Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Afternoon Delight

Here's a happy memory from my treasure chest

I knew I was going to be spanked. I just didn't know when, where, or how. This is the story of how I learned those answers.

I spent the day wearing one of those pink thongs that Randy likes to stuff into my underwear drawer. As soon as I put it on, I knew a spanking was inevitable. That's our ritual and I accept it. All morning long, I was agitated as I performed my regular weekend chores. I pondered what he might be planning for me. I was also a little concerned about the impact of another hard spanking only three days after my previous up close and personal encounter with the hairbrush. For his part, Randy didn't even mention the events to come.

At lunchtime, we dined at a nice Italian restaurant. It was delicious and relaxing. We chatted about everything but the spanking. He's an interesting guy with whom I enjoy spending time. He worked so many hours last week, we really needed this time to catch up. At least for a while, my tension was held at bay.

When we returned home, Randy asked me if I'd like to join him for a nap. He was legitimately tired from his tough week and our big lunch added to the attraction of sleep. This was an offer I couldn't refuse. Believe it or not, we went to bed and slept. There's an earthy luxury in an afternoon nap with your lover.

I woke to the sensation of Randy kissing and caressing me. I was sleepy but receptive. It didn't take long for his expert hands to work their magic. By the time he slid off my thong, I was ready for whatever came next (or so I thought). With that, he got up and went to our toy drawer (truth be known, they don't all fit in one drawer any more!). He returned, not with a spanking implement, but with a marital aid. This device resembles a portion of the male anatomy and it hums. This treatment always makes me crazy. He applied this toy externally until I was writhing in ecstasy. Next, he inserted the toy and rolled me onto my tummy. To my surprise, (can this man still surprise me every time or what?), he then replaced the thong.

Had I been thinking clearly at this moment, I might have realized that my spanking was next on the agenda. Randy picked up an implement we call the slapper (no, it doesn't make the lights turn on and off without leaving the bed; it just lights up my bottom). The slapper is a small, light, thin, semi-rigid leather paddle. It offers 100% sting and what a sting! It works right at the skin level to produce tremendous warmth and a bright crimson glow. Instead of smacking me with it right away, he rubbed its rough leather surface all over my bare posterior. This was more than I could stand. I was absolutely serious when I begged him to please, please paddle me now.

I haven't stuck with this guy through thick and thin for twenty years because he doesn't give me what I need. He applied the slapper to my naked bottom with workmanlike efficiency. Make no mistake, it hurt a lot. I just didn't care. Between the buzz of the vibrator and the rising heat of my derriere, my mind was sailing among the clouds. Pleasure and pain merged into a single welcome sensation.

The spanking didn’t last that long, but it was intense. When it was over, I was gasping for air. My mouth was so dry! I must have been screaming. Randy removed the thong and then the toy. At this point, I had to get up and find some water. As I walked into the bathroom, Randy complimented me on how beautiful my bottom looked. After getting a drink and a quick pit stop, I admired his work in the mirror. The entire lower half of my cheeks was the color of a stop sign. It was very warm to the touch.

When I returned to bed, Randy had reverted from stern disciplinarian back to sweet husband. I was eager to resume our tango, but he gently slowed the pace. He hands calmed and soothed me as they stroked my hair. He touched my face with a lightness befitting an angel. I shuddered with bliss. His loving attention moved next to the back of my neck. I cooed my approval. When my man took my left earlobe between his teeth, a sharp inhalation marked my ascending excitement. The lover’s kiss that followed reignited the flames within my soul. It held the promise of greater intimacy to come.

After my Prince Charming rolled me onto my back, his focus turned to my chest. Waves of joy swept through my body as he first squeezed and then nibbled on my nipples. My legs parted in response. Well aware of my receptive state, Randy positioned himself above me and initiated our joining. I locked my hands onto his ribs as he made me pant all over again. I squeezed him tightly as we rocked toward our explosive culmination. When it came, the feeling was one of exhilaration and connectedness.

Afterward, we lay in bed and just talked. I was now completely relaxed. Every care had flowed out of my body. What a wonderful day!

This morning, the condition of my bottom is not as bad as I thought it would be. That slapper is an interesting tool. It truly stings, but it doesn't do that much real damage.

That's my tale. It’s been a fine weekend!

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dwcmike said...

Glad toknow you have beenhaving such a great time for so many years. Slow passionate sex appears tobe the best aftercare, even better than lotions. Could you post a picture of the slapper to let everyone know what it looks like.

little one said...

Morning Bonnie,

Another wonderfully hot and romantic story. I really enjoyed it. :) I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Storm Rider said...

Loved the story Bonnie , I know Mike wants a picture of the slapper, but you know me, how about a picture of the "stop sighn bottom"?
(It never hurts to ask!)

padme said...

I think your stories are just incredible. Thank you for sharing that one with us. :)

Bonnie said...

Mike - I must say that it's been wonderful fun. Slow sex is unquestionably my favorite kind of aftercare (followed by fast sex and...). As for the slapper, Check this out.

Little - Thank you! I hope your holiday is great as well.

Storm - It's already at the top of every page, at the bottom, and in the middle. That seems sufficient to me.

Shyanne - Thank you. This story has been sitting around for several years waiting for an audience. I'm delighted to be able to share it with all of you.

Storm Rider said...

Forgot to wish you and Randy a Happy Thanksgiving Sweety!

Storm Rider said...

By the way, Im a male, NOTHING is sufficient! Have'nt you figured that out yet?

Janeen said...

Loved the story Bonnie, I have been on the receiving end of just such an implement I know the red glow you are speaking of. LOL

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lisa said...

Now I want a slapper more than ever. You truly have a man who cares for you dearly. Love your happy little memory from your treasure box hope to read more treasures in the future.

Bonnie said...

Storm - Thank you, we did have a fine holiday.

As for sufficiency, what you describe is consistent with my observations as well.

Janeen - Thanks. I hope your turkey day was a success as well.

Lisa - I believe you'd like the slapper. It really makes a good first impression.

Yes, I consider myself very fortunate to have collected so many treasured memories. I have more stories I haven't shared (and hopefully more still that have yet to be recorded).

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