Sunday, March 31, 2024

Bend and Bare, Bon, Bend and Bare

These are words I know well. In the early years of this blog, I used to have a large tagline at the very bottom of the page that read, “Spankings Happen.” And so they did, and I am grateful that they still do. When I hear the title phrase, I know it’s time for another session with one of our favorite spanking paddles. What follows is a fulfillment of my spanko dreams.

On the weekends, Randy sometimes paddles me more than once in a day. He is delighted when I raise my skirt to reveal residual redness or marks on my bottom from a previous spanking. He always asks me if it hurts. If I tell him that it does, he kneads my exposed skin to draw out the last throbbing vestiges of my previous punishment before starting again. If I say it doesn’t, well that’s a challenge he is happy to accept. Either way, the paddle smacks repeatedly against my tender cheeks. And that always hurts. A lot.

He often secures me by grabbing the waistband of my thong with his left hand. This leaves his right hand free to wind up and deliver a full swing of the paddle. Of course, I can’t see much other than the floor at these moments, but I’ve studied his technique in the hundreds of videos we’ve watched together. He recently started assigning silly titles to the videos. Two of my favorites are “Bon Beating Bonanza” and “That Lesson She’ll Remember to Forget.”

In other news, it’s finally starting to warm up (weatherwise), so we’ve been playing in the basement more often. That’s where our spanking bench is located. I love the bench. It’s an exhilarating feeling to have my wrists and ankles bound with velcro straps. Even before the serious punishment begins, as I lay there with my bottom completely vulnerable, I know I am due for the full treatment. This anticipation is delicious. Then I receive all that I deserve.

After it’s finished and everything is cleaned up and stowed away, we head back upstairs. Each step I take along the way triggers additional posterior pain. It’s almost a bonus spanking. Randy was so enchanted by this phenomenon last time that he had me go back and walk up the steps again for the benefit of his camera.

Spankings are good at our house. Randy’s health issues remind us that everything in this life is temporary. Carpe Diem in this context means assume the position, and I do!


Mark said...

Carpe Diem indeed Bonnie. Thank you for your post!

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,
What a wonderful post! I hope more people read it. It didn't come up in my blogroll. The latest post showing there is the Wishing for Spring Edition. Another Blogger bug?


KDPierre said...

I found this post refreshingly .....'real'. Real in that it captured the essence of living this lifestyle in a way that unabashedly touched on the juicy elements of living this way without descending into an imaginative orgy of fantasy.

On a personal note, I found your description of follow-up spankings within a short timeframe interesting. You mentioned that you are likely to get a follow-up atop a pair of buns still tender from prior treatment and that it hurts. Hell yeah! LOL For me this is a VERY real reminder of my position since I find them to be sincerely horrible, and can't in any way 'enjoy' them in the way I can other spankings. They are pure, unpleasant punishment, AND Rosa (knowing a follow-up hurts more but still isn't going to kill or damage me) administers them just like she's spanking a fresh, pale bottom. (I have noticed, that since she is not a monster, that once she makes her point, she might .......might.....cut the follow-up a little short if I am clearly thrashing about and howling......which, as I said, is quite probable. But I attribute that to her loving me, and I in no way find that diminishes the effectiveness of the follow-up. Whereas I sometimes feel I could handle more on a single, initial spanking, I usually feel nothing but sincere gratitude when a follow-up is declared over,)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie, would you be prepared to post a pic or two of your spanking bench in a future blog please?

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Hi Bonnie,

Great post. Thanks for sharing the details about your feelings about the spankings, the anticipation, and the aftermath.

In the twenty years or so since we first started experimenting with spanking (all disciplinary in our case), we've never taken a video of one. I admit, I'm very curious about it; my curiosity centers mostly on our respective facial expressions. Maybe I need to talk to my wife about a spanking "bucket list."

The weather is warming up here too, though it's our springs are very unpredictable. 75 degrees one day and the real possibility of 12 inches of snow the next.

Bonnie said...

Mark - My pleasure!

Hermione - Thanks. Perhaps I discovered another new feature.

KD - We're all about real. I haven't the time, energy, or inclination to dream up something better, so I share what I have.

Randy derives great delight from administering follow-up spankings. He says he savors my squeaks and squirms throughout. Yeah, it definitely really hurts more, but if that deters him at all, I have yet to observe it.

Anon - Randy limits the pictures I can post on the blog. I'll see if I can find one on the internet that is similar to ours. Basically, it's a flat padded bench with four lower, adjustable padded platforms that support my forearms and calves. Velcro straps secure my wrists and ankles.

Dan - Thank and you're welcome. Randy has always taken photos, going back to Polaroid days. The videos (originally VHS tapes) made me nervous at first. Now, it's all digital and just another part of the spanking experience. Every so often, we have "movie night" where we watch our greatest hits.

Bonnie said...

Anon - I wrote about our spanking bench here.

Mark said...

Thanks very much Bonnie, the Anon was me... it did something funny as I published and it obviously didn't catch my name.

Thanks for the link to your 2022 Spanking Bench post. We share similar feelings about being restrained during a spanking. I'm not sure why but it is certainly much easier to take the spanking when well secured!

Your bench looks fun.

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