Sunday, February 09, 2020

Things About Thongs

Our friend, Dev, recently mentioned a topic that reminded of a post that I composed in my mind, but never actually created. That topic is spankers who feel extra motivation to spank women who wear thongs. I happen to be married to one.

Randy has always been oddly obsessed with the state of my underwear drawer and what I’m wearing beneath my skirt. He buys me new panties almost as fast as I can wear them. The styles range from pink lace nylon granny briefs to practical cotton high cuts to sexy red bikinis. To his delight and arousal, I wear them all. We have a little ritual where I will model his latest acquisitions, generally ending with a fun spanking and more. I appreciate his attention.

I also wear thongs. We established ages ago that wearing a thong means a spanking for me, and usually a fairly hard one. After hundreds of iterations, I know this game very well. When I crave some posterior encouragement, slipping on a thong is a fast track means to make it happen.

Randy knows too. Occasionally, he hides the usual contents of my underwear drawer and replaces them with a dozen or so new thongs. As I lie across his lap and accept the inevitable consequences, he tells me, “Those look amazing on you. I think you should start wearing them every day.” Hoo boy.

Truth be known, I don’t hate thongs. I used to complain about wearing them until I found the correct style and size. In that part of the world, I need soft material with no abrasive edges. The waistband should rest at my natural waist and the fit should be snug, but not tight. When they are right, thongs can be so comfortable that I forget about them, at least until he gets out the paddle.

A reader asked me whether I feel humiliated by having to wear a thong. My answer is no. First, I’m not forced to wear anything. I choose my clothing with a full understanding of the implications. And I don’t feel humiliated. I’ve worked for years to find peace with my curvy body. I don’t mind showing it off for Randy because he loves how I look and often tells me so.

A better question is why so many guys are fascinated by this simple strip of cloth. I don’t know the answer, but I imagine someone will explain it to me. While we’re asking, what is it about a thong that makes guys think that the wearer needs to be spanked? I understand that the bottom is fully exposed, but even a completely naked bottom doesn’t seem to have this same effect. Does the presence of a thong convey something about the wearer?

I have a theory, but it may only apply to my man. I think that Randy likes me to be complicit in my own spankings. When I play a role, whether putting on a forbidden thong or fetching an implement, it signifies not only my agreement, but also my active participation. So I am at least partly responsible for the punishments I receive and the pain I feel. Collaboration is a different headspace than simple compliance.

So what do you think? Why do guys think thongs are different from other panties? What, for a spanko, makes them different?


morningstar said...

I don't know what it is about thongs... Sir Steve loves them -- but we have an agreement that I don't have to wear them cause they are just toooo uncomfortable. BUT now reading your post about how you found comfy ones..... mmmmmm.. makes me wonder ... where do you buy yours?? brand name???

I'd kinda like to please my man - and who knows maybe up my spanking quota :)

Roz said...

Hi Bonnie, I'm not a thong fan, interestingly, Rick isn't either. He enjoys 'unwrapping' lol and thongs, of course, leave the target exposed from the get go.

I found your comments on comfort interesting too, I always thought they would be uncomfortable.


Rich Person said...

This might be a little overly frank, but I think part of the attraction of a thong is that it emphasizes the exact part of the panty that makes contact with the woman's sexual region. That makes a thong more sexual than common panties. It reminds both the observer and the wearer of the feel of rubbing that region. It may also mean that, when the woman moves, that region is more stimulated by the material. The thong also means that more of the buttocks is exposed and will rub against any outer fabric, like slacks or skirts, which can stimulate the appropriate area.

So, I think the appeal is tactile. Of course, women wearing thongs also show more of their underlying body through whatever outerwear they have. So, the appeal can be visual, as well.

But the main thing is that you like them. I always find it attractive when my partner is doing something they like. It's the smile.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

I think that being partially clothed is more enticing than being fully naked. That tiny strip of cloth is accentuating the bared area, making it more alluring.


Michael M said...

My wife wears thongs on special occasions. She likes me to present for my punishments wearing a thong. She may or not take these off my bottom because she likes to see my bottom but not my bits.

Bonnie said...

MS - I think comfort comes down to style, material, and size. Thongs are not what they used to be. If you haven't tried recently, it might be a good time for a second look.

I favor a higher waisted style that rests at my natural waist. On my curvy body, the more common low slung styles tend to ride up and become too tight through the crotch.

Older style thongs were often made from unforgiving fabrics like 100% nylon. A better thong is designed to stretch and move with the wearer. No picking or tugging is required.

It's important to get the waist size right, but essential to get the crotch length right. Unfortunately, panties aren't sold that way. So some experimentation may be required. Start with your regular panty size, but you may need to move up or down. Too short means too tight. Too long results in a odd, floppy sort of fit. Go with the pair that feels right.

So what am I wearing right now? ThirdLove. And their bras are great too. But your mileage may vary.

Roz - Well, yeah, there is that whole up the crack thing. Haven't we spent most of our adult lives yanking rogue panties out of there? However, if you can accept that this arrangement might have some benefits, it simply becomes a question of finding a comfortable solution.

From a different perspective, if you just wear a thong for fun time, maybe it doesn't have to be that comfortable because it won't stay on very long! :)

RP - Ideally, there isn't any rubbing. Rubbing causes irritation and that's a problem. A modern thong is stretchy and moves as the wearer does.

My husband agrees with you about the tactile and visual attraction. I giggle when I see ads for thongs that claim "No Panty Lines!" Of course there are panty lines. They're just in a different place.

Hermione - Randy talks about how a thong frames my target. There's no question he likes that.

Michael - If it works for you, then go for it.

Erica Scott said...

I'm not sure why so many spanko tops don't like thongs and think wearing them is a punishable offense. I mean, I get that you're nearly naked; maybe that's it. For that reason, John likes them! He doesn't like briefs; calls them "big underwear." Which is fine by me, since I don't like them either.

My favorite panty style is cheekies and tangas. I do wear thongs on occasion, but for purely practical reasons. When you're wearing a tight dress or tight pants and you don't want the lines and bulges of panties underneath, nothing but a thong will do. And it doesn't have to be an uncomfortable g-string.

Bonnie said...

Erica - You make a good point. I hold secrets, but the fact that I wear underwear everyday is not one of them. However, there are times when I want that smooth look, especially beneath light summer clothes.

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