Saturday, November 18, 2023

A Blog About Spanking

During our weekly percussive instruction session, Randy reminded me that MBS is a spanking blog. He thinks I should be writing about my spankings. And he is only too willing to provide any necessary motivation.

So, let’s talk about spankings…

Before Covid, we had settled into a comfortable pattern – Scheduled spankings on Friday evening with occasional extra bottom warmings when the opportunity arrived. We both eagerly awaited Friday and Randy planned various special events for us.

In March 2020, we began working from home. Randy decided we should make some changes. He suggested that I start wearing skirts every day with a thong underneath. I was happy to comply. This was the beginning of our lunchtime paddlings. As part of our lunchtime together, I bend over the back of our couch with skirt lifted and target exposed. We kept a leather paddle in the drawer of a side table in our living room. It was just as accessible as my bare bottom.

This new dimension reawakened our spanking fun. A couple dozen quick pops changes my whole perspective. How great is it to go back to (virtual) work with a warm, stinging butt? I love it.

All was well until the summer of 2022. We managed to avoid Covid, but another health threat shook our world. Randy found himself exhausted by even minor exertion. The problem crept up on him over several months, but he fought through it until July when it affected his ability to work.

He consulted with a doctor, and another, and another. There were lots of tests. The third doctor diagnosed Randy as having a type of blood cancer. We were told it was “mostly treatable” with chemotherapy drugs. His age was a concern, but the fact that he was otherwise healthy gave the doctor cause for optimism.

We endured months of difficult treatment. Through it all, my spankings continued. But things were different. Randy insisted upon doing his part, even when he felt tired or sick or discouraged. He compensated for his physical deficits. When the situation called for a leather paddle, he used a wooden paddle. Wooden paddles were replaced with a Lexan paddle. He joked that I shouldn’t have to suffer because of his illness. He didn’t want me to feel neglected, and I didn’t. I never minded caring for him because I love being his wife and this life we’ve built together.

Even at the lowest point, my dear partner was able to singe my seat by flicking a crop. I recognized his dedication to me and our beloved kink. When the treatment concluded and he began to recover, he revived some of our favorite spanko traditions. For a couple of months, I wasn’t certain whether I could even hope that he was recovering. But he did improve. He became stronger and found more endurance in his daily activities. His hair mostly returned. He went back to work, part time initially. All the while, I fought the urge to rejoice. In the back of my mind was the possibility of a relapse.

I think I accepted that Randy was back on the day he led me downstairs and strapped me to our long-neglected spanking bench for a caning. He lit me up. I was so happy I cried, and that’s something I almost never do in that situation. I savored the resulting sting for the rest of the day and didn’t miss an opportunity to kiss him. I was so grateful to still have my life mate. He wasn’t ever really gone, but that didn’t prevent me from feeling joy at his return.

Our spankings now have a celebratory feel. We always knew this dance cannot last forever, but now we have a lot more insight into how that approaching storm will affect us. Every time I hoist my skirt and bend over the back of the couch, I do so with humble gratitude.

There is one emergency measure that remains in place. Randy replaced the nice warm stinging leather paddle in our side table drawer with an unforgiving wooden model that hurts a lot. It’s still there and used frequently. I’m not about to complain, but ow! (rubbing bottom)

We’ll continue with this new routine for the foreseeable future. Randy mentioned holiday spankings and I can’t wait!


wolfman7446 said...

It's great news that Randy is recovering and my sincere wishes that it continues. Happy holidays to you both!!

Anonymous said...

That was such a sweet recount of the recent journey, for both of you. I have to admit that I teared up a bit.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, heartfelt post Bonnie. I just love how you worked together to get through such a tough time.

So very glad to hear Randy is recovering so well. Sending positive thoughts for his continued recovery.


Mark said...

Yes, agree, lovely post Bonnie. You two have been through a tough time.

Hermione said...

Such a heartfelt post. I'm glad you two have gone through the darkness and come out the other side together.

Holiday spankings? How about holly attached to the handle of the paddle, or a little mistletoe on the thong.


Bonnie said...

Rick - Thank you. So far, so good.

Prefectdt - Aw, thanks.

Roz - Thank you. My post breezed through what was a difficult year filled with uncertainty. There was a lot more going on beside spankings, but those are the most fun to share. We spent a lot of time together and I think this experience brought us closer. Thank you for your support.

Mark - Yes, that's true, but hopefully we are in the clear for a while.

Hermione - Thank you. Elves who leave their tools around Santa's workshop get their little green skirts flipped.

Indy said...

Thanks for sharing this very touching post, Bonnie. I'm so glad that Randy has recovered and that you are both able to take such joy in this manifestation of his recovery!

Chronic Excessive Manliness said...

Wish you would consider activating the "Follow" icon so people could subscribe to and follow your blog.

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