Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Aftercare: Doing It Right

A dedicated reader recently posed an excellent question:

"The first [question] is 'aftercare.' I've seen this mentioned, but I'm not certain what it means."

In my mind, aftercare is soothing kindness. The objective of aftercare is to bring the spankee gently back to the here and now. Spankers often fail to recognize just how totally unnerving a spanking can be. Beyond the obvious physical distress, the recipient may also feel emotionally drained. Aftercare is the final step in re-establishing normalcy.

Aftercare can take many forms:
  1. Aloe cream
  2. Aromatherapy candles
  3. Back rub
  4. Brushing hair
  5. Bubble bath
  6. Chocolate
  7. Comfy nightgown
  8. Compliments
  9. Confidence building
  10. Dancing fingertips
  11. Drying tears
  12. Flowers
  13. Foot massage
  14. Gentle touch
  15. Holding hands
  16. Hugs
  17. Lovemaking
  18. Massage oil
  19. Soothing music
  20. Supportive shoulder

Effective aftercare often requires the spanker to change roles from being a harsh disciplinarian to a loving partner. This sudden transition may seem incongruous, but it is precisely what many spankees desire once the spanking has concluded.

Gentlemen, if you want your woman to love you with all her heart, I invite you to try some of these aftercare suggestions. Watch and see if they don’t make you feel good as well.



little one said...

Very informative Bonnie. :) As always, thanks for sharing your expertize. :)

Bonnie said...

Little - Thanks. I'm glad this article was helpful (you know how I am with lists...)

Lisa said...

This is too true about after care. I love the fact we cuddle after a spanking, just as much as I love the spanking.

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