Monday, November 23, 2020

Keyword Chaos: Turkey Day Edition

Here are some of the search terms used to find this blog along with our comments and observations.
  • adult toy spanking – If you break my vibrator, so help me…

  • butt buster spanking paddle – Is there any other kind?

  • charity spanking – I’d take a spanking for the right cause

  • cheerleader team paddled – Coach didn’t like our Kevlar shorts

  • chross is – A popular spanko blogger

  • cincinnati panties – Spaghetti? What? Why?

  • cyber spanking – Hack my butt

  • disney spanking – Even princesses learn hard lessons

  • domestic discipline blues – Her HoH doesn’t spank

  • embracing spanking – Life will never be quite the same

  • enjoyable spanking – Spread the warmth

  • every day and twice on sunday – Where’s my pillow?

  • field of screams – If you tease them, they will spank

  • halloween spanking stories – Beware the haunted hairbrush

  • how long spanking – As long as it takes

  • legs up spank – The dreaded diaper position always hurts more than you expect

  • making spanko magic – Expankiomous!

  • oh my acheing ass – This incantation is spoken while rubbing

  • preparing for spanking – Lift that skirt and bend over

  • radspaces realtors – So are you guys lost or what?

  • recreational spanking – Is that really why it's called Cornhole?

  • red bottom special – Favorite lost bluegrass classic

  • scheduled spankings – I love a man who is organized

  • severe spanking marks – Sometimes it's the price of a memorable evening

  • sit spot spanking – You’ll feel that one later

  • sitting after spanking – Ah, those little reminders

  • soft spanking – Why would anyone want that?

  • spank your bottom – No, you spank your bottom

  • spanked and embarrassed – Red at both ends

  • spankflix – Our new favorite streaming service

  • spanking 2100 – Virtual reality spankings that actually hurt

  • spanking dress – Little handles on the hem make it easy to lift

  • spanking experiment – But Honey, it’s the scientific method

  • spanking game show – The new kinky version of Password is called Safeword

  • spanking hermione – That’s Ron’s job

  • spanking near me – Did you just search for a spanking on Google Maps?

  • spanking position – Dorm mother wanted, light cleaning, occasional corporal punishment

  • spanking robot story – The wonders of automation

  • spanking salon – I need a haircut, color, and posterior blush

  • straddling the keg spanking – Roll out the barrel

  • this will hurt me more than it does you – Bullshit

  • two wooden spoons – One for mixing and one for beating

  • what is a spanko – If you are reading here, YOU are a spanko

  • why am I not getting spanked – Reply hazy, try again

  • you may spank it once meme – What’s the point?

That's all for this time. Keep searching and stay safe, everyone!


Roz said...

LoL Bonnie, always enjoy your keyword posts and your comments are priceless. I think making spanko magic is my favourite lol


Erica Scott said...

I have read, and I have laughed out loud. Thanks, Bonnie!

Minielle Labraun said...

Spanking Magic and Spankfix are my favs! Lol thanks Bonnie!

Hermione said...

Haunted hairbrush - LOL! Thanks forthe chuckles.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious as always.


Bonnie said...

Roz - What's better than a spanko spell? :)

Erica - Thank you for stopping by!

Minielle - 24 hour streaming spankings - There could be a market for that.

Hermione - No doubt crafted from the twisted wood of the phantom tree...

Liza - Thank you!

morningstar said...

love love love! when you post these - the 'this is going to hurt me more' one made me really laugh! anyone who says that LIES! (glances over at Sir Steve - grinning)

Bonnie said...

MS - Thank you! I completely agree.

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