Sunday, July 15, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for July 15

Our topic this week was homemade spanking implements. I am thrilled by the great turnout and especially seeing several first time brunchers. Welcome to you all. Here's what you had to say.

morningstar: Two come immediately to mind... One was a rope flogger I made. I remember being a little frightened of the finished product until Sir used it on me, and truthfully, I found it very disappointing. It was more a sensual implement and didn't come close to meeting my "masochist" needs. Being a bright sort, I decided to add a knot to the end of each fall.

It was still too sensual, so I added two knots to each fall. It was still too sensual. I then added one more knot (for a grand total of three knots per fall). Much like the Goldilocks story, I discovered it was wayyyyyyyyy too hard.

That nearly ended my toy making career.

However, a few years later we went shopping for a nice wooden paddle ("Board of Education") and the prices for wooden paddles were outrageous. So I went to the local commercial cooking store and bought a HUGE ladle. It was approximately two feet in length and used to stir massive huge pots of food. I sanded it down and put a couple of coats of stain on it, and for the total cost of ten dollars had myself a really neat paddle.

But again, like Goldilocks, the damned thing was too hard because of its size and weight. It packs quite a wallop!

Truth be told, now - some 5-10 years later - the rope flogger is back to being more sensual than painful. But the wooden paddle... Well yeah. It is still too hard, but is great for mild wallops. It gets my attention you can say.

Joeyred: The hand is our favorite implement, the one we use all the time. So, no, we do not construct implements for our use.

L.: Yes, we made two tawses by slitting old belts longitudinally (one into two fingers, the other into three) to see if we liked the effect before buying a professionally-made one. And they were okay, but we did later buy a two-finger tawse from Leather Thorn, which was heftier and more satisfying.

We also made a multi-strand flogger from a large, flat piece of thin suede. We roll it into a cylindrical shape when we use it. This one is lightweight and good for erotic play.

Hermione: I once made a leather strap out of a doubled-over leather belt from a thrift shop. It was a fun project. Ron used it from time to time, but didn't like it because it was too floppy and he couldn't control it well. We discarded it in favour of commercial leather paddles and straps that are thicker and stiffer.

Renee Rose: Not yet, but it's on my to-do list to make one of Conina's floggers!

Ana: No, we are boring and stick to the same small number of implements that we already have. :)

Ronnie: We've only ever made one which was a leather strap that P made from a belt. He cut off the buckle, doubled over the leather and glued both sides. It works very well.

Bas: No, our only implements just grew on my body.

Fondlers Anonymous: BIKSS made me a flogger. It's the first flogger either of us has ever owned. :)

Conina: I have made about a dozen floggers of different weights and sizes and types of rope. They range from incredibly sensual to OMG what WAS I thinking? I love them, and my husband uses most of them quite frequently.

Bella: I made a rope flogger that is just delicious! He likes me to use it on him too - on his back. It's not used as much for spanking as we though it would. It's more of an erotic toy.

We also have an old belt cut into a tawse. We haven't used this yet, but I think it will be stingier than the belt!

Then of course, we use common every day items as implements: wooden spoon, bread board, slotted spatula...

Julia: We have made a loopy johnny out of window screen rope and duck tape. I haven't reviewed it on my blog yet because we have only tried it out twice in the closet. But I can say it is very stingy and very silent.

Spanky: We have not made any spanking implements. I did once make a spreader bar that works pretty well though. A flogger sounds like a nice project, but I have too many thumbs to pull it off I think.

Christi: Nope, not yet at least. My husband has a well-worn belt I am eying to turn into a strap though. :)

Prefectdt: Yes I've made loads of stuff. Some of it is documented in the blog under the Toys Are Born tag. These include my only major kinky DIY failure of attempting to build a spanking machine. I think that the favourite of my homemades is my Wet Chamois Flogger because you just cannot buy one of these, no matter how much money you have to spend. It feels good too, but does tend to spread a lot of water about the place.

Abby: Master has made a couple of paddles. They tend to be large and heavy. He has also made a yoke-type restraining device, made of wood. It is very bulky.

Bryan: I've made a few paddles from 1x4s, but my best are the homemade straps. I have a 1" wide double thick made from a belt that is murder.

Anon: As a long time lurker , thank you very much on your insightful posts.
All of our spanking paddles, tawse, floggers, etc. are handmade with loving care and attention to detail. They are much better, cheaper and more effective than anything from a store. And there is the satisfaction of seeing a red bottom caused entirely from your own efforts.

Thank you, Anon, for joining us for brunch.

Faerie: I made a suede flogger that I absolutely love. Musicman just made a wooden paddle for me yesterday that I am currently deciding how to finish. We also haven't decided yet whether or not to add holes. Any recommendations?

Like Anon above, I find it very satisfying knowing my flogger was handmade by me just for Musicman's use.

I prefer to skip the holes. If you do drill holes, I encourage you to bevel them so they won't be as likely to cause cuts or blisters when applied to a bare bottom.

Saoirse: We haven't made implements for spanking. He prides himself on creative use of native household objects. I'm in love with the belt. Do the eye bolts in the ceiling beams count?

Perhaps not, Saoirse, but we have one of those right above our bed. I never have concocted a plausible vanilla explanation.

Mrs. Soft Bottom: I have made two floggers out of para-cord. One is frayed with about 60 falls. It's very, very soft and sensual. The other is again made from para-cord and has 10 falls, each with a monkey's fist knot at the end.

Red: I have zero talent in these type skills.

Sadey Quinn: I made a flogger out of clothesline once.



Buttwed: I've made several paddles from wood. One is a traditional 18" long model with holes made from 5/8" plywood [very effective]. Another is 15" and made from 1x2 board with 1/8" holes. It has a small sweet spot on the end that will heat your seat. I also have a 12" bun warmer with a 3x3 square with a 1" hole in the center. It lives up to its name.

Another is in the shape of a ping pong paddle, but 1" thick with 4 1/2" holes. This paddle has its own unique feel. It spreads the blush and sting quickly on the cheeks.

I took a new belt, cut off the buckle and halved it. I then glued those halves together and have a great strap. All of these implements have padded handles and wrist lanyards. I really enjoyed making them, but having them put to use on my own bottom is the real thrill.

Hobbes: We have one implement made with minimal effort and with no cost. Years ago, an auto mechanic left a length of rubber hose behind on the floor of my wife's car when it was in for new brakes. It's very soft and supple, black, about three-eighths inch diameter, and twenty inches long. It is perfect. I just added a six-inch piece of quarter-inch dowel on one end for a handle. It delivers a very nice sting. It's also extremely quiet, leaves nice purple parallel traces, and can be used for many, many licks. This was especially good for when the kids were little and still at home and we wanted to be quiet but still play hard.

The legend of the parochial school I attended had the principal keeping one in his desk and using it occasionally, though I never got to verify that. For those who are looking for maximum sting, minimum skin damage, and a quiet, but effective implement, I highly recommend a trip to your local auto parts store for two feet of brake hose.

Ticcers Aloud: We haven't quite gotten there yet, but my old wooden chopping board finally fell to pieces a few months ago. He said keep it and he would make a paddle out of it.

Enzo and Charlotte:We love making our own instruments of BDSM. In the southern hemisphere winter, the cold does not prevent us from having a little creativity. In the Spanish language, we call it BRICO-SADO. That I suppose, would be something like DIY of BDSM.

Recently, there was a special whip, with a bamboo cane and a rubber band tied to the end. We use it like a common whip, whipping with intensity for a long time. The result can be seen in these pictures. The red marks on Charlotte's body last only a couple of hours.

Kurt: Yes, I have made a number of paddles through the years (36) using different woods and thicknesses (including wooden fan blades. LOL). I often cover one side with leather for a softer effect, but it's hard to beat the old, oft used ping pong paddle. The most deadly is still the Vermont Store brush! My wife's usual preference is a light cedar paddle.

Ah, the dreaded Vermont County Store bathbrush. Deadly is right. We actually have two in case something ever happens to the one in the drawer. I guess I'm not the only person who has ever looked up at spinning ceiling fan blades and wondered how they would work as paddles. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Kurt.

Loki Darksong: Let's see. I have made floggers out of clothesline, suade, and even denim. I also made a cool paddle by gluing three paddleball paddles together.

I did this way back when purchasing implements was expensive. I am impressed by them and I still have them in my possession.

Bonnie: Randy is inclined to try to use or adapt almost anything for a spanking implement. Some experiments are more successful than others. He's made quite a few wooden paddles over the years. So many, in fact, that we refer to his stash as “the lumberyard.” They hurt when applied, or at least most of them do. He's learned how to construct paddles that don't split or break, even when swung forcefully. My bottom remains intact as well, but not for lack of effort on his part.

Thank you for participating in our community brunch. I hope to see you all next weekend!

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