Sunday, April 29, 2018

Keyword Chaos: Spring Cleaning Edition

Here are some of the search terms that people used to find this blog.
  • a career in bare bottom spanking – I’d love to see your LinkedIn page

  • a nylon spanking party – It’s two kinks in one

  • adult female being thrashed with a cane – You rang?

  • adult woman spank barebottom nude for bad driving – Can you believe that hairbrush didn’t break even after being run over three times?

  • aunty gone spankiing – No beach vacation this year

  • bad girl spanking blog – We probably don’t need another bad blog

  • bare ass spanking fantasy, witnessed semi public brush paddling – There’s a lot going on here

  • bare bottom over the knee spanking cp of school girls big head master – His chapeau was size eight and a half!

  • bare traps sandals roanna – I'm not putting my feet in those things

  • bdsm cosplay rump – So that’s why they call you the Green Hornet

  • best schoolgirl caning stories – I’ll bet the worst schoolgirls get better canings

  • big black booty tumblr – The internet has what you seek

  • big bottom spanking stories – That would be every spanking story that includes me

  • blogs and articles of girls severe spanking – I have over 700 links – Help yourself

  • bold image of ebony red pussy – Which color is it?

  • bonnie deserves a spanking – Why thank you

  • bonnies bottomsmarts blog – You found it

  • boys forced to wear cheerleader uniforms – No, that’s not where the pom-poms go

  • caning ass in pyjama videos – The sleepover went terribly wrong

  • cheerleaders paddled – Yes they are

  • chheka padl gadet xxx sex – Your fetish is showing

  • chubby full figured butt slut tumblr – Let’s not get personal

  • cowgirl riding booty boobs tumblr – Yeehaw!

  • daddy spanking me poll – It’s unanimous - Your daddy should definitely spank you

  • daughter market bottom spanking story – She was both a skilled author and a great salesperson

  • domestic discipline belt bend lay on your stomach – No one can both bend and lie on their stomach

  • download fast painful skirt fucking video – Skirts feel no pain

  • emma butt new 2018 full – I know doctors can replace knees and hips, but this is remarkable

  • erotic spanking rituals – Now this might be fun

  • forcefully spanked and kissed marked possessively stories – It was a dark and stormy night…

  • hard paddeled chair leader – How was I supposed to know you wanted the seats arranged in a circle?

  • headmistress gave me a very sore bottom – It was in a pretty box, nicely wrapped with a bow

  • hey google have you good girl skins party spanking punished please – I think you need to get out more

  • how does a bath brush spanking feel – That answer you can actually find on this blog

  • i enjoy dpanking my partner – What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business

  • i fully accept that her spanking would be on my bare bottom – Now whose spanking is this?

  • i love white asses – On this blog, they don’t stay that way for long

  • is it good to paddle and cane an 18 year old lady on hey bottom – Ask her not me

  • kinkman spanking – There is a superhero movie I would watch

  • lets spank susan – Let’s ask her first please

  • maddie taylor figging expercet sat spanks – Ginger who?

  • male spanking blog – I wonder what the blog did?

  • mature wife first nylon discipline stories – For your punishment, you’re going to have to wear pantyhose all day long

  • mom sleeping tube porn stories – Shhhhh!

  • my husband spanks my bare ass hard – No kidding? Me too

  • my naughty boyfriend is so stranger to bare bottom spankings – In fact, he’s getting stranger by the minute

  • my teacher wife was serious about a bare bottom spanking – But my accountant wife thought the whole idea was hilarious

  • my wife wants to experience a painful spanking stories – And so began our nightly story time ritual

  • naughty wife spanking – When it’s someone else’s wife, that’s really naughty

  • news reporter strippin on screen story spanking – Um, I don’t think you can do that on local TV

  • online surprise yes-mr-hardhand tumblr melissa – Does my butt look big on the internet?

  • otk 스팽 – Yeah, I’ve been there too

  • pandora blake dream of spanking – Yes, she does

  • please don't spank me bare buns – The saucy pirate wench didn’t want another flogging

  • pure taboo yes pron hd – Can content be both taboo and pure? I wonder…

  • putting away defiant attitude fiction spanking stories – They are all back in the bookcase sorted by Dewey decimal number

  • red bottom after a sound, painful spanking – I can confirm that is the usual sequence of events

  • rgirls bra bottoms porn spanked – No, the bra always goes on the top

  • schoolgiris telling about paddling – They said it hurts

  • secretary raven bay knows her boss has a thing for punishing naughty girls with his big cock so she pours an entire cup of coffee on the floor to give him a reason to bend her over and spank her beautiful ass. her wish is granted as she gives her bottom a good slapping and leaves it red while her pussy drips juices. it turns out she’s a bit kinky and loves it when a man takes control and does as he pleases with her body – The Aristocrats!

  • spanked on a date – I don’t kiss on the first date, but a spanking is whole different matter

  • spanking bare butt quiz – Wanna get pink?

  • spanking bare plump bottom cheeks drawings – Are you going to spank my bottom or draw on it?

  • spanking in the castle – Would you like to see my dungeon?

  • spanking me please on my buttuck – While you’re down there, you might as well do them both

  • spanking your wife – I have no wife

  • tawsed plz help – So do you want to be saved from being tawsed or do you want someone to help tawse you?

  • tumblr homemade ladies – That’s not how any of this works

  • uncle bill and aunt sue spanked all of us bear buttom and in the family room – We survived because the bear could only eat one at a time and Uncle Bill was very filling

  • unmerciful hand servere bare bottom paddlings – Oh please, not the unmerciful hand!

  • vermont country store brush spanking hurts – Very true, but unfortunately they don’t sell them any more

That’s enough for now!


Colin Wright said...

I'm going to sue you! I laughed so hard I choked. Put down my vote for the bear and Uncle Bill.

Eric51 Amy49 said...

I liked, "No, the bra always goes on top" LOL

Colin Wright said...

That one wins as well. It's a target-rich environment. What can you say?

Windy said...

Oh gosh, I am laughing so hard I need my asthma inhaler!! I love these, Bonnie!

Favorites: "You rang?" "Stranger by the minute" "Pirate wench" "Uncle Bill was very filling"

Roz said...

LoL Bonnie,

These are hilarious and your comments even funnier. Thank you for the laugh :)


ronnie said...

The bear and Uncle bill:) Thanks for sharing these.


Hermione said...

Wow! You sure get a good variety of creative search terms. I liked the pom-poms one!


Bonnie said...

Colin - I'm glad you enjoyed this bit of frivolity. I must give credit where due. That bear was Randy's line. Keyword Chaos is the only part of the blog where we work together to assemble posts. We had a great laugh trying to top each other's gags.

Amy - I always thought that was self-explanatory.

Colin - I've long said that the search phrases are crazier than anything I could dream up.

Windy - Thanks!

Roz - You're very welcome.

Ronnie - Poor old Bill!

Hermione - I wonder what some of these people were expecting the search engine to find. Certainly not my blog. Then again, they did click the link.

I liked the pom-poms too. In this odd little medium, the best jokes seem to invoke a mental picture.

Katie said...

LOLOLLL, Bonnie!!! You are too funny! SO love your fun wit with all of these! Cracked me up!

I'm with the others! The Uncle Bill one takes the cake... I mean the bear... I mean dinner... in the family room! Haha!

"It was a dark and stormy night!" You are hilarious! Thanks for the super morning laugh! Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

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