Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In with the New: Shopping Daze Edition

It's time to explore some great new blogs!

A Firm Hand Photoblog
Elisa's Will
Erotic Fiction Writer
Irishey's Isle
Laylah Roberts Author
Spank Me, Love Me
Strict and Consequence
Wife's in Charge (F/M)

General Spanking
DD Blogs
Ds/BDSM Blogs
To these new members of our community, I bid you welcome. If you would like some blogging tips and suggestions, try these. In any case, we're delighted that you're here!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the mention, Bonnie! I am honored.

Roz said...

Thank you Bonnie. Welcome to blogland everybody!


Anonymous said...

Welcome! I hope you find this community friendly and encouraging and helpful!

Hermione said...

I'm so pleased to see that Irishey has started a blog. I have already paid her a visit.


MrBBSpanker said...

Welcome to blogland everyone!
This is a warm and welcoming community :)
~ MrBB

oursecretplace2003 said...

these are some great new blogs and we would like to bid you welcome and also invite you all to visit our new blog as well

Irishey said...

Thank you for the intro and kind words, Bonnie! My apologies for responding so late, but I just saw you had posted this.

I just saw Hermione's new post about blogs that started when hers did, and so many have faded away. I'm going to add my fellow inductees (?!!) to my blog list and keep and eye on them!

Hugs to you!


ronnie said...

Late stopping by. Thanks Bonnie.

Hello and welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hi to everybody new, but so happy to see Irishey and Elisa here :D
Thanks Bonnie

kim B. said...

Hey Bonnie

Kim from Kim's Kinky Korner here just wanted to ask 'How long does it take to visit all the Great Places on Your Blog Roll?

Thanks Again for the ADD!

pixiepie said...

a great list!

Hermione said...

Kim, if you're dedicated to the journey from A to Z, you can make it in 5 hours, if the traffic is light.

Clint said...

Hey Bonnie,

I didn't know where to put this comment, but I wanted to thank you for adding the link to our new site to your blogroll. My wife and I really appreciate that.

All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

-- Clint (& Chelsea)

Bonnie said...

Elisa - The pleasure is mine. Welcome!

Roz - You're most welcome. :)

Pocahontas - Thank you!

Hermione - I completely agree.

MrBB - I second that sentiment!

Secret - Welcome! I've added your link and your blog will be included in our next installment of IwtN.

Irishey - And that's how we build community. Thanks!

Ronnie - You're not late. You're always welcome here.

Lillie - Me too!

Kim - You're welcome. Visiting 550 blogs is likely to be an all day affair, especially if you are like me and find lots of fascinating spanko reading along the way.

Pixiepie - Thanks.

Hermione - Thank you. I knew you'd know. :)

C & C - You're very welcome. Best wishes with your new site!

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