Sunday, October 21, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 21

Our topic this week was the Lottery game where winning lottery numbers are used to specify the number of strokes from each of several pre-selected implements. Here's what you had to say.

Saoirse: We've never tried this. I think it could be a lot of fun at a party or a play session, but I wouldn't like to use it for a real punishment. I rely on HIM to gauge my pain level and would hate to have HIM push on because of the Powerball number. I guess, HE could always ease up on the force, eh?

Lillian: Um... nope. We've never gone there. What a gamble, I guess. Though, as Saoirse said, what if you both thought you had to keep going?

Hermione: Neither of us buys Lottery tickets and I'm not familiar with Powerball, so no, we aren't likely to use this method in a spanking. Maybe picking numbers out of a hat or rolling dice would be a simple substitute that could be fun.

Actually, there is no need to purchase tickets. You can get the winning numbers from the lottery Web site.

Fred Bloggs: We have never used lottery numbers, but we might now that you have brought it to our attention. We do use dice to choose implements and the number of strokes. It makes spanking fun and unpredictable.

Prefectdt: I've never heard of anyone doing anything like this before. It does sound intriguing though and likely to make the weekly draw fun even if your ticket numbers did not come up. :)

Abby: This could take the sting out of losing numbers, or add to it. We have only used dice to determine position, toy, and number of strokes.

Sublime Wifey: I've never heard of this game, though I'm game to try. How high do those numbers go? We don't have six different spanking implements. Perhaps I'll use this as incentive to expand our toy box. Or maybe we'll start small with the local lotto, the daily pick 3, or something like that. Mmmm, my head is swimming with ideas now!

My research reveals that the highest possible single number in PowerBall is 59. If six implements is too many, you could decide to use fewer numbers.

Lea: Interesting idea. I'd try it. But there is no lottery in my state. Gambling is illegal. So playing this game might be a very naughty thing to do.

If you'd rather not visit the PowerBall site, here is a non-gambling alternative site that generates random numbers.

S.N.M.: I've never done this, but I've had similar ideas to use for spanking fiction.

Houston Switch: According to the web, based on the past ten drawings, 59 was the largest ball with number on the Mega Millions and Powerball multi state lotteries.

I have never used this game, but it sounds interesting. We have used a deck of cards with colors determining implement and card number the number of swats. The Ace means 25 strokes with the resin cane. A full deck equals 440 swats if I did the math correctly. If not, someone spank me. ;)

ToddnSuzy: We would never try the lotto for a serious spanking, but it certainly sounds like a very good idea for a fun spanking! We have played spanking games with cards, dice and darts and all of those work really well. They're easy enough to do over and over too. Plus, you can build some sort of skill into many of those type games, which adds to the fun.

We, of course, like Spankopoly too, which has some skill and randomness to it.

It really is hard to go wrong with a spanking game. If someone gets spanked, you're doing it right! :)

Simon: We've never tried that, but it sounds like fun. Sometimes, my Mistress will lay out a number of implements and then blindfold me and I have to pick out three that will then be used. That's about as random as it gets though.

The Long Bean: Once when I bought a lottery ticket, my Domme decided that if I did not win a prize, I would receive a spanking. For each losing number on my ticket, that would be the number of swats I would get with an implement of her choice. Unfortunately for my bum, none of my numbers matched and there were between 6 and 48 swats with implements such as a cane, paddle and wooden spoon.

I was very sore afterwards...

Ronnie: I buy a lottery ticket each week, but we've never tried this. I think it could be amusing for a fun spanking, but I wouldn't use it for punishment.

D: We have never tried the lottery game, but we did go to a party which had gambling for spankings. We had been asked to supper by Tom and Angie, who had told Susan that there might be some spanking games that evening, and gave her a few hints. She told me, and I suggested some practice, which was declined.

The third couple were Jane and Henry. We had a good supper and lots to drink, after which Tom announced the rules. Each girl to be spanked in turn, and could choose their spanker; not their partner, then the numbered dice came into play. She threw two dice; total numbers were the number of spanks; a double meant a second throw, with all four numbers being the total. Throw one die, the implement, 1= hand, 2 = slipper, 3 = hairbrush, 4 = leather paddle, 5= wooden paddle. 6 = a light leather strap. Final throw. 1/2 on skirt. 3/4 on knickers. 5/6 bare bottom.

"There, it's quite simple. Let's get started. Angie, it's your choice." .She chose Henry to do the honours. She threw the two dice that totaled 9, then a five, which was the paddle.

"Oh, that's a lot of paddling, but at least it is on my knickers," Angie said as she threw a final 4. Henry picked up the paddle. "Up skirt, and over the sofa back please Angie."

"Not too hard, Henry. That's a lot of paddling" as she tugged up her tight skirt, and arched herself over the sofa back, thin red knickers clinging to her ripe bottom. He laid on the paddle smartly. Angie squealed and kicked until he finished, getting to her feet and clutching her bottom. "That's going to cause sitting problems, you old devil," she said ruefully.

Then it was my turn to spank Jane. The curvy blonde had a full bottom, under her tight cotton dress. The count was eleven, but sadly, it was only with my hand and over her tight skirt. I'd make the best of it though, as I sat down and bent her over my lap. She offered her best, head right down, tail right up, as my hand landed very smartly across it. Actually, my palm landing on that big tight bottom felt great, and I enjoyed every minute of it! She got up, rubbing her rear. "That was the best spanking I've had for ages. We must try it again."

Then it was Susan's turn. Tom looked eagerly at her. "Throw the dice love, I'm looking forward to this." Susan threw a double, and the bonus throw made it 16 spanks. She looked nervous as she threw again. The slipper was selected. It was a soft soled leather one, but probably quite stingy. Worse yet, the dice told her it was on her bare bottom. Every one cheered. They had been looking forward to seeing the new girl's ripe rear.

Tom pointed to the sofa back, where Angie had been. "Up skirt, and over there please Susan." She was blushing as she wriggled up her tight silk skirt, before bending over. "You've forgotten something, Susan," said Tom, as he reached over and pulled her knickers down to her stocking tops. I was getting excited as I watched my Susan being bent and bared like this, but her modesty was preserved. as on Angie's advice she wore a minute thong, which just covered her, but left her bottom totally bare. Then the slipper landed with a noisy whack across her ripe cheeks. She had had far worse spankings from me, and she took this one well, despite being bare bottomed in front of an audience! Susan stood up, rubbing her rear. She pulled up her knickers and pushed down her skirt. She gave Tom a quick kiss, and said, "Thank you Tom, that was a spanking I will long remember."

As we drove home, Susan sitting gingerly. At home, she was at me desperate for relief. "Not so fast love, my turn now". and I put her over my lap, and spanked her lovingly, until we fell onto the sofa for frantic and marvelous sex.

Ana: Oh my goodness, that sounds a bit scary to me. Not to my taste, but I can see how those who are more adventurous would get some fun from the game.

Lady Koregan: I've played games like that a few times, roll one die for the implement, another for the position, and then two to determine the number of swats.

It's fine for very light play, but as a general rule, I don't like set numbers of spanks.

I've talked about this topic in a little more in depth on my own blog.

Jenny: I haven't done this yet. It seems like a reasonable idea, but sort of scary as our Lotto goes up to the number 40. What if the six winning numbers are 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40? That's 225 spanks! I'd say we'd go from the smallest to largest number with (1) hand, (2) leather paddle, (3) hairbrush, (4) belt (softly, please!!), (5) cane, and (6) wooden paddle. Then, the next week, we'd reverse the order so that the most was with the hand, etc. And, hey, next week the winning numbers might be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. That's only 21! Six with the and, but only one with the paddle. Hmmm... That might leave me a bit unsatisfied.

In any event, I am facing a spanking this afternoon. We have agreed it will be for being disrespectful last night. I wrote about the incident on my blog. I always like being spanked, but I especially like being spanked for a reason. There's more emotional connection for me when he spanks for discipline purposes. I feel a bit ashamed and that adds to the bonding that comes from a spanking. Wish me luck!

Best wishes to you, Jenny.

Bonnie: I'd never heard of the Lottery game. In anticipation of this brunch, Randy and I gave it a try on Friday. The most recent winning numbers were 1, 7, 10, 23, 42, and 35. The implements we had selected in advance were a leather slapper, a wooden sorority paddle, a small leather strap, a solid wooden hairbrush, Randy's hand, and a short, thin cane.

Randy positioned me on the bed over a pile of pillows. One swat with the slapper was quite tolerable. Seven with the wooden paddle definitely hurt, but I think he was holding back a little. Ten with the strap increased the heat in my bottom, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. The twenty three whacks with the curved-handled wooden brush were very intense. Near the end of this set, he reminded me that I had a safeword if needed. I didn't use it, but my bare bottom was on fire.

Next, Randy delivered 42 smacks using both hands as if playing bongos. Now, he was striking pretty hard, or so it seemed. Finally, I received 35 using the light cane. These were fast flicking strokes that became increasingly painful as the count mounted.

Afterward, I was exhausted and ouchie, but blissful. I wouldn't want to play the Lottery game every time, but it's an interesting change of pace option.

Thank you all for joining our brunch conversation!


david said...

thank you Bonnie its a year since we stopped lurking best thing we ever did.I know we don`t blog that often ,but just telling everyone I`m a guy who get spanked by his good lady and there`s hundereds of us ,as for years I`ve thought it was only lucky old ME! Thank you once again bonniexxxx davetouchingtoes

sixofthebest said...

Dear Bonnie, since this day has been selected as Bonnie Appreciation Day. Congratulations, to you, for you are the Queen of all spanking blogger's. So say I. And many other's who feel the same way. Thank you.

SNP said...

I, too, wanted to add my THANK YOU for Bonnie Appreciation Day. I opened my blogroll to many posts that were dedicated to you today. All well deserved thanks. Everyone finds this community through you and you are the glue that holds the community together. THANK YOU for all you do and enjoy this day as many say thank you!! I am grateful for your site and all you do:)

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