Sunday, May 05, 2024

Bonnie: The Interview

Randy interviewed me on video yesterday. We had just completed my second hard spanking of the day and the third in less than 24 hours. He didn’t go easy on me. I don’t know how many swats I received with that unforgiving teardrop-shaped wooden paddle. Maybe a hundred. I know my bottom was sore when he began, and it didn’t get any better along the way.

Here’s our transcribed interview, edited only for conciseness. I really did say all that dumb stuff. I was lying across his lap and he still had the paddle in his hand. My bottom, visible in the video, was conspicuously marked.

R: How do you feel now?

B: Uh, I dunno. Spanked?

R: Do you enjoy being punished like this over my lap?

B: Yeah, um, I do.

R: What is it that you like?

B: Being here close with you. Feeling your hands holding me.

R: What about your butt?

B: It really hurts a lot.

R: (rubbing) It’s very red and feels warm. There’s a cute mark over here on your right cheek. (touches the welt)

B: That happens when you use the paddle.

R: What do you think about getting spanked twice in one day?

B: It’s OK. If you decide I deserve it.

R: Bon, if you ever got everything you deserve, we’d wear out my arm.

B: (imagining) Yeah, maybe so.

R: Is there a spanking that you wish you could get?

B: Right now, I have no idea.

R: Would you like me to strap you to the bench and cane your butt right now?

B: Not sure. Maybe later.

R: Would you like me to give you some more swats with this paddle? (whack whack)

B: Ow! I told you I don’t know. You’re confusing me.

R: Do you feel sufficiently punished now?

B: Yes, sir.

R: Is it embarrassing to get your bare bottom spanked with a paddle in front of the camera and then have to explain how it feels?

B: Yes.

R: What’s it like to be an accomplished adult woman, a grandmother, a teacher, who requires frequent corporal punishment?

B: It’s just what we do.

R: Do you like the embarrassment aspect?

B: Yes, I think I do.

R: Would it be more embarrassing if your blog readers knew about all this?

B: Maybe.

R: Then I want you to tell them everything, OK?

B: Yes, sir.

So, there you have all my paddle-addled observations after a day of spankings. It only hurts when I sit, stand, walk, bend, move, roll over, stretch, or climb stairs. But I'm smiling today.


Mark said...

Lovely interview Bonnie. Love to see the video!!! :-)

Hermione said...

A brilliant interview. Randy puts Howard Stern to shame.


Marie said...

I also enjoy the embarrassment parts ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,

I just discovered this thanks to Hermione. For some reason your posts aren't always appearing in my blogroll.

I love that Randy interviewed you and enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.


Terpsichore said...

Glad you are smiling :-) Great interview

Bonnie said...

Mark - Thank you. Randy says those videos are for us.

Hermione - Thank you. Howard also has a fondness for spanking women.

Marie - It's a fascinating paradox, isn't it?

Roz - I'm not certain why some of my posts don't appear. If I can figure out a reason, I will try to repair it.

This was not my most coherent moment, but I think this mini-interview reveals my state of mind.

Terps - Big smiles. Thanks!

maraleia said...

I love this so very much. I desperately wish a strong woman would spank me regularly. I think I'm a true submissive. You are wonderful Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your interview. Enjoyed the read. Had me smiling.

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