Sunday, December 22, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 22

Our topic this week was weak spots on a spankee's bottom and how best to handle them. Here are your thoughts.

Country Spanker: Mrs CS does not have a weak spot as such, but her left cheek is much weaker than her right, to quite an extent. My only change is to spank the right one more.

Dragon's Rose: Avoid that spot. I have an area on my back that can't take much punishment. After just a few strokes of the flogger I can't stand any more. He just gives the rest of my back more attention or moves on to the paddles.

Leah Q: I have never heard of this. So if you tell your husband that he broke your ass, it actually might be the truth?

Hermione: I guess my bottom is pretty sturdy because we've never discovered a weak spot. The whole area between my waist and thighs is fair game.

Roz: We haven't discovered a weak spot as such, although some areas are a bit ouchier than others. He likes to give 'fair' coverage to all areas!

Wilma Rubble: We had this happen this past summer due to a bath brush I bought. Prior to that, it had never happened. He broke the skin, and didn't realize it. Since that time, it has been an issue. It's as though the new skin that formed isn't as 'thick'. I have started to use Vaseline on my bum, twice a day minimum, especially after being exposed to water. Yes, it is sticky and messy, but it has helped. The other day, an unplanned spanking happened and I had just applied Vaseline. It was a bit of a sticky spanking. LOL. But my skin was 'safe.' I think we will continue to try to protect my bottom for a few months this way and see if it helps.

Sub Jon: I have not experienced broken skin. My wife likes to apply horizontal strokes across my buttocks with the lower half getting a concentration of severe strokes to ensure that when I sit down I get a painful reminder to be obedient. As my maintenance spankings occur weekly, my wife makes sure that I am spanked severe enough that the welts and bruises remain painful throughout the week.

Es May: We have only broken the skin once, but we believe it was due to a sore and not the spanking itself. If we ever did get to the point that my skin broke, we would evaluate the implement and how the spanking took place. We had to do this when one implement we got gave me a rash. We'd been warned about one implement doing that and tossed it, but then this other one did the same.

Irish Imp: This is actually a common problem. My Daddy and I have experienced issues with this from time to time. And we are both actually very experienced in the lifestyle. We use many formidable implements and with my high tolerance, I can withstand sessions that last hours.

The first time my skin broke during a punishment was actually from a paddle. Being a nurse, I realized that my skin simply had lost moisture and broke. Daddy and I make a point to change implements frequently during a session to change the impact zone for long punishments. I always moisturize daily anyway, but we have also incorporated this into sessions. Between implements, he will apply vitamin E oil or a lotion to my bottom and thighs.

Also note that it isn't just canes, switches, etc., that risk breaking skin. The heavy, thuddy wooden implements (brushes, paddles, etc.) often do as well. So if you have sensitive skin or breaking skin is a constant problem, move to leather or rubber implements. They sting just as much, if not more, but impact the body with a give and take so it is easier for the skin to absorb the blow, whereas wood is a less forgiving impact.

D: No way should a spankee's bottom suffer from broken skin or bleeding. This is not what fun spanking is all about and she should think carefully if she wants to continue with this. By all means let her bottom burn, smart, and throb, turn a flaming scarlet, or even bruise, but broken skin or blood - no.

Ronnie: I must have a tough bottom as we've never discovered a weak spot.

Bonnie: I experienced this problem once many years ago and it took a long time for the weak spot for fully heal. The problem I had was caused by too frequent and too vigorous use of heavy wooden toys. It was an area, about the size of a penny, in the middle of my right cheek. It felt dry and less elastic than normal skin. During a spanking, it would sometimes start to bleed (a huge turn-off for both of us).

We responded by applying moisturizing lotion before and after spankings. Randy also tried to spank around it, although the location made that a challenge. I sometimes placed a bandage over the spot to provide some protection. Another major change we made was to switch to lighter, less thuddy implements. We also avoided positions that stretch the skin. In time, it went away. Since then, Randy has been more careful about mixing up implements, spanking styles, and positions.

Thank you all for joining our brunch conversation!


kiwigirliegirl said...

i dont have a weak spot on my bum but‘ i do on my back, sir likes to flog my back and its a real punishment for me. merry xmas bonnie to you and yours grom me and mine xx

kiwigirliegirl said...

though, ive had broken skin but once its healed, its good to go once more :-)

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