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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Mar 24

Our question this week arises from the March question fever that has been sweeping through our blogging community. We wondered what questions bloggers wished readers would ask. We also inquired about questions readers would like to ask their favorite bloggers, but haven't for some reason. Here are your thoughts.

Joeyred: I have published many posts with memes. Also, I answered four sets of questions from bloggers several months ago. So, I have very few little known facts left to tell. I have also contributed many questions to my blogger friends so I do not have much more to ask of them.

I would really welcome questions from readers who do not comment who want to learn more about spanking, BDSM or the scene. I wish some of them would just summon the courage to ask a question of me. I know it is very hard to take that first step, so for me, it is very rewarding when they ask their first question.

Katie Rob: My loving husband and HoH does not let me blog, so in many ways I feel a bit like I'm taking and not really giving. It makes me feel kind of bad because I have gotten so so much out of months of lurking and then commenting and interacting with members of this community. It has been life changing for us. While our story is simply our story, it could help someone in the same way. I kind of struggle with that. Anyway, thanks to all of you who share. It makes a difference, ya know?

I love reading all of the questions and answers. I think if I have a question, I usually ask it of someone. I have found a lot of answers to things that I have been wondering about, or concerned about just by reading around Blogland. I have gotten so much out of people's posts. I do find that the comments that follow each are, in and of themselves great thinking/learning material. So I can't think of any new questions to ask specifically. I do like to hear little bits of fun stuff from people who blog. Stuff like favorite foods, activities, etc.

New information- I wish that I could see some of the older stuff that some of the bloggers no longer share, due to privacy things, etc. I can think of a couple now specifically that I wish I had a window on. The earlier part of their journeys really. I am always grateful for the stuff that bloggers put out there.

Welcome, Katie! Please know that every one of us, including me, was once a lurker. There's absolutely no dishonor in watching and learning. Yes, sharing your story could undoubtedly help other couples who are just finding their way, but if that's not possible, you can feel assured that there are other outlets where this information can be found.

As for the early part of my journey with Randy, you won't find it on any blog because the Internet hadn't been invented. I have shared a few recollections and they are in the archives. There isn't much in the blog that I've removed. I recall deleting one meme that I thought was dumb and off-topic, but there really wasn't much else.

Jenny: I posed my questions in my blog post a couple of days ago. Basically, I asked about whether women who like to be spanked ever fantasize about spanking. I'd also like to know whether those who only "agree to" be spanked (when the bf/husband brings up the idea) ever have spanking fantasies. It seems to me there are two major categories of spanked women: those who fantasize about spanking and enjoy the spanking activities immensely (even if not the actual spanking) and those who would never fantasize about being spanked and agree to spanking only because they enjoy being in a domestic discipline relationship. It seems that these two groups approach the subject in radically different ways.

I fantasized about spanking before I knew what a fantasy was. Later, in reading the Nancy Friday books, I came to recognize that spanking was a major turn-on for me. I could probably give up actual spanking for fantasizing my bf in a spanking scenario, but I think I'd prefer to have a taste of the real thing, at least occasionally, to keep the fantasies on track.

I also addressed the role of spanking stories (real or fiction) and videos in a spankee's life. Visit my blog to see more.

Thank you for sharing your questions, Jenny. I hope to adapt them for a future brunch.

D. Hubby: I'm always interested in beginnings. How people got started in the lifestyle. And, what drew them to it. Was it a fascination with the act of spanking itself, or something else, like a desire to give up control or submit to someone else's authority. Also, does anyone other than your partner know about your spanking proclivities. If so, how did that come about and how did they react?

For Randy and me, we discovered quite unexpectedly that he likes to spank and I like to be spanked. There was no looking back after that revelation. The actual act, the exchange of control, the trust, the physical intimacy, the stress relief, the enhanced communication, the sex that follows – It all appeals to us, and really always has.

We've not shared our interest widely. The cost of being “out” is greater than any benefit we might enjoy from revealing our secret.

Hermione: I have already invited my readers to ask questions, and have another set of answers ready to go this week.
Since I know that new bloggers are faced with real challenges in terms of learning all about their chosen platform for blogging (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and others), I would love to answer any questions my readers might have about using Blogger.

You've helped me numerous times over the years with Blogger weirdnesses. At least of a couple of times, I don't think I would have continued with this blog but for your support and assistance. Thank you, Hermione!

Six of the Best: Here is an interesting question for you. Have you ever met, one of your 'spanking blogger's. And if not. Which one would you wish to meet, if you could.

No, I haven't met any other spanko bloggers. I don't think I could single out only one. These people are all so unique and talented that it's impossible to choose just one.

Daisy: I am not sure I would want to be asked for "little known" info about me. I have this awful problem which causes me much inward conflict. I cannot lie or "make things up." I do not embroider or fake things. Consequently, I live in fear of being discovered by someone in "real life" reading my blog and recognising me from the facts I fail to keep secret!

Yet to be honest, if I told people exactly what goes on in real life it would sound like a fabrication, my life is so complicated!

Hiding in plain sight is often the perfect camouflage. :)

Hobbes: How in the world do you get such fantastic images of the food you post with each weekly brunch? Any of it of your own making? Do you ever eat that stuff? And if you do, how in the world do you keep such a nice figure?

The food is my concept, but not my creation. I think about what I would like to serve and locate an appropriate photograph. The great thing about virtual food is that it has zero calories.

Bea: Have you ever been injured?

Assuming your question is limited to spanking, my answer, I guess, would depend upon your definition of an injury. I've sustained a variety of bruises, marks, and cuts over the years, but nothing I ever felt required any medical attention beyond basic first aid.

Lea: As a blog reader, I think it's fun to learn a bit more about other bloggers whether it's spanking related or not. As a blog writer, I don't mind sharing tidbits about myself whether vanilla stuff or spanking related. I can't think of any particular questions I'd want to answer.

Ronnie: I've shared a lot through posts and memes. I've recently asked my readers if they have questions and will be answering some tomorrow with the rest to follow in the week. The questions are varied and not all are spanking related.

I'm interested to read about how people met and how they got interested in this lifestyle and the little fun vanilla things.

S: Why do some ladies, probably a small minority, need to get their nice bottoms, spanked, paddled, strapped, caned or whatever, making them smarting, sore and marked, and difficult to sit on in order to get their thrills? In my case, a sound spanking from D gives me all the excitement and thrill I need to get me turned on, but it does not really make sense!

I believe you may have answered your own question. It's a thrill and a turn-on, among other good things.

Bas: I've answered a lot of questions this month. I really could not think of anything I would like to be asked.

But on the other hand, I'm surprised (and extremely happy) that one question has never been asked: "Why is there hardly any spanking, sex or discipline in my DD, M/s, spanking and sex blog?" Please, dear readers, don't see this as an encouragement to ask this question. I've already asked it and we never do the same question twice.

If you tell us that you prefer not to answer, that's good enough for me.

Karl Friedrich Gauss: My observations is that most spanking relationships, especially DD relationships, that I read about on the web, were initiated, or asked for, by the female partner. I'm interested in reading stories of how male-initiated spanking relationships have worked out, and in particular, stories of how spanko males have successfully "converted" vanilla females to a spanking or DD lifestyle.

Mick of Mick and Lynda's place is one case of a male-initiated DD relationship. I'd love to read other RL stories of how men have taken their women in hand, as it were, without having been "invited" by the woman. As we're all aware, the prevailing feminist paradigm leads to viewing male domination as something undesirable and of the past. Any yet, that's the basis of a lot of spanking play and spanking and and DD relationships.

Lady Koregan: I'm happy to allow them to ask me most anything.

However, I particularly like questions about my non-spanking interests, my past spanking experience, and my general philosophy about spanking and discipline.

I love talking to my readers. :)

Abby Williams: I feel like I have a tendency to over-share. In updating my blog in the past month or so, I went back and reread all my old posts. I definitely had a few moments of "Ohmygosh I wrote about that?"

I don't receive many questions. My favorite theme, though, is when people send me a description of a scenario and ask me what I think. I love when people share those bits of themselves, and it makes me want to share more of myself as well. I wouldn't mind non-spanking questions, but I do consider blogging to be for this particular aspect of myself, and while the vanilla questions like favorite movie (The Neverending Story), favorite band (The Cure), or favorite writer (Marguerite Duras) may help build an overall picture of me, it's the spanking questions that bring the parts together into a whole. Plus, I love hearing other people's spanking fantasies. I get to be both voyeur and exhibitionist, and sometimes it even leads to a good short story or fantasy I can share on the blog.

Bonnie: As Abby said, this blog is the place where I talk about spanking and invite you to do the same. I can discuss other subjects, and sometimes I do, but I'm always conscious of my primary topic. I can't imagine what else I'd want someone to ask.

Thanks, everyone, for a fun and very different sort of brunch!

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