Monday, February 17, 2020

Beloved Spanking Cartoons

When I was a girl, I watched lots of spankings on television, especially in cartoons. These animated features definitely fed my adolescent spanko fantasies.

Flintstones Paddling

Here's a mainstream show that I remember watching as a kid. I was positively fascinated. The paddling occurs at 17:30. In the final scene, the wives assess what's happened as they rub their bruised bottoms. Wilma declares that they deserved everything they got and Betty agrees.

Disney's Three Little Pigs

A spanking machine? My young imagination ran wild.

Tom and Jerry

I think the Tom and Jerry cartoons had more spankings that any other series. Here's a great example.

Little Lulu

Little Lulu literally gets spanked every day. She seems resigned to this fate. The content and characterizations in this 1940s cartoon are objectionable on several levels, but it's one that I recall watching.

Warner Brothers

And let's not forget the best cartoons of all.

These cartoons didn't make me a spanko, but they definitely fueled my early desires.


Roz said...

Hi Bonnie,

These areca great blast from the past. The cartoons of the day certainly contained their share of spankings and I too used to lap them up lol. Thank you for sharing :)


Hermione said...

I remember those cartoons very well. Little Lulu got spanked a lot in comic books too. Thanks for the memories.


PK said...

Thanks for the wonderful memories! These are wonderful!

kdpierre said...

That Flintstones one used to make me giddy as a boy. I remember it distinctly!

Rich Person said...

We just saw that Flintstones cartoon on the TV, and I'm sure I saw it as a kid. It was interesting watching it as an adult with far more experience with adult activities. What's also interesting is that Wilma and Betty (spoiler alert) cross-dressed to get into the lodge. That is actually the second Flintstones cartoon I saw in the last week with cross-dressing. (The other one had Fred dress as a woman to win a great cave-keeper contest.) Perhaps cartoonists are just kinkier than the average artist.

Bonnie said...

Roz - I recall watching TV and just hoping there would be a spanking scene in whatever show was on. When one appeared, I sat motionless and tried to memorize all of the details so I could play them back in my mind later.

Hermione - I considered omitting Little Lulu from this post for obvious reasons, but those cartoons made a strong impression on me.

PK - You're very welcome!

KD - Me too, though I think I saw it only once until years later.

RP - Maybe so. Bugs Bunny cross-dressed often. Interestingly, the Hanna-Barbara team who were responsible for Tom and Jerry also created the Flintstones.

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