Thursday, May 20, 2021

Wedgie Fit Jeans

Do you remember butt crack leggings? Well it seems that Levi Straus and Company have joined the party. They are now offering Wedgie Fit Jeans. Yep, it's just what it sounds like - Pants designed to ride up in back. Speaking as a woman who has spent decades struggling to discreetly unwedgie myself from standard jeans, it's hard to believe that's really their marketing scheme. But as with the butt crack leggings, there must be a market.

Here's the pitch:
Let there be no doubt whatsoever, it's all about the butt.

Speaking of which, such an innovative product doesn't escape my dear Randy's gaze for long. He thinks I need several pairs in different hues (I presume so that he can wear out the seat). But what's the point when practically every pair of pants I own ends up there as soon as I bend over? Besides, none of those models are shaped like me.

So what do you think, spanko friends? Are Wedgie Fit Jeans sexy, shocking, sucky, silly, or spankafreakingtastic?


Dave Wolfe said...

Well, Bonnie, my flabber was gasted when the thong became so puzzlingly popular. I don't know that a special and probably uncomfortable "wedgie fit" is necessary, when there are any number of jeans that beautifully augment the delightful distaff derriere!

Rich Person said...

I think they are wonderfully sexy, but not especially cost-effective, since the main point of jeans from the spanker's POV is how quickly they can be removed.

As one wag put it about nightgowns, "I judge them by how they look as they sail across the room."

However, maybe you could test a pair or two and see how the paddle feels on them. Just for science, of course.

Fondles said...

The word "wedgie" already makes me terribly uncomfortable. I can't imagine going out and paying good money for jeans that actually DO give you one. No thanks. I vote nay.

Hermione said...

They look so uncomfortable, I think they are just a gimmick. They remind me of the silly ideas that come onto Shark Tank, only to be ridiculed by Mr. Wonderful.


Roz said...

I agree, a gimmick, no thanks from me. I also agree there are plenty other styles that accenuate the butt nicely.


Bernie said...

Was this supposed to have been published on April 1st?

Erica Scott said...

Oh, HELL no!

Bonnie said...

Wolfie - I'm actually a convert to the thong throng. If one can find the right size, style, and material, they can be very comfortable. Now these wedgie fit jeans are a whole different animal. I have to imagine that becoming accustomed to that feeling would be more difficult.

RP - My husband has a different perspective. He likes to savor every element of a spanking. If I am wearing jeans (which is less frequent these days), he enjoys the tactile sensation of surveying my curves by running his fingers over the fabric. He likes the sounds made by the impact of various implements as they strike against my clothed, semi-clothed, and ultimately unclothed posterior. Each stage becomes a new unveiling with additional delights for both of us to experience.

Randy often buys me clothing to model for him or gives me money and sends me out to find a particular item. I am happy to oblige because these modeling sessions always end in a very positive way.

As I mentioned, Randy wants me to buy and wear wedgie fit jeans. I have my doubts whether they make any that fit my mature pear-shaped body. All of the models on the Levi's site looked young and lean. But I promised to investigate further, in the name of science of course.

Fondles - Yeah, that was my first reaction too. An all-day wedgie? Really? Who wants that?

On the other hand, there's no doubt that this look is attractive to lots of men (and especially spankos). The question is how much foolishness and discomfort are we willing to tolerate to look good? Given the popularity of heels and push up bras, I'd say quite a bit.

Hermione - It's an interesting marketing approach when we consider that probably 98% of women would define a wedgie as a bad thing to be avoided. Perhaps they are aiming at Gen Z-ers who don't know or don't care. Then again, as Wolfie observes, thongs weren't popular until they were. So who knows?

Roz - That's very true, but most of those other styles don't outright claim to make your butt look hot.

Bernie - Nope. I can't make this stuff up. Check out the link if you still doubt that these jeans are real. There are women out there today happily walking around with all-day wedgies. And they so wanted those wedgies that they paid $98 a pair!

Erica - Ha! I'd love to be in the Levi's corporate marketing boardroom when some junior product concept analyst says, "What if we create a line of jeans that are designed to ride so far up a woman's crack that she'll walk funny?" At that, the big bellied male marketing executive leans forward, grins, and says, "I'm intrigued. Tell me more..."

ozarkshillbilyhippie said...

I was remembering the strech jeans of the past too tight and they hurt your back although I loved the look I would not want a girl to suffer needlessly for my pleasure so I hope these do not fit too snugly as to damage a very rental feline part onto I love to play with

Bonnie said...

OHBH - The secret to stretch jeans is finding the right size. Ideally, the material will be taut all over, but not constricting anywhere. For women like me who have a low waist:hip ratio, that perfect fit can be elusive. But when everything is right, these jeans can feel like a warm all-day embrace.

Rich Person said...

I'm looking forward to your research results. You and Randy are probably the perfect scientists to test this. I'm expecting sexy graphics, when the research is finished, with lots of data points.

Bonnie said...

RP - After reviewing the size chart, I think I can make this work. I will order the size that is likely to fit my hips and then draw in the waist with a belt. As long as I wear a top that covers my midsection, the fit should be good enough for the requested test. Stay tuned.

Rich Person said...

Maybe you can put this up as your profile picture, too. Just for comparison. We are data-driven, here.

Dale said...

On the right bottom...definitely.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... It looks to me like the "wedgie" jeans are designed to make women who don't have much shape to their rear ends look as if they do. If your profile photo is of you, I don't think you need anything other than something that fits.

Bonnie said...

RP - Unfortunately, I couldn't find a pair that fits my pear-shaped body. And I'm not going to pay $98 for pants that don't fit.

Dale - Thanks for answering our question.

Anon - I think that's truw because all of the models are slender young women. Even when I was that age, they probably wouldn't have fit me. I got shape. :)

Rich Person said...

Well, you made a valiant effort. You should be rewarded for that!

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