Monday, October 08, 2012

Bonnie's Mailbag: Allison

I'd like to share (with permission) an e-mail sent to me recently by a reader named Allison. She wrote to me, but I think her words can benefit many others. As background, Allison is a 42-year old wife and mother of two teens. Like many of us, she has been fascinated with the subject of spanking for most of her life. When last I heard from Allison, she was trying to muster the courage to ask her husband of twenty years to spank her. I suggested that she read and possibly share two of my tutorials.

Dear Bonnie,

You may not remember me, but I wrote you a few weeks ago with questions about spanking in your relationship. You sent me such a nice answer I thought I should give you an update.

I finally got the spanking I'd been waiting for and it was better than I could have imagined! The fact that my husband enjoys doing it makes it all so very much more special.

Let me backtrack. As we discussed, I told him that I wanted to try something new to spice up our love life. He was all ears! I really think he was thinking it was going to be something exotic or weird because when I said it was spanking, he immediately agreed. I told him that getting spanked was a big turn-on for me and that was all he needed to hear.

We had to wait for a time when the kids were out, but that happened the next evening. After dinner, we were watching TV when he asked me if I was ready for my spanking. I told him sure and we went to our bedroom. He sat on the bed and I laid over his lap. He asked me again if I was ready and I said I was.

He started spanking, very lightly at first. With my slacks and underwear, I could barely feel it. I told him it would be OK to spank harder and he did. When he finished I had a big smile on my face and so did my husband. We made love like newlyweds.

Since that first time, we have spanked every chance we've had to be alone. Talk about your second honeymoon, our sex life is better than it has ever been. He's started spanking me on my bare bottom and one time, we were both naked! I ordered a leather paddle over the internet and it arrived last week. Now that took our fun to a whole new level! I keep looking at my red bottom in the mirror to remind myself that my dream is now real.

I wanted to write you as I sit here on my very sore bottom and tell you how grateful I am to you and all of the other women who blog about spanking. You all helped me to feel OK with my desires and know I'm not sick or odd. My only regret is I wish I'd asked him twenty years ago.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


That's such a great message. My hope is that Allison's story will resonate for others who are considering raising this topic with their partners.


Fondles said...

thank you for sharing. It is so lovely to hear that another woman has managed to speak her desires and bring a new dimension to her love life!

Well done Allison! If you wish to start blogging we would be happy to welcome you!

Spanky said...

That is a fabulous and heart-warming post! There are a lot of us (myself and the wife included) who owe Bonnie a lot of thanks for this blog.

Lill Ian said...

I applaud you for finding your voice, Allison. If you want my advice, leave it at erotic, don't go down the punishment road. Erotic spankings are delicious, and if you are doing it just for fun, not trying to change behaviour, it all wonderful.
Have fun.
Stay away from silicone spatulas....just saying

sunnygirl said...

Thanks for sharing, Bonnie and Allison. Most of us here are spankos and lots of us waited a long time before "coming out" so to speak, so you are not alone.

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, thank you for telling us this beautiful and true story from your mail bag. That is why us 'spanko's' admire you, and are 'inspired' by you. Bravo.

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, hear is an interesting question to ask your 'spanko' bloggers. In real life, or in fantasy, which SPANKO BLOGGER, would you like to spank or be spanked by.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I am glad that her husband was open minded. I am also very grateful for the female bloggers who helped me.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for a great post and way to go Allison. I would add.....think twice about wooden spoons and hairbrushes!! :)


SublimeWifey said...

What a great story, Allison. Thank you for sharing. My story is much like yours and, like you, we are experiencing something akin to a second honeymoon. Stories like yours give me the validation I need (because I still have doubts sometimes).

Thanks also to Bonnie for sharing Allison's story with your readers.

JJ said...

So sweet!! :)

Hermione said...

Bonnie, thank you for sharing that lovely, heartfelt letter with us. You are an inspiration to all aspiring spankers.

Allison, I applaud you for having the courage to ask for what you wanted. It's wonderful that your husband has been so eager to fulfili your fantasies. Leather paddles are the greatest!

Happy spankings!

Roz said...

Thank you for sharing this with us Bonnie. It's great you were able to help Allison communicate her desires to her husband.

Allison, bravo for having the courage to communicate your wishes to your husband. Glad you are enjoying a second honeymoon :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely email. You can almost FEEL the excitement and energy radiating from her words. I can so easily identify. Thank you for sharing!

Wilma Rubble said...

Way to go Allison! Just a word of advice, as the holiday season is quickly approaching- Stay out of the cloak rooms during Xmas parties for quickies. Those plastic hangers hurt like H#LL !

A-Non said...

Sometimes it is better to leave room to grow over the years. Good luck! (Try a wooden paddle next.)

Anonymous said...

What a happy story; long may it go on. I think, I had always had a hankering for a spanking, but I never got round to suggesting it . It just happened; a pat on my bottom; a slap on my bottom, and finally a full smarting spank. From then it was not long until I found myself draped over his lap, my bottom bare for a really sound spanking. We never looked back S.

Terpsichore said...

Bonnie, thank-you for sharing this letter. You and everyone in this community are so welcoming and have eased many of us into sharing our desires and following our dreams. Annie, so glad your dreams are coming true... :-) Best wishes, Terpsichore

Anonymous said...

Great story. So simple. Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

ronnie said...

That's wonderful Allison. I can feel your happiness in the email. Best wishes to you both.

Thanks for sharing Bonnie.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you Allison. I'm also jealous. My situation was very similar. I, too, am 42 years old and have kept my desires for spanking a secret for most of my life. As well as you, I recently "came out" to my partner. Unfortunately, my wife was not receptive to my desires. I am into being both the spanker as well as the spankee, and she is not willing to try either. Were the tables turned and she approached me with a hidden desire, I would be like your husband, Allison : overjoyed to help satisfy my partner.

So Allison, you are a lucky woman to have a partner who wants to satisfy you. Congratulations and happy spanking ! And Bonnie, keep up the GREAT work. This site has helped me in so many ways to accept myself ( in spite of my partner's reaction to my interest. ) Many thanks !


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