Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 13

Our question this week dealt with corner time after a spanking. As I had hoped, you provided a broad range of responses.

Dragon's Rose: If I get up mad, I won't accept aftercare. Corner time gives me a chance to realize what is going on. Most of the time, I am wrong and just need a little time to let it sink in. By the time Dragon is ready for round two, I am ready to submit and accept aftercare. One does not replace the other.

Six of the Best: I have always enjoyed commanding a woman to the corner, before and after a spanking given to her on her bare bottom. Before, her dress or skirt is up showing her panties, knickers, or bloomers. And after a spanking, these feminine undergarments are down to reveal her reddened naked rear end. For me, it's a sexual, erotic turn-on. Especially so if she is wearing a garter-belt and stockings.

Kia: As with the spanking itself, I like the idea in theory, but would probably hate it in practice. Though that's not necessarily a bad thing. ;)

Indy: Corner time is pretty rare for me, but I don't object at all. I actually prefer corner time before the spanking. It allows me time to let go of everything else that's running through my head and let the anticipation build. If I'm playing with a trusted partner who will help me get into a submissive headspace, the act of obeying this fairly ridiculous command definitely helps me get there.

I don't mind it afterwards. Like Dragon's Rose, I often need time to myself if the spanking has been challenging or stirred up rebellious thoughts. It also provides a bit of a punctuation mark to a scene, moving me from a space in which I am in a role or have at least tacitly agreed to obey my spanker back into the real world in which I am free of these constraints.

Hermione: It's not something that we have ever done, nor is it likely that we would try it. It simply doesn't float our boat, but I can understand how it might appeal to some.

River Wild: I would like for my HOH to use corner time, but so far he hasn't. The last time that I was paddled hard for more than a few minutes, I started to go numb and ended up with more bruising than usual. After we figured out why this happened and that I needed a break every couple minutes to retain sensitivity, I thought about bringing it up to him, but I chickened out. I'm afraid I would get in more trouble as I have a hard time standing still in normal situations, let alone with a hot bottom in a boring corner! Still, the thought of him ordering me to display my red bottom in the corner while waiting for round two kind of turns me on. Maybe he'll read this...

Mr. BB: Like so many areas of spanking (or within a DD relationship), it depends on what the couple has agreed upon previously.

If agreed upon, corner time can be an effective tool and has many uses. When implemented "after" a spanking, it's useful as a time of reflection. IMO, especially after a disciplinary or punishment spanking, aftercare immediately afterward is a must.

Jason Girl: I dislike corner time, and would dislike it especially after a spanking. I feel rejected in the corner. It doesn't feel loving to me. He has used it to bring me to my submissive place, and it did work. However, there have been times when he's given me space after a spanking, and if he asked me to go to the corner, I would of course. But as MrBB said, the aftercare is essential.

Roz: Corner time is rarely used here. If in conjunction with a spanking, it is mainly used before or during. It does allow me time to reflect and also really puts me in the submissive mindset. No matter at what stage of the spanking it is used, for me it greatly intensifies not only my feelings of submissiveness, but also vulnerability so aftercare is a must.

D.: No way. If my lady is brave enough to accept a sound spanking, paddling or whatever, she should not have to stand in the corner, with her bare bottom, which she is longing to rub, displayed for me to gloat over. After a spanking, I leave her draped over my lap, or what she has been bent over, for a short time. Then, with a quick pat, I tell her she can get up, and she scrambles to her feet to soothe her smarting bottom. Occasionally, if she is bound, she will soon say something like "Please, I'd love to rub my bottom," and I let her loose at once.

Ruth Staunton: Corner time after a spanking is actually a hard limit for me. Corner time on its own is fine, but not after a spanking. Even in virtual or long distance play, it sends me to a very bad place in my head.

Mona Lisa: I think that corner time is demeaning and insulting because it will never be accepted in our home. If a woman accepts spanking punishment, why do you have to humiliate her standing in the corner with a bare ass?

Corinne Alexander: In our relationship, corner time works the best when it's in the middle of a spanking and I'm being rebellious. It helps me to collect my thoughts and get myself into a more submissive state. Afterward, we both need re-connection time, so corner time would be too separating. It has its uses beforehand, but is rarely used that way for us.

Bonnie: Randy uses corner time when it suits his purposes. He says that it helps the spanking to “sink in” before we move on to other activities. I think he likes to display the artwork he has just created on my canvas. I usually don't mind too much because he so enjoys the view and it's generally over in about five minutes.

Other times, and increasingly of late, he has a different plan. Randy gets me arranged according to his wishes and then memorializes the moment by snapping photographs. I sometimes find this part unsettling, but not sufficiently so to ask him to stop. As long as he is dreaming over pictures of me, I know he will never stray.

Thanks, everyone, for joining us for brunch. I look forward to seeing you again next weekend!


Anonymous said...

Could we have just one snap of you on the next blog ?

Rich Person said...

Yeah, I'd be for a snap, too.

I have used corner time for my submissive girls, and I think it reinforced their submission. Since submission is an important attraction for them, I think they found it added to the experience. And, I agree with Six of the Best: It's a turn on, and it makes me feel closer to them. Certainly, when they're in the corner, my mind is on them, and I suspect their mind is on me (or perhaps on some recent activity involving me).

And, yes, it is humiliating, but I think for a submissive it respects their needs. Taking care of their needs is an important part of the relationship, IMO.

Bonnie said...

Anon - I have readers who tell me that they've been waiting for eight years to see my bare skin, but that just isn't going to happen. Those photos are for Randy and me. Sorry about that.

RP - When I'm standing in the corner with my bottom aglow, I know his mind (and his eyes) are on me. I like that. :)

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