Saturday, May 26, 2012

MBS Spanko Brunch #332

Welcome back and Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone in the US. This week, our question calls for a bit of imagination. I hope you enjoy it.

If you were responsible for organizing a large adult spanking exposition, what attractions and activities would you include for the attendees? Where would you hold it? Who would ask to present? How would you promote our Expo Spanko?

I invite you to share your thoughts with our community in the form of a comment below. At the end of the weekend, I will post an edited summary of our conversation.


morningstar said...

Ok pure fantasy here...

My event would be held out in the country on a large farm. On the property would be a huge house with multiple bedrooms. The barn would have been converted into a heated/air conditioned expansive play area.

The event would start on Friday evening with a formal dinner served by the submissives (spankees) attending. There would be a social time in the great room with selective readings from the latest "hot" novel '50 Shades of Grey'

Saturday's schedule would look something like this

Breakfast served from 7:00 - 10:00

Various lectures / demos would be held from 10:30 till 1:00
some of the lectures would include "the fine art of spanking" "The Joys of Over the Knee Spanking" "Pervtables and where to find them"
Some of the demos would include "bare handed spanking" "Paddling"

Lunch would be served from 1:15 to 2:30.

The afternoon would include a time for wandering around and enjoying the nature walks for those inclined to try some outdoor play. A guide would be available to point out the spots where good switches could be found - and the how to's for preparing them.

There would be merchants set up in the barn offering their wares - everything from paddles and spanking equipment to sexy lingerie and various different types of sex toys.

Dinner would be served from 6:00 - 8:00

In the evening the barn would be transformed into a spanking haven for those interested in some public play. For those more interested in private time - the bedrooms would all be equipped with everything a spanking enthusiast would need or want.

Sunday - breakfast would be served from 7:30 - 10:00 and the guests would depart following breakfast.

The "experts" who would be offering lectures/demos and 'crafts for sale' would come from my local community.

As for advertising ?? what better place than on My Bottom Spanks (cheeky grin)

Bonnie said...

WoodSpank: Three Days of Love and Spankings - I would absolutely plug that event!

sixofthebesst said...

What a wonderfu; question. Where held. Las Vegas On a Fri, Sat, Sun. Hosts. BONNIE, HERMIONE, ERICA. Lots of parties, lots of booths, Admission FREE. Food FREE. Drinks FREE. Sponsor. UNITED NATIONS. I am sure the world would have a 'SPANKING GOOD TIME'.

Dragon's Rose said...

Carnival style out in the country. Spankees in short dresses and bare bottomed. Tops armed with their implement of choice. A spanking booth, relay race. Three legged race. All of your traditional carnival games with a spanking twist. Cost for the event would be a donation to the local food pantry and women's shelter.

Anonymous said...

I think it'd be fun to go to one that is like a State Fair. (I've actually never been to a state fair but I've wanted to go for sometime) The whole fair could be spanking themed. Even food and rides. Concerts. Probably let there be private little booths for those that don't want to be too public about it. Open air near a lake.

Brooke said...

I had no idea how to answer this question, until I saw fB's answer. Yes yes and YES to everything she said. The state fair, the rides - that atmosphere would be the perfect kind of atmosphere for a fun filled spanking event. But of course, there would have to be a dunk booth where the SPANKERS sit in the dunk tank and the spankees get to throw the balls to dunk them :)

Ana said...

A meditation/spiritual retreat. I don't necessarily mean in a pervertable way, though of course there are those who would come simply for that! Individual, spartan sleeping rooms. Wholesome, fresh-produce-type meals, simple and restoring. Morning and bedtime devotions in small and/or large groups. Daily sessions with an assigned "counselor". Reading material, perhaps small pamphlets, provided on topics like submission, respect, safety, etc.

Lea said...

As long as people show up, I don't think too many attractions and activities would be needed. We spankos know how to have a good time all on our own. :-)

It would probably need to be held on one of the coasts. That seems to be where all the spankos are (they certainly aren't with me in Utah.) So someplace like Calfornia, New York, or Florida.

It would be open to all who love spanking. FetLife and the spanking blogosphere would be pretty good marketing places to spread the word.

Michael M said...

My Spanking Expo would be on a large cruise ship which would move from continent to continent allowing guests to come ago according to their budget. I would market it under the banner StrictlyCruising. I could have hours of fun with the crew composition, the on board games and activities and the guests but time is limited this morning so I will just say that it would be fun, fun, fun.

Hermione said...

Mine would have the theme of Downton Abbey, the popular period drama set around the time of the First World War. It would be held in an English country estate and guests would be encouraged to come dressed as their favourite character.

There would be spankings in the kitchen by the cook with authentic utensils, thrashings in the butler's pantry for naughty maids and footmen, formal paddlings in the dining room after a sumptuous feast, and musical entertainment (no formal training or instruments required) and games in the drawing room.

I would ask Abel of The Spanking Writers to organize the event because he has participated in several similar weekends. Publicity would be taken care of by all interested bloggers.

SublimeWifey said...

I'd have to go with morningstar's country retreat or Hermione's Downton Abbey Spankfest. I have no original thoughts of my own on this, but if one of you starts planning I might find a way to get there ... if I can ever get over my nervous jitters about going public. Keep the ideas flowing!

Cara Bristol said...

I think Morningstar pretty much has it planned. All you need to do now is find that farm and book it. LOL.

Daisychain said...

I would take over the Little Valley Mountain resort for the expo, in Sevierville, Tennessee. Wonderful place. Every cabin has lots of extras, like pool tables, jacuzzi baths....every cabin has a hot tub, free wifi, cable tv... there is a swimming pool, and golf opportunities, amongst other things, on site. Every cabin has privacy, which is handy! There would be a place for buying spanking themed items, eg books, implements, dvds... a meeting hall for those who wished to hold spanking parties, (but Davey and I aren't into that..) It would be lovely to be in a place where everyone else were spankos too, and actually meet up with people we chat to here in blogland! Somewhere like Little Valley has something for everyone. It would be great. Obviously, it would be advertised via the blogs, starting here because EVERYONE comes here! xxx

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