Sunday, February 03, 2019

Where Are They Now?

Hello again, friends.  As we cruise through this final year of another decade, I find myself in a retrospective frame of mind.  I often wonder about the hundreds of beloved spanko bloggers, skilled content creators, brilliant models, and fascinating personalities who flashed across our night sky.  How have their lives changed since they departed?  Are spankings still part of their days?  Do they miss being a part of our community?  What wise advice can they share with today?

So what if we turn Love Our Lurkers sideways?  What if we invite our former colleagues to provide a brief update?  Let's try...

If you were a spanko blogger, content creator, spanking model, or personality, but chose to leave this role, your fans and friends would love to hear how you're doing and what your life (kink or vanilla) is like today.

I invite you to leave a comment below or send me an e-mail.  Either way, I will compile and publish your responses.

I have no idea how well this idea will work, but I'm eager to catch up with lost friends.


Gustofur said...

Great idea.

Meredith said...

That is an excellent idea, I would love to hear from Sara and Christina.

Roz said...

Hi Bonnie,

I Love this idea!I often wonder about old bloggers. I myself haven't posted since forever, mainly due to the fact we haven't practiced ttwd on any consistent basis for some time now, apart from the odd spanking in play. I do still read and comment though.


Lindy Thomas said...

Great idea Bonnie. I have been wondering where some of the old bloggers have disappeared to and if they are alright. Hope you get plenty of responses.

Hermione said...

Hi BOnnie,

I love this idea. there are so many bloggers out there who have vanished from the interwebs. Just take a look at a ten-year-old post and see how many commenters no longer blog.
I hope this idea works. I'll be very interested in seeing the results.


Tomy Nash said...

My blog, called Tomy's wife, mainly covered my extraordinary life with Aunt Kay before she passed away this year; on April 2 if you want to light a candle with me.

She wished for me to continue to experience DD. But I have very mixed feelings about it. So I'm not sure I'll find the motivation to post anything on that blog or what anyone would want to read anyway.

But I'll take this opportunity to share the instructions she gave to me at the end:

Live every day to the fullest
Have no regrets
Help others as much as possible
Say "yes" to opportunities offered


PK said...

There are so many I'd love to hear from again. But I have a feeling they no longer read here in the land. I have a handful I still keep up with but there are so many that have simply vanished.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea -- even for us newbies. There are so many blogs I have found out there that sadly seem to be frozen in time. They still hold nuggets of wisdom and helps -- but I'd love to know where some of those writers are now.

lawyer said...

I miss the blogs of ServingB and MissMarie. I always looked forward to what they had to share.

King Marshal said...

After retiring from the scene I placed my blog on hold. But I'm back under DAddyCat, and ill be posting again @

EsMay said...

I would love to hear from some of the earlier bloggers. I loved soo many of their blogs and getting to know them. Dozens of friends, gone. Some I connected with so much. But I hope they're happy, whatever is going on with them.

ronnie said...

Bonnie, I like your idea. I hope we do hear from some of them.


Katie said...

What a great idea, Bonnie! :) I hope that you get some replies here. There are so many from years before that would be fun to hear from. Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

abby said...

Abby here. of those 'disappearers'...something I thought I would never do. Life was piling a lot of stuff on me...including health problems..I have missed you all...and have kept up with your blogs....this is my first step to fully returning to blog land...I am working on a post in my head. And yes. M and I are still good...we did go about 6 weeks with no spankings...we are back to maintenance...and even a super bowl bet. Thanks for the opportunity to check in...and say hello to everyone ...

Wilma Rubble said...

Abby so wonderful to see you! Can't wait to read your post .

abby said...


Wilma Rubble said...

I'm still in touch with about half a dozen bloggers that are not longer, I shall shake a few trees and see if anyone will come back. Though I highly doubt many will return as they left for a reason, but even if one does that would be great!

Perhaps others could try with their friends too?


Katie said...

Hi Abby! :) It's SO good to hear from you!! Happy to hear that all is well with you, and Master too. Sorry to hear that you had some health issues though. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future! Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

abby said...

HELP, please...I can not find the create an entry (?)...think that is what it is supposed to be...on my blog. I hit the down arrow and that option is not there and I cannot find it any place I have to create a whole new site? Thanks abby

Bonnie said...

Gust - Thanks. I'm pleased with the response so far.

Meredith - Me too.

Roz - You're always welcome here.

Lindy - So far, so good.

Hermione - That was very much the inspiration for this post.

Tomy - My condolences on your loss. Your absence from blogging is quite understandable. However, should you choose to return, you would be welcomed back to our community.

Thank you for sharing those words of wisdom! It's an important reminder for all of us.

PK - Perhaps we need a phase two of this effort where we all solicit our departed friends to reappear, if only for a day. There are so many who I'd love to hear from again.

Shell - Yes, exactly. All of us bloggers have influences and inspirations. I would be amazing to hear from them again.

Lawyer - Yes, I remember them!

EsMay - I too hope they're happy.

Ronnie - Thanks. Me too.

Katie - Yes, I agree.

Abby - Wow. Hi and welcome! It's great to hear from you. I'm glad things are going well. We would love to have you return.

Willie - I agree! That's exactly what I was thinking. It would be fantastic if we could get a few more of these friends to check in. Perhaps if we work together...

Katie - Yes, we would love to hear more from Abby.

Abby - Uh oh. You should not have to create a whole new blog. After you log into Blogger, it should take you to a main page. Near the top of the page, there should be an orange box with white lettering that reads, "New Post". That's how I do it. If you are still lost, please feel free to write me.

Susie said...

Hi Bonnie! A friend shook my tree and sent me over. I don't read or write and my blog is long done but we are well. TTWD had a specific purpose in our marriage and still does but life, family and careers that include a lot of travel threw us into some deeper learning curves. Our desire these days is to experience unity, oneness and an authentic love for each other that I don't think would have happened without the traditional Dd we started and wrote about long ago. Nothing traditional about it anymore and I don't mean for that to sound cryptic but there's no easy way to describe who we've become in a quick paragraph. To everyone who is finding their way and having a rough time, keep at it! I promise that it's worth all the work.

Journey of Life and Love said...

Hi Bonnie, and what a fantastic idea. However, like Wilma said many of the early bloggers left for a reason. I miss Stormy,Cat and Sara and wish them well, hope they are happy. They made me feel like I wasn't alone at a time when I felt very isolated. Miss them dearly.

Anonymous said...

I was known as Carly, from Brambleberry Blush, years ago. I quit blogging about spanking when I realized it was taking over our lives. Ben and I continue to be madly in love, married over 40 years! I check here every few months and saw this today, so of course, I had to say hello, especially to Ronnie and Hermoine.

Katie said...

So nice to hear from Susie!! Happy that all is well with her and her MM! Such fond memories of those early years of blogging! She and Lillie will always be special to me. I'll always be grateful for their friendship, and support long ago, when I first came upon Blogland. I miss them!

Thanks again for the great idea, Bonnie! Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

Terryg said...

WOW,that's a great idea, often wondered what happened to Sarah Woodley, she had the most expressive face she was being spanked, I love to watch her, if I had one wish it would be a chance to spank that gorgeous ass!!

ronnie said...

Good to see some of our friends pop up.

Carly, lovely to hear from you. I often think about you. Happy to hear all's well with you both.


Bonnie said...

Susie! - Wow. Hi! Great to hear that you and MM have found your own unique path. Thank you for your great adive and for joining our mini-reunion.

Mignon - Yes, I miss all of those wonderful people as well. That was the motivation for this post. I thought a few might turn up up and to my delight, they did.

Carly - Hello! I remember your blog with fondness. It's so good to hear things are going well. You're always welcome here.

Katie - Yes, it certainly is very nice. I think of so many bloggers as our friends and neighbors. It makes me sad when they disappear, but I'm elated to see them again.

Terry - Do you mean Samantha Woodley? She may have moved on with her life, but I have no doubt that her films will around for many years.

Terryg said...

Oh course, sorry I don't know how I made that mistake, yep I love that pouty face!!and her ass was pretty fantastic as well

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie. I have no clue what made me look here today. A trip down memory lane with some of these names. I do miss this community even though I don’t blog anymore.
Dee here from DeeforDesire.
Still getting spanked. Still not as often as I’d like :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you’re all well Susie :)
Dee x

Grace/Lilli said...

Once upon a time in the land of blog
There once was a girl who could be considered a bit odd
Enjoying the Journey was the first blog she wrote, though I suppose it wasn’t her last blog of note
Michael & Grace, their stories she shared,
And then on to Lilli & Nash, their tales she aired
So much has happened since she left the ‘land,
Sometimes she fancies writing again & wonders if it would be quite grand
But then she thinks...she hasn’t even kept up with all her friends
She wonders how they are, where their journey has taken them, all the twists and bends
Thoughts of writing and catching up with old pals, though tempting indeed
Well, it doesn’t seem all that likely, when she hasn’t even found the time to come read
The journey she shared about ttwd...
Her life is quite different now, just between me and you
It’s not that it’s something that’s completely disappeared,
But almost at times, and that still feels a bit weird
Life is busy and fun and can be so complex
I hope you all know I miss you and hope you are well, wherever this adventure takes you next

xo - Grace/Lilli

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