Thursday, July 04, 2024

Ask Bonnie

Hello again, dear friends. I bring you just one reader question this time, but it's a fun one.

Question: How does it feel to be a wife who gets her bare bottom spanked hard with a wood paddle?

Silly Bonnie: It's exactly like a trip to the circus, but without the ringmaster, clowns, lions, jugglers, acrobats, elephants, barkers, freaks, calliope, trapeze performers, cotton candy, games of skill, flaming hoops, and the high wire act.

Blunt Bonnie: How do you think it feels? It hurts like hell!

Scientific Bonnie: Disciplinary paddlings cause a conspicuous reddening of the lower buttocks that can persist for several hours. This visible effect is generally accompanied by painful reactions in the afflicted areas. An intense but superficial sting arises at the time of spanking and fades within a few hours. A deeper throbbing pain persists longer and may cause profound discomfort while seated. After repeated forceful strikes in the same spots, temporary numbness may occur. The skin becomes warm to the touch as blood flows to the punished region. The skin's surface may also lose elasticity and acquire a rough texture.

Turn Around Bonnie: I suggest there is only one way to truly find the answer you seek. I recommend you experience a long hard paddling for yourself, right on your bare butt. If you cannot find someone to swing the paddle, do it yourself. As I am often reminded, a spanking is the only way you will learn. Look for a hardwood paddle with rounded edges, at least half an inch thick, and of sufficient length to reach the bottom of each cheek. Start with about twenty swats and go from there. You too can become a member of our exclusive club.

Psychologist Bonnie: Accepting vigorous paddlings brings me fulfillment in ways I struggle to fully explain. I embrace my role of the bad girl deserving of severe corporal punishment. I crave the full ritual including all of the pain and embarrassment. It brings me happines to watch the video later and relive everything he says and does to me. It thrills me to have vivid memories flood back into my mind when I sit down. Spanking is our kink.

Just Plain Bonnie: Spankings are one aspect of our excellent lives together.


Anonymous said...

I have a question for Scientific Bonnie - Doesn't the fact that the sit-spots of the buttocks share the same nerve cluster as the genitalia sometimes, in rare cases, cause the opposite desired outcome for the punished? Great stuff, thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent Bonnie, very well said!


Mark said...

Yes indeed Bonnie!

Erica Scott said...

Sarcastic Erica: It tickles. (accompanied by eye roll)

Hermione said...

Oh my, Bonnie, you wear so many different hats!


Bonnie said...

Indy - Yes, in my experience, a good spanking usually generates arousal.

Roz - Thank you. I like questions that inspire multiple answers.

Mark - Thanks!

Erica - I love Sarcastic Erica. No one does snark better!

Hermione - Yeah, who knew? :)

Sore is more said...

Bratty Sore: It depends whether I rolled my eyes or said, make me.

Naughty Sore: Well, I left that paddle lying around in the middle of a meticulously made canopy bed, you know, Secretary style, along with some cuffs and rope.

Curious Sore: Why are you asking? Are you a closeted spanko? Admit it, do punishment spankings turn you on? Do you see yourself on the receiving end or doling them out, huh? Or both? You know, all are welcome here.

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