Monday, November 07, 2005

The Spanking Meme

Blame this on Shyanne. It was her idea!

In order to preserve the domestic tranquility (and hopefully save some wear and tear on our posteriors), this one is especially for the spankees.

  1. At what age did you realize you had a special interest in spanking?

  2.      I was young, six maybe.

  3. How often are you spanked?

  4.      It varies a lot depending upon what’s going on in our lives at the time. At most, it’s three or four times a week. During the lean times, it might happen three or four times a month.

  5. What percentage of your spankings result in sex?

  6.      At least 90%.

  7. What percentage of your sexual encounters include a spanking?

  8.      Probably 75%.

  9. Who administered your first adult spanking?

  10.      A former boyfriend. He didn’t get it at all.

  11. What is your favorite implement (other than a hand)?

  12.      I change my mind from time to time. Right now, I’d have to say it’s a leather paddle.

  13. What is your least favorite spanking implement?

  14.      That’s easy. It has to be the dreaded “Mother of All Paddles.” This is one nasty piece of lumber.

  15. Have you ever been spanked during intercourse?

  16.      Yes, but it doesn’t seem to work very well. Squeezing an already spanked posterior is a whole lot more effective.

  17. What is your favorite spanking position?

  18.      OTK. I love skin contact.

  19. What is your least favorite spanking position?

  20.      The diaper position. Yuck!

  21. Do you consider yourself to be submissive?

  22.      Yes, at least in the bedroom.

  23. Describe your favorite spanking outfit (other than naked).

  24.      Randy bought me a little white tennis outfit of which he is particularly fond. It has a pleated skirt and matching panties.

  25. What is the strangest place you’ve ever been spanked?

  26.      Inside a self-storage locker.

  27. What was the most severe spanking you have received?

  28.      I can think of several contenders. I’ll pick the time Randy thought it would be fun to try a paddle with holes after the switch. Not good.

  29. What is your favorite spanking fantasy scenario?

  30.      I have lots of them. Maybe the desert island theme – I always thought Mary Ann looked cute.

  31. What was the strangest spanking implement ever used on you?

  32.      What hasn’t he tried? Lets’ see… How about a piece of a washing machine water discharge hose? Laugh if you like, but that thing hurt!

  33. What is your favorite non-spanking kink?

  34.      We enjoy a little bondage sometimes. It makes the whole spanking experience just a bit more intense.

  35. What celebrity would choose as a fantasy spanker?

  36.      Either Patrick Stewart or Sean Connery. I guess I have a thing for bald Scottish men.

  37. What celebrity most deserves to be spanked?

  38.      Anna Nicole Smith. She pratically begs for it.

  39. Have you ever asked for a spanking?

  40.      Absolutely! I can’t spend my life waiting for my man to figure things out all on his own. He knows what to do. He just doesn’t always know when to do them.

OK, that's it. Let the tagging begin! I'll start with Wind Walker, Janeen, and, of course, Shyanne.


Janeen said...

And now you're really going to kill me! LOL I started a small one on my blog that we each add a couple of quesitons to the end of when we're done answering.

padme said...

You get what you ask for sometimes..I wanted a spanking meme and got 3 today, one for Master and two for me. lol.
I promise to try to get to it in a while bonnie! :)
Take care.

Bonnie said...


I saw that right after I posted this one. At least we chose some of the same questions!

Bonnie said...


No rush. Take first things first.

Janeen said...

Bonnie, it still works out, I added your questions to the end of mine, just deleted the ones I'd already answered.

padme said...

It's done. I just finished it. Master said I could have the time to complete it. Thanks for the meme. It really made me think.
I liked your answers...I'd be curious of everyone else's...

wind walker said...

i hope i can make you all proud...i'm still the newbie!!

Bonnie said...


Your list is wonderful. Thanks for playing along.

Storm Rider said...

OH god, does this meme shit ever end?

sixofthebest said...

As to question #18. What celebrity would you like to spank. My answer would be Sarah Palin. If someone ever needed a good spanking, it's her. I sure would want to raise her dress waist high, take down her panties, and wallop her bare bottom with a pliable stinging cane. And if I had my way 25 strokes would be perfect for her voluptous naked derriere.

sixofthebest said...

My favorite spanking implement is the cane. As my nom de plume suggests. I love swishing this pliable spanking implement across a ladies naked rear end I have used the cane for sexual and punishment purposes on ladies bare derriere.

sixofthebest said...

In answering your question. What is my favorite fantasy spanking scenes. There are several. Office Discipline. Where a secretary, or a female executive gets spanked. Domestic Discipline as in the good old days of "Upstairs, Downstairs". Where female members of a family get spanked. Plus the female members of the staff get their bare bottoms warmed.

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