Sunday, September 08, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 8

We had two different questions this week. The first concerned other kinks that you or your partner like to combine with spanking. The second solicited a topic for next week's 400th brunch. Here's what you had to say.

Six of the Best: Here is an interesting spanking question. Will we ever see a 3 D spanking movie? Would you wish to see one? And who would you wish the stars to be?

I would love to see a 3D spanking movie made by writers, actors, videographers, producers and directors who understand consensual adult spanking. Most of the time, Hollywood gets it entirely wrong. Just once, I'd like to see a realistic portrayal of kink and those who practice it.

Fiona: Another kink with our spanking? There are so many to choose from. Frequently, spanking is paired with the power exchange of our D/s, sex, sometimes bondage and other lovely activities.

Question: what have you learned from Spanko Brunch?

Renee Rose: My husband's kink is threesomes. We have not yet combined it with spanking, but I'm thinking it will actually be easier for me combined that it has been separate...

Michael M: My wife probably regards our FLR and D/s as kinky enough. I have made nudges towards anal and pegging, but have been rebutted on these ideas. I am lucky enough I guess.

Hermione: My husband if fond of tying things up, like tomato plants and cucumber vines in the garden, and me in the bedroom.

I know that most of your readers won't have attended Brunch #1, but it might be fun for readers to tell you when they attended their first brunch. They could give the actual brunch number or topic by checking the archives, or just give the month or year. We could see who has been participating the longest in this weekly ritual.

Butt Stuff: I like to refer to it as "Butt Stuff," which to me includes spanking, enemas, anal penetration, figging and pegging. I have a penchant for all of these activities. I am a straight, married 50-something male who switches from top to bottom for all of these kinks.

Jenny: We don't combine anything kinky with spanking. My bf isn't very kinky. The things he likes that might have been kinky in the 1950s are now quite run-of-the-mill and would not shock anyone under the age of 65! My only real kink is spanking. Other fantasies are best kept as fantasy.

I like the "What have you learned from the Brunches?" question. I don't know what my answer would be. I'll have to think on that one.

Prefectdt: I'm not sure if this counts as a kink, but I find women far more attractive when they are wearing an appropriate pair of glasses. I also fantasise a lot about sexually stimulating partners up to and including the point of orgasm, whilst they remain fully clothed but I have only very limited experience of this in real life.

Suggested question - How much do yo think that our generation of internet brunchers have to teach the younger brunchers that are bound to appear in the next few years? And what would be your top tip for them regarding brunching and/or kink in general?

Elle: I don't think we involve anything really kinky... Yet. :) We are still less than a year in, so I'm sure that could change.

I like Hermione's suggestion for a 400th post question.. But I don't remember what my answer is! LOL :)

Lea: I like a little bondage. I don't get that often from my partners, but the few times I have been tied/handcuffed/blindfolded I really enjoyed it and it made me feel much more submissive towards the overall experience and spanking.

I really have no idea what to suggest for the brunch since I haven't been here for all of them to remember what's been covered!

Bonnie: As others said, we don't really consider any sort of sex to be inherently kinky. We assume that just about everyone enjoys those at one time or another. I guess light bondage would qualify as our second kink to be combined with spanking. We don't do anything elaborate or extreme, but a bit of restraint can make the entire experience more intense.

It sounds as though many of you would like some sort of brunch retrospective. I'll work on that for next weekend!

Thank you all for joining our weekly brunch celebration!


Anonymous said...

Gentle but firm bondage, so that my S's nice bottom is offered just as I want it, to receive any form of spanking I decide on, and perhaps a light gag so that she just has to trust me not to overdo things. Tied ,say bent over a table, she can't prevent me decorating her bottom as I want, and then taking her from behind. She loves it and so do I.

laxman singh said...

Gentle but firm bondage, so that my S's nice bottom is offered just as I want it, to receive any form of spanking I decide on, and perhaps a light gag so that she just has to trust me not to overdo things.

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, you know what Hollywood wants out of so called 'kinky' movies. Sensationalism, Sensationalism, Sensationalism. The more of it for them is 'better box office results', rather 'artistic endeavors'. In other words exploit it to the fullest degree.

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