Monday, November 19, 2012

The Return of Keyword Chaos

We haven't done Keyword Chaos in ages. All of these strange search phrases somehow brought people here.
  • amazon ladies spanking short men – This Kindle is worthless. It keeps breaking.

  • become acquainted with bare behind underpants – May I introduce you to my thong?

  • caning silk wizard pajamas – That's the longest wand I've ever seen

  • capsaicin spankingtube – Could be the most boring spanking video ever

  • erica scott birmingham – You're looking in the wrong city

  • fanny paddled oops – Oops? One doesn't pick up and swing a paddle by accident

  • formality when spanking boys – It's a sign of refinement that we extend the pinky finger while grasping the cane

  • get out of one day grounding party for spanking – I wonder what you do at a grounding party

  • hairbrush spanked wearing thong bikini – If a hairbrush can wear a bikini, I guess you could spank it

  • hopping around and rubbing her sore butt – That dance is known as the Cherry Bottom Two-Step

  • how often does a spanko get spanked? – Hopefully as often as necessary

  • how to implement spanking for submissive wife and live in mistress – It's complicated

  • is it kinky when a man spanks his girlfriends ass sometimes – You say that as though it's a bad thing

  • katie spades spanko - Not

  • louisville disciplinarian spanking – Batter up, slugger

  • mom spanks girl very hard while people are peeking thru a window – It was a strange day for the mannequins at Macy's

  • my naughty brother was in my panty drawer so mom give him a good spanking with an erection – Weirdest implement ever

  • oh shit… you're home already!? – Why is the lampshade wearing my bra?

  • ridiculously hard spanking – I'm guessing the recipient wasn't laughing

  • sara being naugty in the corner good speaking com belt free pictures – Good speaking is rare, but it isn't naugty

  • sexy spanking and diaper with america in the school with classroom – No wonder Johnny can't read

  • she looks her right in the eye when she pulls down her pantys – Mistress Cyclops is really strict

  • should you make love to your wife after spanking her? – Sure, as long as she's into it

  • spank bonnie thick curvy ass – At least they left out “fat” this time

  • spank musen – In Danish, Musen means Mouse, but even in translation, it still doesn't make much sense

  • spanking a horseriding lady – The trick is to run faster than the horse

  • spanking as a bonding experience – That's where the handcuffs come in

  • spanking cheerlears – It's the most spirited plane in the air

  • spanking diaper style – Is that sort of like Gangham Style?

  • spanking everyday by landlord – The rent is high in this neighborhood!

  • spanking kennys wife – You spanked Kenny's wife, you bastard!

  • spanking my bottom to shape it – I've been spanked a thousand times, but my bottom is still round

  • spanking my wife opinion – You can change her bottom from pale to pink, but opinions are a lot harder

  • spanking paddle bottom wars – I often win the battle, but lose the war (ouch)

  • spanking positionbs – Pay no attention to the BS part

  • spanking positions that perch butt in air good – No fish spankings for me, thank you

  • spanking sensations – It freaking hurts!

  • spanking stories for all ages – Gather round, kiddies, and dear old Cousin Pervy will tell you all about the Three Little Bares

  • spanking wife initiating stimulation – Stimulate me, baby!

  • spankos who are nudits – Is that anything like a nudnik?

  • stories about ladies and wives that got a very hard spanking – Are you suggesting that wives can't be ladies?

  • the spanking ghost – He gave me a phantom pain

  • the watching you wank clips4sale store has now closed – Wankers will finally get some privacy

  • those who enjoy to be spanked – Wasn't that an AC/DC song?

  • true sex stories only of huge butt woman – So we're talking solo here?

  • video uncle every spanking a person not cleaning there bedroom – Beware the video uncle

  • want leather spanking implement not stingy – Don't use it

  • wedgie thong vibrater paddle wedgie girls sorority initiation – You said wedgie twice. I like wedgie.

  • what do men think of when spanking there girlfriend? – Sex

  • when my wife wore her cheerleading outfit without panties it meant she wanted a otk spanking – Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just ask?

  • where can I find florida women over sixtyfive giving spankings – Florida

  • wife wants spanking husband not turned on – Why would she want him to be not turned on?

  • wife was the recipient of a rare spanking – Most of mine would qualify as well done

  • wives love to be spanked on camera – That might be an over-generalization

  • you have been sent a bootygram from a married women – It's from your wife and she says to get your ass home


Anonymous said...

SO funny, Bonnie
Thanks for the funny and on a Monday morning too. :D

Anonymous said...

These are hilarious!

sunnygirl said...

Semantics - they were terrific.

Bas said...

They are great Bonnie.

Erica said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good thing I hadn't poured any coffee yet; it would be spewed all over the place. Three Little Bares!! And how the hell did *I* get in there?

Anonymous said...

Lol! I love it! Thanks for the laugh... Made Monday a little more bearable!

littleone said...

fantastic..i have been looking at word searches leading to my site lately, but there are none so entertaining as these!

Chelsea said...

These are great! Good job Bonnie. Thanks for the laughs. :)


Anonymous said...

I love this post. I look at some of my own stats for ways people find my blog, and I'm also amazed. But only once was I baffled. I don't know if this will show up - 펨돔클럽 - but it's the Korean word for Femdom. It took me a while to realize I could just Google the characters to figure it out. But for nearly half-a-day, I tweeted out to my followers, trying to find someone who could translate it for me.

Thanks for the awesome blog, Bonnie. It's one of my favorites.

MrBBSpanker said...

These are hilarious Bonnie!!! lol
I actually Laughed Out Loud for real :)

I've had some odd ones, but nothing as far reaching or nearly as funny as most of those!


Roz said...

Lol Bonnie, these are so funny, the mind boggles! Thanks for sharing


Susie said...

Lots of chuckles here Bonnie. I need to go check mine again sometime. There are always some great ones.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

It just goes to show that all roads lead to MBS.

"Cherry Bottom Two-Step" and "Why is the lampshade wearing my bra?" are my favourite responses.


ronnie said...


I love your Keyword Chaos posts. Thanks for the laugh.


Bonnie said...

Lillie - It's my pleasure

Jessa - Thanks, but I don't get all of the credit. KC is one of the few blog features in which Randy actively partakes. We sit in our den and laugh and throw out crazy comebacks. What you see here are our favorites.

SG - It's all where you place the emphasis. :)

Bas - Thanks.

Erica - I couldn't write material like this if I tried.

I have no idea why anyone would search for you in Birmingham, England or Birmingham, Alabama. You're way too elegant to be hanging around industrial towns.

MLBL - I'm glad to be of service.

Little - It's a goldmine of weirdness. You'll often find the really bizarre search terms near the bottom of the list.

Chelsea - I'm always happy to share some laughs.

Alice - I do get queries with non-Roman characters and I've always wondered. I never thought of that solution. Thanks!

MrBB - We have a great time kicking these around, deciding which ones to use, and figuring out how best to respond. It's a kind of couple therapy I've never heard anyone mention.

Roz - You're very welcome!

Susie - It's a never ending source of goofs.

Hermione - I often wonder though what convoluted logic these queries bring people here. I'm not complaining, mind you, but it is mighty strange.

I've mastered the CBTS the old fashioned way - practice, practice, practice. :)

Ronnie - Thank you!

Lea said...

So funny! I've probably typed a few odd things into Google myself though.

Anonymous said...

The danish word "musen" does mean "the mouse", but it also refers to a certain part of the female anatomy - although the corresponding word in english has more to do with a cat than a mouse...

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