Sunday, June 23, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for June 23

Our topic of the week was spanking dreams. Here are your responses.

Baby Girl: I do occasionally dream of spanking and the biggest difference is the pain! There isn't any when I wake up. LOL!

Chickie: It's a recurring theme in my dreams. I have no real life experience to compare it to though. The dream version doesn't hurt, just that I'm dominated and that it's happening... and it usually leads to all sorts of other dreamy stuff!

DelFonte: I think my dreams were telling me I am a spanko because they started long before I was first spanked. The big difference is that they involve implements I would run away from in real-life, probably because there is no real pain! I liked the domination, though I probably didn't interpret it as that for a long time.

Marie Pinkerton: I've had several dreams with spanking. Like others, the dreams differed from RL by being pain-free. The worst was when I woke up in the middle of the dream, before the spanking even started. I couldn't fall back asleep and get back to the dream, darn it all!

Hermione: From time to time I dream about being spanked. As the others have said, there is no pain. Occasionally, I will have an orgasm from it, and that is very real, although I'm never quite sure if it happened only in the dream or in real life as well.

Fiona: Oh yes, I most assuredly have dreams about being spanked. Not all dreams, but they are definitely there.

I think in the fantasy dream world, they are more intense. There is more... intensity, more sadism that feeds my masochism. They are just darker and more.

Reece Seever: Every once in awhile, though they usually are more about being threatened with a spanking than about actually getting one. I don't know what that is about.

Jean Marie: When I went through puberty, if I didn't experience sexual release frequently (at least once a week, and back then it was strictly from masturbation), I'd dream vividly of being spanked harshly, painlessly, and always culminating in the most fulfilling orgasms. They felt so "pure and intense." I now get lots of sex, so haven't dreamed of a spanking in years, and I miss it.

Maryanne: Surprisingly, I have dreamed about spanking. I say surprisingly because I don't always remember my dreams by the morning. With the spanking-themed dreams, I am always getting into trouble and getting spanked for it.

In my real life spanking world, I don't get punishment spankings... not like you'd think. I get hard, tough spankings EVERY time, but I'm never OTK for breaking a rule.

I can't decide if my subconscious wants me to have rules and get punished for breaking them or is just testing it out while I'm asleep. LOL

Bob B: I don't think I sleep long enough to dream and if I do, I don't seem to remember them. I do daydream though, especially if I am out and about and a perfect little bottom attracts my attention.

Is it me or does everyone get more pervy as they get older. Just saying. :)

Spanking Resource: I have had a few spanking dreams. The only real difference is the person I'm spanking in my dreams is usually someone I would have no chance of spanking in real life. Some of my best stories have come from dream spankings.

Kim B.: No, I never have had the pleasure of dreaming about spanking, but I do daydream about being spanked. Those are always better than the real thing except a couple of times. There never is any recovery time in my spank-land in my head! In the real world, it's no shorts for a week!

Mr. BB: I have definitely had many dreams about spanking through the years. They are never hard disciplinary spankings or punishment spankings though.

Tara: I constantly dream about it, almost always with my husband, but last night I dreamed I got in trouble at work and was caned by my boss!

Jenny: I am a little disappointed to hear of others having great spanking dreams while I have had none. I regularly remember my dreams, which vary from very realistic to "would never happen" (e.g., cooking a casual meal for the President). I think about spanking daily, want my bf to spank me more often and harder, and have written several erotic spanking short stories, so the topic is definitely on my mind. Why haven't I dreamed of being warned of an upcoming spanking or enjoying a great session OTK or on the bed? I don't know, but it makes me wonder if I am truly a spanko.

S.: No, which is surprising, because sometimes I go to bed with my bottom smarting from a sound and recent spanking, which ought to trigger off a spanking dream, but it does not. It's also not easy to drop off lying on my tummy with my tender backside upwards. I'd like to have a spanking dream, but dreams don't come to order!

Kia: I occasionally dream about spanking, though not often. Like others have mentioned, there is no pain. I tend to realize this means I'm just dreaming, and it all ends fairly quickly after that (but I do put up quite the fight to stay there!). Oddly, I am sometimes the spanker in dreams, whereas I otherwise consider myself to be pretty thoroughly a sub.

Ronnie: I used to dream a lot about being spanked, but not so much now. When I do, it always seems to be OTK. I'm not sure why that is.

Daisy: I daydream about it a lot. It is always very romantic and loving, and he is stern and sexy and I never get my own way, and I love that. Reality spankings are more or less the same, except they HURT!

Bonnie: Yes, I do dream about being spanked, but only occasionally. These dreams are a variation of sex dreams because I always wake aroused. Sometimes, sex is actually involved in the dream, but more often, I wake before that point. As others said, dream spankings don't hurt like the real thing, but they can generate the same sort of sexual desire.

Thanks, everyone for sharing your dreams!


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