Monday, October 30, 2023

Old School Video

I mentioned that Randy had a leave of absence from work while he was recovering from his illness. Even when ailing, this guy isn't one to sit around and do nothing. He had projects because of course he had projects. One in particular appealed to me.

Randy has always memorialized as many spankings as possible. Originally, he used a Polaroid camera to help us remember how red my bottom was. This solution was workable and private, but it was expensive and the photos faded with time. When digital cameras became available, Randy jumped at the opportunity. Suddenly, there were dozens of pictures to chronicle each punishment. Randy eagerly scanned our old Polaroids to preserve those images.

In the late eighties, we bought an early camcorder, ostensibly to capture our daughter's childhood adventures. Randy soon found another use. The results were often disappointing, but he was able to record actual spankings as they happened rather just the results. Ever the geek, Randy later bought one of the first-generation digital video cameras and found much better results. Those old VHS tapes spent the next twenty years in a box, until Randy decided to digitize their content.

He spent days moving data from the tapes to his computer, converting analog to digital video, scrubbing the images, and curating the sessions. It was a mess. He had no editing capabilities in those days so sessions were sometimes recorded on top of one another. Others were too distorted to restore. Finally, he told me he was ready for movie night.

Movie night at our house is when we screen our spanking videos. In most cases, I haven't seen the videos beforehand. I knew this movie night was different. I probably saw those old tapes, but I had only fuzzy memories.

Here's what I learned from our long-ago spanking videos:
  • My fuzzy memories are attributable to more than just the passage of time. The overall video quality was poor - grainy, blurry, and choppy. The sound was often unintelligible.

  • I used to worry about my privates being exposed. That concern was misplaced. It's difficult enough to make out my butt, and it's huge.

  • I looked shapely in those days, curvy and smooth. Randy looked incredibly hot as the cruel spanker.

  • I have a better appreciation for the equipment Randy acquired since then - tripods, microphones, lights, not to mention the HD digital cameras. Back in the early days, we had a camcorder sitting on the dresser propped up by a book, and it showed.

  • It was funny to see our daughter's stuffed animal visible in our spanking video.

  • OMG, he spanked me so hard! I must have been a bad girl. In video after video, he really punished my bottom. With a bathbrush! These spankings were more severe than anything we do today, and with no real warm up. We had no leather toys, just unforgiving wood. Ouch! This was a revelation for me.

  • I was more stoic in those days. My dear husband abused my bare skin and it hurt incredibly. But my reaction was just a few muted squeaks. I kicked a few times, but stopped after he smacked my thighs.

  • The sound quality was lousy, but I think I heard him call me a MILF. That made me laugh. I couldn't make out much of his dialog, but I really liked Randy's tone when he lectured as he spanked.

  • I was surprised that I wore a thong in several spanking sessions. I forgot that tradition started so early.

  • I'm glad Randy provided this glimpse into our spanking history. I felt grateful for him sticking with me through all years and delivering what I need.
Randy is delighted to have his entire collection unified for the first time. I told him I hoped he had that backed up.

This was a fun spanko adventure and a very enlightening one too.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bonnie! It's sooo great to see you post again :)

What a fun movie night and how interesting to watch old spankings and see what has/hasn't changed over the years. I always thought I wouldn't want to see myself being spanked. I dò love seeing photos though, which we occassionally take.


Prefectdt said...

It must be nice to have those memories of spankings gone bye, to look back on :)


Bonnie said...

Roz - Yes, these videos caused me to re-examine some of my own recollections. That was fun and eye opening.

Pictures capture the result, but videos show us how it happened. I used to not like the videos, but I've come to appreciate how they tell the story.

Prefectdt - It's especially fun when the video evidence confirms or contradicts our memories. In a few cases, we need to rewrite our personal spanko history.

Hermione said...

What a creative husband you have. Walks down memory lane with him must be so rewarding.
We have tried to watch some well-loved commercially made VHS videos, but the quality is so poor now on the modern tv set, we have given up.


Bonnie said...

Hermione - I like those walks along memory lane, but the benches along the way are really hard. Had this content been anything else, we wouldn't have watched either.

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