Saturday, January 27, 2018

Keyword Chaos: Welcome to 2018 Edition

Here are some of the search terms that people used to find this blog.
  • #강원 #스팽 – That’s exactly what I said!

  • alexinspankingland – Wonderful blog, wonderful blogger

  • bbw bound spanked story – A good hardbound storybook will provide enjoyment for decades

  • bdsm cornertime punishment coin – Heads it’s the crop, Tails it’s the cane

  • bear traps sandals roanna – Kinky people who play with bear traps are very hard core

  • bellington academy spanking – So I’m a punishment major, how about you?

  • big broad fleshy bottom – I definitely have a fleshy bottom, but I'm not a big broad

  • black male spanking tumblr – Bad Tumblr!

  • blog mature wife spanking mark – It’s a tough day for Mark

  • bonnie butt sex – Must we?

  • bubble butt spank dom – This poor dom couldn’t find any pants that fit

  • claire paddled skirt realspanking – The paddle works better if you put on the skirt first

  • cock spanking blog – Hey, didn't I tell you to leave that chicken alone!

  • cornertime and spanking for naughty wife – I can't imagine how this corner got so dusty

  • disciplining bonnie with a padle – Is that a padle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • good old-fashioned spanking: mf spanking and domestic discipline stories – Ah, the classics

  • how much does strictjane charge? – Why are you asking me?

  • isabella, spankologist – I want to get a degree in that!

  • kiss me kate spank photos 2017 – Bend over, Milady

  • mom woodshed discipline tube – Please Mother, not the paper towel roll again!

  • my bottom smarts tumblr – I don’t need another blog

  • panty parade – That happens before the Lingerie Bowl, right?

  • randy milf spanking boy – Does that make me the MILF?

  • redneck bare bottom spanking – Git them britches down!

  • s/m paddling on blood thinners – Don’t do it

  • school principal punished female teacher by spank barebottom nude – Somewhere an attorney is salivating

  • sculacciate a gogo m/f – Disco Spanko

  • six of the best skirt up panties down – Sounds like a party

  • sleeping porn humiliatimg inserting – If you’re inserting anything into a sleeping person to humiliate them, you’re a total creep

  • spanking girls in pants – Girls in skirts deserve a turn too

  • spanking implement quiz – The written test for the spankers license was more difficult than Andy expected

  • spanking implements kept in panty drawer – I can’t even fit all of my panties into one drawer!

  • spanking me girls night out – A kinky pirate event

  • spanking positions – Don’t forget the “Prostrate Platypus”

  • spankoradio – And now back to your bottom forty hits...

  • vanillakink curvy modal video – I don’t know what that means, but it sounds good

  • where's strictjane? – Sort of like Waldo, but for consenting adults

  • wives bare bums spanked – How many wives are we spanking?

  • women paddling caning spanking nude women girls hard severe painful – Typing "women" twice tells Google to send more women
That’s it!


Roz said...

LoL Bonnie, these are funny and the mind boggles at some!


Anonymous said...

I love these SO MUCH! :-D Bonnie, you make me laugh.

Hermione said...

Bear traps? That's over the top!

My corners are dusty too. Love teh idea of a spankers licence.

Thanks, Bonnie, for bringing back keyword chaos.


Miss Jenn Davis said...

Thanks for the good laugh! I also get some weird search terms at times on my blog. I seriously wonder how they make these algorithms that direct you to a certain website based on a search term? Sounds like someone someone should be spanked for creating a program that is that far off the mark ;)

Dave said...

Ha! You have some of the oddest keywords I've seen! And your responses are hilarious :) :)

Keep up the great work,
and keep it cherryred,



Katie said...

Hi Bonnie, :) Loved your comments about the keywords! Hilarious! I can't even begin to pick a fav. Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Anonymous said...

Nice responses - fun, whimsical and a few appropriate reprimands

- Rosco

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