Sunday, August 11, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Aug 11

Our topic this week was the use of titles during a spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Reece Seever: When it is time for a spanking, or in response to her ordering one, it is always "Yes, Ma'am." We've stayed away from titles like "Mistress," which don't really seem to fit our DD-style spanking relationship.

Hermione: I call my husband "Sir" and that pleases him. It adds a little spice to the proceedings for both of us.

Anon #1: I recently met a new spanking friend. We switch, and we spank each other for real life misdemeanours. It felt natural to address him as Sir when being told off and warned of what was to come. He addresses me as Miss or Ma'am which seems fitting as well. It's all good fun, and there's nothing too serious about any of it.

Anon #2: When I am due for a spanking, Sir addresses me as 'young lady.' That really gets me in the zone.

Roz: It depends upon the type of spanking. I usually refer to him as Daddy, but if it is discipline or punishment, I sometimes use Sir.

morningstar: We have a D/s relationship and I have always referred to "W' as Sir. It is our dynamic within D/s. If, however, there are vanillas or family around, I don't call him anything OR I manage to choke out "W." I say choke as his name doesn't flow as freely off my tongue as does the term Sir.

I use 'Sir' out of respect. He forbids "Master" as he doesn't believe he has reached 'Master" status.

It doesn't work for everyone, but it works for us, and we've been together going on 13 years.

Prefectdt: I do not switch very often, but when I do, I find that being called Sir helps me to assume a toppy nature. The other way around, any title that makes the top feel more comfortable, so that they can concentrate on making me feel uncomfortable, is fine by me, as long as it is not to complicated.

Fondles: There's no change in address for us. We use the same words over text, during sex, or just hanging out...

Bob B: We never, ever used to. It was just something we did during foreplay. Now, for some reason, B calls me sir. I don't really mind. I'm in favor of whatever gets B into the submissive mood.

Bonnie: We're all over the map on this question. Sometimes, I'll call him Sir and that helps to lock in my submissive mode. On other occcasions, I'll address him with a silly honorific like “Almighty Poobah.” You can imagine where that leads. Randy doesn't seem to care that much one way or the other, but he's quick to follow along.

Thank you all for joining us for brunch!

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