

i love, love this story & the dialog may not be the actual, but it's so great!!

little one said...

That was excellent Bonnie, so cute, so warm. What a fond memory that must be. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

Storm Rider said...

Now thats cute!
I have to agree Bonnie, every time I spank my woman , I get a hard on, I have to thank you all for that!
Big Hug sweety, and a thank you!

Bonnie said...

Shyanne - Thanks. You reminded me that I had yet to post my own first time story. It's not nearly as exciting as yours, but I think it's cute and fun.

Wind - I believe the dialog is pretty close, though probably not exactly as it happened. I know my last line is historically accurate!

In any case, I'm glad you liked it.

Little - Thanks. I've been holding onto some of these stories for years. I always figured there might be an appropriate time to set them free. Well, now is the time and this is the place. I'm delighted that you, my friends, enjoy the retelling as much as I enjoy sharing these tales.

Storm - I don't have to tell you that a well executed spanking has the corresponding effect upon female spankos. As long as you guys keep spanking, we'll keep getting getting turned on. Deal?

Storm Rider said...


Lisa said...

It is so wonderful that you shared your first spanking. I know how awkard my first one was with Ed. I don't think there was much converstion before hand either. Anyway as you said after the first spanking the rest is history. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

my wife decided that i needed a good spanking so i agreed. she told me to wait in our bedroom, get nude, and fetch the hairbrush. while i waited i thught maybe this was a how nuch my bottom hurt when my dad whipped me.she entered and told me to get over her knees well my backside got a severe spanking and we decided the hairbrush would be used for punishment when needed

Kayley said...

That was such an interesting post, Bonnie! Funny too. You two are very lucky to have found each other. Just look at the chances! You made me panic though - I can't remember my first spanking. I can't believe I can't. Oh, I think I do. I do I do!! *happy dance* Thanks God you posted this, or maybe I would have forgotten it forever... hehe

See ya! *happy she remembered*

Alex said...

My new girl friend and I are just at the begining stages. I am so glad to find your blog. I have dabbled in spanking with other ladies, but never seriously looked at it as I do now.

She is excited when the subject is brought up and we have started to talk a lot about it. I get excited too and even played with it a bit on her. First time was brief, about 6 nice waps. dinner was on the stove so we cut it short. Later that night we had an incredible ... well you know.

What used to be just a passing phase looks like it will be around for awhile. This morning I texted her with how beautiful she was and closed my message with *spankspank*

She replied, clearly excited.

I am reading a lot of your posts and I fell like we have naturally begun a healthy spaking life.

Thanks again Bonnie

Anonymous said...

my bottom well remembers otk bare whippings delt to me as a kid by my old man. in telling the story to my new wife she suggested that when needed my bottom would receive the same treatment. later it happened and i had forgotten how much it stings. from now on use of this punishment for me will be limited.

Monogamous Couple said...

What a fun and delightfully kinky in an innocent sort of way story. With a fun attitude towards sex no wonder you are still together. !5 years of kink for us began with many fun and fumbling explorations.

Great post.

And for the record, Bonnie clearly asked for it!

Anonymous said...

my story is one in which our marriage was headed for a divorce due to the both of us had a bad habit of getting each other very upset, then the arguments and long periods of silence lasted for many days. one day read about the spencer plan and i wrote away for the details. after we both read and agreed to give it a try. now when either one of us misbehaves we talk it over and comply with the signed agreements then a real old fashioned spanking given to the guilty party. believe me the air is quicly cleared and the victim suffers a sore bottom fo a few hours and raerely repeats the misdoing. try it , it works..

bennaughty said...

The thought of receiving a spanking excites me to no end! I have not yet played out this fantasy and am worried that maybe I won't like getting spanked and ruin a perfectly good thing. Hopefully I can let myself go and try this someday......

Baby said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the "re-play" of your conversation ... too funny and cute! Well this post definitely makes me even anticipate my "first" spanking ...soon to come - like say, 18 days, but who's counting? Hehehehehe... I love your site/blog and all the information - thanks for the good read and chuckles!

Michelle said...

Honestly you are a big part of the reason I get to have spankings today
Thank You Bonnie.
I've been an internet lurker of spanking posts since I was 12, I am 20 now, and your blog has helped me feel comfortable with my inner spankophile

Anonymous said...

now that i am single, the need to recieve a spanking often happens to me. i have tried self spanking but it just isnt the same. my whippings were real and quite painful when she was alive. we both found out that a hairbrushing quickly cleared the air and eliminated the former process which was arguments and exteded long periods of total silence.

Tiggs said...

Re-reading such deliciousness from your past as this makes me recall with fondness many similar memories and good times... the truest basis for our lives with our partners together forever.

Thanks just for being here, Bonnie, for having the courage to face us all and explore your memories, your relationship and yourself so publicly and openly!

Biggest hugs!

Vesta said...

I asked for a spanking about four years ago and my husband didn't miss a beat to give me what I wanted. In fact, years before he told me I had earned a spanking and though a light one, it lit my fire. Unfortunately, it took me far too many years to tell him that I craved more.

Your story is so sweet, Bonnie.

Lea said...

I'd say you sort of initiated it, but in that woman sort of way that makes the man think it was his idea. Hehe. Thanks for sharing.

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