Sunday, October 07, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 7

Our topic this week was unlikely reasons for a spanking. Here's what you had to say.

Ana: *giggle* Once someone used a shoelace as a spanking tool. I could not stop laughing. Then *I* got a spanking for laughing at the spanking.

A shoelace! Really!! ;)

Hermione: My husband once gave me an impromptu spanking in the kitchen while we were preparing dinner. When I asked him why he had spanked me, he replied, "Just because you're you." Fair enough!

Renee Rose: Not having laundry detergent!

Joeyred: I was spanked for having black shorts instead of white.

Jean Marie: I referred to my own bottom as "too big." My lover told me he worshiped it, and I was blasphemous, and so he spanked it very hard, starting with his hand, finishing with a wicked walloping with the hairbrush. In the corner afterward, once I could speak coherently again, I asked why he would be so hard on something/someone he loved. He answered me with the strictest caning I've ever endured. I learned not to question that guy.

Lady Koregan: Just yesterday, I told someone that I was going to beat him for saying "reindeer." We may have gotten our first taste of snow yesterday, but it's way too early to be talking about Christmas decorations!

Charlotte: One evening, we discussed politics and disagreed. Enzo took me by the arm and lay me on his lap and began to punish me hard with his hands.

I still think I was right that day. That punishment had no valid reason. However, I really liked how it felt.

D: Just temptation. I came into our room. S was leaning out of the window, waving to a friend in the road, her spacious backside arched over the window sill. I crept over to her, and slid the window sash down, so that it rested gently across her back, holding her firmly in place."Hey what are you doing" she muttered, as I drew the curtains together, leaving just her lower half sticking out of the gap. I turned her skirts right up to expose her fine bottom, clad in tight white silk knickers. I looked in our toy drawer, and chose a long plastic ruler, which I snapped smartly down across the tempting target.

"Ow, what was that for?" she gasped quietly, not wanting to alert her friend. "Just because your lovely bottom was so temptingly offered." I continued to smack her with the ruler, her nylon clad legs kicking, her hips squirming, but managing to keep quiet. A dozen or so smacks later, I put down the ruler, and tugged off her knickers, leaving her well-reddened bottom on display. What next?

I selected a thin martinet. These fine lashes would sting her nicely, without making too much noise. I flicked it to and fro all over her already tender rear cheeks, including a few quick upward flicks between them. That was enough, I knelt down and took her vigourously from behind. I wondered if the passerby realised that the pretty woman leaning out of the upper window, smiling and waving, was actually having her bottom soundly spanked, and then being given an equally sound seeing-to!

If any readers have a copy of 'Happy Tears' written many years ago by Norman Grace, there is an illustration on page 224, of just this scenario. Perhaps that's what inspired me.

Little Boy Blue: A week ago, I had tea instead of coffee (specially prepared). I got 400 lashes with a switch for that and have not repeated the error. What makes it senseless was She knew I was out of coffee and I had prepared my tea in the prescribed (humiliating) manner.

I thought it was arbitrary and unfair. For expressing that, I got a further 100 self-inflicted spanks with my belt.

Six of the Best: Here in New York, I was in an 'off off broadway show' called "Another way to Love.' I was offered a part to spank a lady. I accepted that part, and it ran for a year and a half. It was a fantastic experience and I loved every moment of it.

Prefectdt: The letter "Y" does not really exist in Dutch or Flemish and is only used as (a) an abbreviation of "IJ" or (b) in words or names borrowed from other languages.

I was getting a flogging, spelling out the name of the person flogging me, receiving one stroke per letter. I was then given ten hard strokes, with a large leather paddle, for using the Dutch word Ypsilon for the letter "Y" instead of I grec that the Flemish normally use.

How picky is that?

Lea: Oh, have I got a list for this one! I know some spankers who have used all sorts of ridiculous reasons to spank me or someone else. Here's a list from a blog post I wrote a while back.

-Because the world is round
-For looking like I'm up to something
-Because it's a day that ends in "Y"
-For being sick
-For breathing
-For having the remote control
-For associating with bad influences
-For saying tops can't read
-For the current state of the economy
-For tattling
-For NOT tattling
-For looking too happy
-For saying "dude"
-For throwing imaginary food in IM's
-For being Lea
-For being Not Lea (I tried to wear a disguise once)
-For missing an imaginary sports practice
-For being cute
-For bringing Peeps to a party
-Being responsible for the Bubonic Plague
-For asking why
-For knocking over an artificial tree
-For not making the rain stop
-Because the Yankees lost (I know a lot of New Yorkers)
-Because they need to warm up their hands
-Because they said so
-Probably for creating this list and pointing out how ridiculous they are
-For being too good

Bonnie: My husband has an odd habit of spanking me for dressing or posing or talking in ways he likes. For example, if I happen to wear tight jeans and pick up something from the floor while within his vision, a spanking is almost certain to follow. He just can't resist.

Thank you all for joining us for brunch. See you next week!


Anonymous said...

Your Randy seems rather like me. S bending over the window sill, you bending over in tight jeans, just too tempting to resist spanking your glorious bottoms. D

A-Non said...

Leaving bathroom appliances (blow dryer, straightener) plugged in!

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