Saturday, August 17, 2013

MBS Spanko Brunch #396

It's the weekend and time again for our community brunch. Our topic this time comes from our own dear Hermione.

What happens when, because of injury, illness or the inevitable changes that accompany aging, sex is no longer a viable part of the equation?

To join our conversation, just enter your response in the form of a comment. At the conclusion of the weekend, I will post an edited synopsis.


Dragon's Rose said...

Sex and making love go together but when health gets in the way we improvise. Making love becomes the center of our private time together. We learn more about each other when sex is not possible.

sunnygirl said...

As Dragon's Rose said, I believe you find a way to improvise.

Minelle Labraun said...

I agree with Dragon's Rose and Sunny. You find a way to create intimacy that considers both partners.

Anonymous said...

Like most men, I pout. ;-)

Don said...

Spanking and sex are two sides of the same coin; when one side, for what ever reason diminishes, the other side needs to be boosted to maintain balance.

As an older couple with less than perfect health, we have had to become more inventive, sensitive, considerate and spend more time fulfilling the others needs.

And guess what...the bottom gets redder and the cuddles just keep on getting better.


As far as spanking is concerned, spanking and sex have mostly been separate events for me. I think that spanking can stand up as a fun activity, on it's own, when given the chance.


Hermione said...

We both enjoy spanking for its own sake. I like the adrenalin rush and the relaxed afterglow, and Ron seems to have a lot of fun reddening my bottom. If a little intimate action takes place afterward, that's a bonus; if not, there's no pressure and no expectations. When sex happens it's usually spontaneous, while spankings are regularly scheduled, so I have the best of both worlds.

Bleuame said...

There have been many times where I have been injured and haven't been able to play and the sex was next to impossible. You learn to do what you can. For us, His pleasures is my focus. What other ways can I provide pleasure? How can I still please him while I can't be so physically active? Those are the questions we figure out. I think the sex thing, to be able to put it on hold and adapt comes from all those years of day-to-day intimacy.

Lea said...

Spanking and sex are often separate for me. I love both activities and if one had to lessen or stop because of health or other circumstances then I wouldn't be very happy about it. But if nothing could be done then I think my partner and I would find other ways of continuing to meet the other's needs. It would be hard though.

Michael M said...

Spanking and discipline are separate from sex in our household. A good spanking might lead to sex but it is not inevitable. In many ways I prefer it if the thrashings I am given are not followed by sex.

It gives them a certain dominant or discipline flavour.

That said, I am more than willing to give cunnilingus after a caning to show my appreciation of my wife's superiority.

ronnie said...

I think you would have to become more inventive in finding different ways that were easy to achieve and pleasurable for both partners.


Deleted comment was mine.

Hobbes said...

We are now in our sixties and have been at this for forty plus years through eight major surgeries [her] and three more [me]. She has two titantium hips and a plethora of other things that were not there when we started but . . . we are still sexting and spanking and loving and it is as good as or better than ever. Our only concern is that if we make it to a nursing home will the confines and the quiet be a problem. For that we have the rubber hose. . . after we close the door and lock it. We made it through raising two kids we can handle the nursing home.

Jenny said...

I expected the question to ask, "spanking is no longer a viable part of the equation?" I'll address both activities.

Sex: There have been times (6 weeks each) when conventional sex was not possible. Sexual activity was less frequent (and cuddling and kissing increased), and alternatives were explored. It was okay but we were glad when we were given the all-clear to return to conventional sex along with all else.

Spanking: I've never experienced an illness-related pause in spanking, so I don't know how we would handle that. Illness generally puts all non-essential life activities on the back burner, so I assume couples would have to reduce spanking activities for the time being and would resume when they both had the energy and ability to enjoy a little spanking.

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