Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Nov 25

Our topic this week was dreams about spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Mr. BB Spanker: On occasion, I do dream about something to do with spanking. Most dreams seem to be driven by responsibilities though. So it's especially nice when a sensual or erotic spanking dream visits my nocturnal world. After a nice spanking dream, I tend to have a smile on my face the following day. :)

Oh, do daydreams count? I have plenty of those!

I think that might be a future brunch topic!

Autumn: No! Actually, I just realised that I have never dreamt about spanking?

Is that a bad thing, do you think? I dream about other things I love but not that!

I think it's neither good nor bad. We're each a little different.

Sunny Girl: Nothing specific, but I've awakened wanting a spanking. So maybe I do, but I don't remember.

Minelle Labraun: I have had dreams about spanking. Sometimes I wake before the actual spanking!

Hermione: Sometimes I dream about getting a spanking although I never actually feel it.

More often, I dream about meeting other spanking bloggers. It's all very real. We hug each other, have conversations, go places and do things. I can see them very clearly, even though I have never met them in real life.

Sir Q's mlb: I have dreamt about sex and spankings. I remember emotions, but not physical feelings. I think the main differences are the length and severity of the spankings are typically (not always, but typically) longer and more severe in my dreams.

Julia: I do dream of getting a spanking every once in a while. Those are usually the ones that DH gives me before really hot sex. I find it so amazing that I have been married to this man for ten years and I still have hot sex/spanking dreams about him!

TL Bucko: I have had some of those dreams. They usually follow an especially wonderful encounter with Bucko, or are a prelude to one. Though I must say in the dreams the spanks don't hurt as much. 99 times out of 100, Bucko is the leading man in these dreams. There is something about him being commanding and in charge that makes me feel special and cared for, even in dreams.

Lea: I've had spankings appear in my dreams many times. It's funny though, it's almost like my imagination won't wander too far from things that I've actually experienced. I had a certain fantasy spanker in a dream once and things kept happening to interrupt the spanking. I woke up really frustrated!

S: I should dream a lot due to the frequent real spankings I get, but I can only really remember one. I was lying prone on a bed with my bare bottom up. Several people, men and women, who I did not know, were taking turns spanking me with hands, slippers and paddles, but it did not hurt at all. I just felt that my bottom was getting bigger and bigger like a balloon, and I was feeling very sexy.

Suddenly, I woke up. D had stripped the bed clothes off of me. "Having a little squiggle are you, you naughty girl?" In a flash, he tossed up my nightie, and gave my bare bum six hearty spanks. They stung all right. I was still feeling sexy, and D did what I needed from behind.

Jenny: No, I do not recall ever dreaming about anything connected to spanking - not about being spanked, being threatened with a spanking, meeting some of you guys, or anything else. You may want to know that I don't really have many sexual dreams either. The closest I get is to dream of kissing someone who I never expected to kiss!

Keiter: If I haven't had sex in a week or so, I'll have sexual dreams, usually focusing on a lovely lady's bottom. Maybe one-third of the time, these dreams will involve more than the usual worshipping, caressing, or kissing, and feature me spanking her. I haven't had a wet dream since adolescence, but these dreams bring me to the brink. Besides the raging erection, I awaken in a state of bliss.

Anon: I just found your blog today, and I love it here! So I had to respond. I have spanking dreams often, but then again, I don't get spanked the way I want or need, so I'm sure that is why.

The most recent dream was unforgettable and would make a great spanking story. I can recall all the details down to the colour of the items we wore. It was from my dear friend (also a female) and she tore up my butt. It was a very nice dream.

She isn't in to spanking, but she is a dominant type of person. I, of course, told her about the dream in detail. I was worried that she would think it was strange, but to my surprise, she enjoyed it. It has opened up a whole new dialog between the two of us, which is fun. After I told her of my dream, she had a dream herself (funny how that works).

It was amazing to say the least, but a long dream, so I will save you guys the long read there. Just know it was enjoyable. ;)

Again, I love the blog, and will be reading past posts throughout the day. Thank you.

Welcome, Anon, and thanks for joining our brunch conversation!

Ronnie: I never remember my dreams, but one time I woke wanting a spanking. So not sure.

Bob: I have had dreams about spanking on a couple of occasions. But I haven't had any since Dianne started spanking me.

Welcome, Bob (and Dianne)!

Ana: Oh gosh, yes. The primary difference is that dream spankings don't hurt. It's kind of nice. :D

Bonnie: I have experienced a variety of spanking dreams over the years. In some dreams, I was actually spanked. Other times, it was just a threat. There were times when I'd have the dream twice in a week. Then I'd go for years without any. The biggest differentiator between real and dream spankings, as Ana observed, is that the nocturnal type don't hurt!

Thank you all for joining us. See you next week!

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