Sunday, April 22, 2018

Slide Night

Two posts on consecutive days - How about that?

Some of you may remember a mid-century tradition where family and friends would gather in a darkened living room or den to view still photographs projected on the wall. Using a borrowed slide projector, Dad would present and narrate a collection of pictures that captured family vacations, school events, milestone moments, and holiday dinners. By today’s standards, this was primitive and boring entertainment, but for us, it was a lot more fun than another evening of black and white network television.

On Friday, Randy and I resuscitated the ancient tradition of Slide Night, with a spanko twist. Our Friday night celebration began with me getting a bare bottom spanking. At Randy’s suggestion, I stripped down to my T-shirt and thong. Fortunately, it’s finally a little warmer around here and my dearth of clothing wasn’t an issue. We settled in the living room where I took my familiar position over his lap on the couch. He selected a favorite leather paddle for the festivities. My spanking was dreamy with just the right amount of sting. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

When he was finished paddling and rubbing my bottom, we settled in on the couch. Randy used his laptop to cast a slideshow onto our big television. We’d done this before for streaming movies, but this slideshow was new territory. I quickly deduced that I was to be the star of the show. Over the past forty years, Randy has taken thousands of photographs of me. Specifically, most are pictures of my well spanked bottom in every imaginable position and state of undress. He has collected, captioned, and curated these photos as a catalog of our happy spanking memories. On this night, we took a sore bottomed stroll down memory lane. The dialog that follows represents transcribed highlights from the ensuing discussion.

R: Remember this one, Bon?

B: How could I possibly…? It’s another picture of my butt.

R: Well, that was the first time we tried the Vermont Country Store bath brush.

B: Holy %#@&! No wonder I was marked. That thing is pure evil.

R: Yes, but we had a good time with it.

B: Sometimes my idea of a good time and yours are different.

R: How about this one? I have very fond memories of you wearing those purple bikini panties.

B: It looks old. Was that a Polaroid you scanned?

R: Very good. This was one of the first times I spanked you really hard with the sorority paddle. Back then, I wasn’t sure how much you wanted and how much you could take. I underestimated you on both counts.

B: Those were happy times. I remember telling you that I wasn’t made of glass.

R: This one is more recent.

B: Yeah, I can see the spanking bench.

R: Good eye. It was actually our first time with the bench.

B: I fell in love immediately. There’s just something wonderful about being strapped down for a spanking.

B: What on Earth did you do to my bottom here?

R: This is another old one. Do you remember that old blue plastic bathbrush? You got about a hundred hard swats from it that day.

B: Yikes! That looks so ouchie. I wonder what I did to deserve that.

R: I think you asked for it.

B: Oooh.

R: And here’s one from the naughty cheerleader series.

B: Naughty cheerleaders always get spanked.

R: Yes, they do.

B: That picture looks downright pornographic. I don't like it.

R: You were so sweet and lovely that day.

B: Next time I'm sweet and lovely, let's point the camera at the other end, all right?

B: Now this looks like the results of a caning.

R: Right. I love seeing you standing in the corner with your stripes on display.

B: Not especially my thing, but whatever. I’d actually rather you caress me afterward.

R: I don’t have many photos of that part because my hands were full.

B: Just as well.

R: This picture is one of my all time favorites. Look how the red peeks out from the bottom of your short shorts.

B: The reason the red peeks out is because you spanked my thighs. Meanie!

R: You love it.

B: That is totally beside the point. Let’s move on.

B: So what’s going on here?

R: I thought you looked beautiful that day so I took your picture.

B: When was this one taken?

R: That was when [adult daughter] was a baby.

B: I just remembered why I work out. I look mighty wide there.

R: You know that I adore your curves.

B: I believe you said that once or twice.

R: Here’s a summer bathing suit spanking.

B: That suit wasn’t designed as a thong back, you know.

R: Yeah, but taking off that one-piece would have been a lot more effort.

B: ...And we certainly wouldn’t want an inefficient spanking.

R: Sometimes you just need the paddle and it can’t wait.

B: So this is about my needs? Or is it about what you think I need?

R: Okay, maybe it’s that second one.

B: Just as I thought.

This happy show-and-tell banter continued for more than an hour. I didn’t recall seeing many of the pictures previously. After a while, punished bottoms start to all look alike to me, even with his witty backstories. So we decided to stop for the evening. Randy felt it was appropriate, in the spirit of the occasion, to spank me again. So I clambered across his lap a second time and gratefully accepted all the percussive love he promised. He was dismayed that my bottom had shed the color he deposited during the previous session, but quickly remedied any deficiency. When satisfied with his artwork, he tossed the small paddle onto a side table. Kissing and touching ensued. Spankings are still the very best sort of foreplay for us.

Randy says that he has plenty more “slides” so there’s a good chance we’ll hold this event again soon.


Roz said...

Hi Bonnie,

Wow, this sounds like a wonderful way to spend the evening, and a nice trip down memory lane :) Love the banter between you :) Rick has taken the odd photo of me, but that's about it.


NoraJean said...

That sounds like a slide show like no other, Bonnie! Quite the trip down memory lane. It's amazing that Ron has taken all those pictures. I remember Frank doing that way back in our early days (with a Polaroid :)) but they didn't last long as we were always so worried about discovery. Now I'm not sure I'd want any pictures taken :)) The dialogue made the show ... such fun! ... nj

Eric51 Amy49 said...

Oh Bonnie, I've been totally walking down memory lane myself this weekend. What a fun slide show for you two. I'm going to have to make sure we take more pictures. This is something we can look forward to once Eric is home more. :)

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

What a wonderful way to spend an evening. We don't have any pictures of me, and I think it's just as well! I remember slide projectors. A friend used to regale us with pictures of his travels all over the world, and at least one slide was upside down each time.


Domhnall the Second said...

Perfect. What a fun way to experience an intimate evening together. Thank you for sharing.

Fondles said...

oh that sounds simply wonderful! whoopie! and two spankings in one evening. perfect!

Bonnie said...

Roz - Yes, this was great fun!

NJ - Over the years, there were times when I thought I didn't want all of those pictures around. But he insisted and we kept them locked in a secret hiding place safe from small eyes. Now it's just us again and we can enjoy those memories together.

Amy - Like spankings, I sometimes enjoy the photos more later than at the time they are being taken.

Hermione - We didn't have any upside down pictures, but there was at least one where Randy had to explain what I was seeing. :)

D2 - Yes, it was a splendid concept well executed.

Fondles - I agree!

Windy said...

"percussive love" hehe Never read that one before. Enjoyed reading your funny conversation. Glad they were slides and not old home movies... need to take a sea sick pill to watch those! :)

ronnie said...

What a fun and lovely walk down memory lane.


Terpsichore said...

so fun! I remember seeing family slide shows on the wall as a kid. Of course this version would entail allowing my husband to take a picture of my behind and I am not sure I am comfortable with that... :-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

That was brilliant! I love it!

“R: This is another old one. Do you remember that old blue plastic bathbrush? You got about a hundred hard swats from it that day.

B: Yikes! That looks so ouchie. I wonder what I did to deserve that.

R: I think you asked for it.

B: Oooh.”

Funny as!

Love your spankings as well. Just the ticket!


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