Saturday, February 24, 2024

Ask Bonnie: Wishing for Spring Edition

Happy Almost Spring, friends. We've been busy with lots of stuff, so I've been away from the blog. But I'm here now with some reader questions.

Question: When did you first know you have a large bottom?

Bonnie: I guess we'll start with this familiar topic. I don't recall anyone phrasing the question this way before. I think it's an inherent design feature. I always knew. Back in junior high, I learned that boys knew too. Not a happy memory.

Question: Would you sell your paddles/thongs?

Bonnie: That's not business I want to transact. You can order paddles through any quality internet vendor. Thongs are available everywhere.

Question: You say you get spanked because you are bad. What bad things make you so deserving?

Bonnie: I give discourteous answers to questions like this one.

Question: Dear Mrs X – do you have any suggestions how a man can find a lady with the same interests and Pleasures regarding spanking as you do?

Bonnie: You might want to check out local kink groups or online forums.

Question: Do you know anyone in ____ that would be willing to spank me

Bonnie: I’m sorry. I don’t know anyone who lives there. I suggest you seek like-minded people in your area.

Question: you referenced a cane that was more useful for less intensity than a standard school sized cane. Could you point me in the right direction in terms of size? Length, material?

Bonnie: We bought that cane from a store named Cane-iac. They are still in business, but in the process of closing. The cane I described is wooden, fairly light, and about 24 inches long. It is well suited for OTK use.

Question: How can you permit a man to beat your body with a stick?

Bonnie: Yeah. OK. Explanation time. I don’t permit this, we agree in advance. Second, that man is my husband to whom I’ve been married for my entire adult life and with whom I share many wonderful memories, both spanking and otherwise. Third, it’s a spanking not a beating. The focus is my bottom, not my whole body. My spankings happen for a specific purpose. It hurts, but I sustain no lasting damage. Finally, he doesn’t use some random stick he found along the highway. Most often, it’s a paddle that we purchased to deliver spankings. I consent and I am an active participant.

Question: how do i create my own spanking bench

Bonnie: We bought ours, but you can search for "spanking bench" plans or "spanking bench" blueprints. There appear to be several choices. Good luck!

Question: Is spanking a turn-on?

Bonnie: That’s a big 10-4 good buddy

Question: Have you ever had to sign a paddle after you were paddled with it?

Bonnie: Yes, that’s a dynamic we enjoy. I have signed the paddle to memorialize a hard punishment gratefully accepted.

Question: Are you thinking about retiring?

Bonnie: Retiring from what? Spankings: No, Blogging: Who knows?, Work: It’s on the table.

That's it for now. If you want to send me a question, click the Ask Bonnie symbol near the bottom of the right column.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,

I always enjoy these posts. Interesting questions as always and I love your answers.


Anonymous said...

The question as to finding someone with the interest of spanking, is just dating, finding the time approach the question. Even during sex, you could ask what turns you on. The best advise is to be open and to accept the answer given. Jack

Sage Blum said...

To the people looking to hook up. Google the name of your nearest city and Spanking club or spankos. It seems like every major city has a club and people come from nearby areas to their events. I've never been to one because my partner is vanilla and he would feel out of place there, and I don't want to go alone because I'm not looking to hook up with anyone. But people who do go to them seem to like them. Sometimes people also hook up through the Fetlife web site.

Hermione said...

"some random stick he found along the highway" could very well be a turn-on for some folks. Just saying, and will be on the lookout the next time we go on an outing.

As for finding a spanko partner, every city and town has spankos. When I was in an adult store in a large metropolitan area, I mentioned where I was from, and the clerk replied something to the effect of, "Oh, yes, we have a lot of customers there."


j.stern said...

Here are the eight facets of which I would compose your callipygous diamond portrait
(imagine 2 pyramids adjusted by their bases)

I lift my skirt to expose my bare cheeks
When it is over, I am humble and contrite
My thong panties provide zero protection
I display my glowing bottom in the corner
Punishment spankings are my #1 turn-on
He paddles me often & I totally deserve it
I am a bad girl who earns harsh discipline
Photos and videos document my discomfort
Would you wear it?

Sage Blum said...

Your poem of sayings by Bonnie is interesting, J Stern. It makes me think about how varied spankos are. Some people who are into punishment spankings say those spankings do not turn them on at all & that they're not a sexual thing for them--just a way to change certain habits or behaviors that they want to change. Other people who are into punishment or funishment spankings don't seem to have done anything in reality to seemingly deserve punishment, but they make something up because the idea of punishment turns them and/or their partner on.

Our whole society is pretty focused on punishment, so I guess it's inevitable that many spankos would be also. Not my thing, but to each their own way of life.

Erica Scott said...

Good grief. My answer would be: "When did you first know you have a small brain?'

Marie said...

Your patience in answering these, is impressive!

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