Monday, July 22, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for July 21

Our topic this week was crying. Here are your responses.

Reece Seever: I love this topic -- I just wish my answer changed over time. One of the reasons I was compelled to try spankings of the DD variety was the morbid fascination I felt when reading accounts of F/M spankings that led to the man sobbing after a hard paddling or caning. The thought of being reduced to that, and of submitting that thoroughly, terrifies but also fascinates and compels me. But, alas, it has not happened so far, and I wonder if it ever will.

Hermione: I have never cried before, during or after a spanking. Nor has my husband, to the best of my knowledge. The only tears that ever come to my eyes are the result of laughing too hard.

Elle: It's happened only twice in the last nine months, and not from pain.

Janey: Not very often do I cry. I don't think it's the pain, I can take a very hard spanking without crying. I think it's something more to do with how upset or perhaps disappointed I think he is with me at the time.

Tricia: I don't cry very often. When I do, it's either because of upset from disappointing my Hubby or stress relief.

I COULD cry now if I think about it too much because I have a terribly sore bottom from two pretty bad but well-deserved spankings. :(

Our Bottoms Burn: What Hermione said.

Abby: I rarely cry, very rarely. When I do shed tears it is usually after a punishment spanking, when we are talking about the why it happened and what has to change.

Cali Mom: I'm like Hermione too, although I'm intrigued by the thought of crying in a stress relief spanking.

Hobbes: No tears , just pleas, negotiations, yelps, howls, and promises. But no crying. Boring, I guess, for some, but not for us.

*Bonnie*: I have never cried from a spanking. We spank for fun. :)

Roz: I never used to cry and don't very often, but the incidence of crying seems to have increased recently for some reason.

For me, it's the combination of the pain, the intensity of the moment and the emotion, particularly if it is a discipline spanking. It's good to get the release of emotion from crying.

Prefectdt: I have never cried during a spanking. The isolation of corner time, after a spanking, can turn on the taps though.

S.: No. Tears can be brought on by the indignity of being OTK with a bare bottom, but that's just where I like to be if it is, and it always is, D's knee. Some may cry from their smarting bottom, but for me it is a pleasure.

Dee: I very rarely cry. It's difficult to produce a tear much less anything else. Those times when I have cried, it's been mainly from allowing myself to let go. So I guess it's a stress reliever for me. It's something I would like to be able to do more often because of its calming effect but also because it's part of my spanko fantasies. :)

Anon #1: I have never cried before, during or after a spanking - although often fantasize about being brought to tears by a spanking. I am more likely to cry when we have soft, gentle loving sex and I become overwhelmed by the emotional feelings of being loved by this wonderful man.

lunaKM: I have cried during a spanking. It's usually a pain processing response and is a release valve for intense sessions. It's not often, but it feels good to just let your body respond however it needs to.

But there are other times where I've requested a spanking in order to relieve stress and deal with the mess of life. During these spanking sessions, the goal is to cry, sob, scream and let it all out. It doesn't mean I'm having a bad time. In fact, it means it's working.

I feel purified when those sessions are done, just refreshed and worry free again.

Crying, for me, muddles my ability to focus on my other responses and to really enjoy the spanking. I don't stop it happening because my body must need it and I don't stop natural responses to pain and play when they happen. But I prefer not to cry.

Ronnie: I have never cried before, during or after a spanking.

Anon #2: I rarely get spanked to the point of tears, probably because my husband doesn't spank me quite as long or hard as he could.

Houston Switch: I have never shed tears as an adult being spanked. I came close a few times. I'll be looking for that perfect spanking when it happens.

Marie Pinkerton: We don't spank for the tears. That's not what spanking is for us.

Jenny: Never to tears, though I want to experience that.

Tara: I have cried from the pain, but only a bit and only just recently. I want to have a storm of emotional release, but I can't quite get there. I've cried afterward though while he hugged me. I think we laugh during spankings more often.

Clint: My wife has cried from a spanking before, however it's extremely rare. She has a very high pain tolerance and therefore doesn't usually cry from the pain of the spanking, regardless of how intense it is.

If she does cry, which again is rare, it's from the guilt that she feels in that moment. She feels bad if she perceives me as being disappointed in her, or if she feels her actions have negatively impacted our family.

My wife would probably be better suited to answer your final question, but from my perspective as the HoH in our marriage, I believe that crying enhances the spanking. It's more therapeutic for my wife to release those emotions, and her crying really intensifies the emotional bonding experience between the two of us.

Loki Darksong: There are those occasions when my wife has broken out into tears during a spanking. She said that it was not on account of the pain. Some crying had occurred during moderate level spankings. But her tears fall when she feels relaxed enough for them to come. She told me that she dislikes crying because it makes her look weak. However, she also knows that there are times when she has to cry in order to relieve all the stress that she keeps bottled up inside.

For myself, I have never cried during a spanking. As both male and a top, I have learned that some in the spanking community tend to frown upon this, with many female bottoms and subs being the most vocal. It is a shame. I find myself feeling very envious of those who can cry while in the midst of a spanking. It does sound like quite an experience.

Belle L: I learned early on to hold back my tears. My father would get angry and critical when we cried. I only saw him cry three times (when his sister died, when his father died, and once when he went out with relatives and came home drunk). I have been a nurse for many years, and I have had to hold back tears. My tears usually come when I am alone or when I feel very safe. I tend to cry more with expressions of compassion than with threats or actual punishment. Sometimes I will cry watching a movie when I wouldn't cry in real life. The only time I continued to cry and couldn't stop was when the doctor told me my husband would most likely die before the night was up. I feel as though I would have cried forever if things hadn't gotten better. My husband doesn't cry when he spanks me, but he does use a lot of reasons not to spank me.

Bonnie: I cry very, very rarely. Almost never in fact. When it happens, it's a complete surprise to both of us. I think this response arises not from the pain of a spanking, but from a sense of being suddenly and unexpectedly overwhelmed and out of control.

It's difficult for me to reflect further because it happens so seldom. As a funny side note, I cry all the time at movies and even dopey TV shows. Spankings, though, are somehow different and I don't know why.

Thank you, everyone, for this great turnout and excellent exchange of ideas. See you next week!


Autumn said...

I missed this one, having freshly returned to 'blog-land'. But I'd like to add my two-cents:

I have cried during a spanking... but it was at the very start our 'sessions'. In the beginning there were many missteps between both the strength of spankings, and communication about what they meant to each of us.

I started out setting standards that were way too high for myself, and like a supportive, loving HOH he delivered what I asked of him... it felt like I would always be punished (HARD!) and that I would never live up to the expectations... it lead to a lot more to a 'divided' feeling when crying than the "closeness" of being taken in hand.

I'm pleased to report that although we certainly don't spank as often as *I* would prefer, there are no tears. And lots of cuddles afterward. =D


kiwigirliegirl said...

oh my goodness i must be such a cry baby - becasue I cry all the time. I cry from the pain of the spanking, I cry from the disappointment in myself from being there in the first place. Perhaps I am just an emotional person but yeah I cry a lot during a spanking. once its finished it doesnt last long. And I dont get the hugs afterwards until Ive stopped, so I usually get corner time while i pull myself together and then i get the hugs.

Anonymous said...

I want him to spank me until I cry. I haven't been spanked enough for it to happen --maybe one day...

Erica said...

While spanking is mostly about fun and "pretend" discipline with me, I have found in recent years that it feels incredible to weep during/after a stress-release spanking. It clears all the clutter from my head and I'm left feeling so clean and blissful. And so very close to my top.

Ashley said...

Wait! How do I become part of the brunch! Looks like fun!
I cry if I have disappointed Z or if I'm stressed out

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