Sunday, May 05, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 5

Our topic this week was whether wet bottom spankings hurt more. Here are your observations.

Sunny Girl: I've heard it said, but I haven't experienced it.

Realblueyes: I can assure you that it does hurt more, especially if you are just out of a nice warm shower. Big difference!

Minelle Labraun: I know that even if I am dry, a shower or bath first makes a spanking way more intense. However, I would imagine that wet is more painful.

Simon: For some reason it does, whether it's just that your bottom is more sensitive or some other reason I don't know. It's not just water either. Sometimes, my Mistress massages my bottom before punishing it and the oils make the first set of strokes agonising. I don't protest, though, because I love the gentle contact and sensual rubbing before the serious business of punishment.

Abby Williams: This is completely true! I prefer to impose a waiting period between a shower/bath and a spanking, though I don't always win out. Our apartment gets very humid after a shower, so there is just no drying off right away.

Another absurdly painful thing is a spanking over moisturizer. Mr. W was curious about spanking me with a wet-from-lotion bottom. We tried it with hand spanking, a strap, and a junior cane. It feels, I imagine, like being shot. Each stroke went straight to my heart. I finally let myself slide off the bed, onto my knees to the floor, and - um - initiated other activities to make it stop. It was weirdly painful and doesn't make a lick of sense to me, but it's definitely to be avoided. Lotion for aftercare only! Though it was a rather amusing reminder that we need a good leather oil/protector. I can't imagine Aveeno is good for that.

Jean Marie: OMG, it's so much more painful on my wet bottom! I have no idea why, but remember when Sheldon spanked Amy on "Big Bang Theory" on TV? Those guys could do another episode investigating why... I would love it if Leonard spanked Penny! But it'd give my boyfriend ideas, and I'd certainly get it good after the show concluded.

Lil Misses: Umm. That's one I don't intend to try. It makes perfect sense as to why it would hurt more. Ouch! I hope Hubby never gets any ideas.

Chelsea: I've heard that it does, but thankfully I've never experienced that and I hope I never do.

Joeyred: This would be an excellent topic for Myth Busters.

I love it, Joey! In fact, they could do a whole show around the theme of spanking myths. Holes or no holes in paddles, are swats on the thighs effective for suppressing kicking, and does thin underwear really provide any meaningful protection at all?

Prefectdt: It does hurt more, but I don't know why. My Chamois leather flogger (that can only be used wet) makes a right royal mess too, spraying water everywhere.

Jenny: A thin layer of water greatly improves the direct hand to bottom contact, and the surface tension of water improves the pulling away force that creates much of the sting. (Compare a slap that pulls away quickly with one that continues to press). Water fills every little nook and cranny of bottom skin and transmits force very effectively.

I've only had a few wet-bottom swats, purely in the name of spanking science. And they did hurt much more than dry swats.

Archedone: Spanking after a shower would sting more because the hot water wakes up the nerve ends. Like the others, I don't know why water makes the spanking sting more, but it does. I've had a few spankings where my wife sprayed my cheeks before using each implement and the sting was much more intense.

The Canery: I will have to investigate this one further. Research required.

S: After a really hot bath, my hot wet steamy bottom enjoys a good spanking, leaving me with a sexy glowing rear, but a cold bottom after a swim in the sea or a cold bath, definitely enhances the sting a lot. I don't know why. I once fell fully clothed into our pool. It was mid winter and the pool was icy. D fished me out, marched me back to the house, and bent me over me kitchen table before attacking the soaking wet seat of my jeans with his wooden paddle for my clumsiness. That hurt like hell, and I was soon yelling for mercy. It also left my bottom sore and marked for some time.

Hermione: We hadn't really explored this before, so after I read the brunch topic, Ron and I experimented. The results are conclusive: Yes, it hurts a lot more!

Ronnie: Yes, it definitely hurts more. Big difference. I'm not sure why.

Bonnie: I haven't done any scientific reasearch (one control cheek stays dry while the other side is wet?), but it sure seems to hurt more. I can't explain the reason, so I'll go with Jenny's theory.

I think that's just about unanimous. Spankings do indeed hurt more when delivered to a wet bottom. I really appreciate your willingness to sacrifice in the name of science. See you next weekend!


maryanne said...

i've had this experience and could only handle a few spanks before i had to beg to be let up! it was awful and we were only playing around. hopefully i'll never get into any trouble where that will be the professor's spank of choice. ack.


Anonymous said...

My Sir has never tried spanking me when my skin is wet, so this was a very interesting, inspiring read! I also completely agree on the Mythbusters suggestion. Thank you for posting this.

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